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Riansh (Do Jism Ek Jaan) Chapter 21 WHERE’S SHE?

Hy guys in my family chooda ceremony happens at day of wedding! But some of families do day before marriage so here is the episode today’s episode is silence before strom 😉


It’s day of wedding at RB Mansion

Kalpana: how much time riddhima?! Bhai has came he also have to go!

Riddhima: ayi ayi par why mamu has to go?

Satvik (riddhima’s mamu/maternal uncle): riddhi beta I’m so sorry actually I have a very important work at London! My flight us about to come please let’s do fast!!

Riddhima: ok forgiving you (making sad face)

Satvik: aww my princess here are your favorite chocolates!

Riddhima (exited): wow mamu I love you so much!!

Satvik: look this childish girl! Are riddhi beta on age of giving birth to a child you’re acting like a child!

Riddhima: mammmuuuu!

Kalpana: bhai you’ll miss your flight just do na!

Satvik makes riddhima wear chooda and he immediately ties a knot on hers chooda’s

Kalpana: won’t you ask why..

Riddhima: mamma I’m a big girl I know!

Kabir (teasing): ofcourse ofcourse for giving birth you have to be atleast big! And if you talk about intelligence so don’t worry my bestie will handle it!

Riddhima: I’ll kill him!

At VR mansion (vansh room)

Vansh: I’m very exited today’s my wedding and after wedding first night (vansh exited nahi hai main hun 😂)

At night (guys mai barat dharat vijay tilak chhod rahi kyuki reality mein bhi mujhe yeh boring lagta hai 😂)

Vansh was sitting in mandap

Priest: bring the bride (vadhu ko bulaiye 😂)

Kabir: sure!

Kabir goes upstairs! And comes down back murmurs something on vansh’s ear vansh stayes shocked! Vansh goes upstairs in hurry family members where shocked so they also goes upstairs!

Vansh finds a letter

In letter-

Not so dear vansh and dear family,, its riddhima soon to be Mrs. Riddhima Vikram Srivastava! I’m going to marry vikram! It was love at first sight! Sorry vansh and family! 

All where shattered!

Avinash: how can she do this I hate her! (kya baap hai re 😂)

Vansh: no dad! Look its not riddhima’s writting! (smart vanshu 😂)

Kabir: yes! It’s not riddhima’s written note (kabutar bhai sahab vansh ne abhi wahi kaha 😂 length badi karne ki ninja technique 😂)

Voice: smart

They all search from where voice is coming and at the end ishani finds it at closets top!

Ishani: vikram!

Vansh: give me!

Ishani: take!

Vansh: vikram! Where is riddhima I dare you to do something with her! I’ll kill you!

Vikram: you can’t do anything! My baby doll loves you na so you can have a look of her!

Vikram shows riddhima! She’s tied up with ropes! Her mouth is closed by tape! She’s unconscious!

Vansh: you call this love? She is in pain please leave her!

Vikram: bye bye!

Vikram cuts the call

Angre: boss I have tracked the location

Vansh: what?

Angre: I tracked location by the number!

Vansh hugs angre and leaves to find his love



Starting mein kitna accha tha aur end tak ate ate waqt badal gaye jazbat badal gaye zindagi badal gayi 😂!


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