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RIANSH (Budding love for eternity) Episode 13 (TOGETHER FOR?)

Episode Starts with:

At VR Mansion:

Angre: Boss do you think he can be the one?

Vansh: (looks on and shouts) Kabirr!😠😠

Angre: Calm down Boss. Yes I think he has returned. Like only he can try to withsmart us, and unnecessarily he’s just taking this old enemity forward.

Vansh: (angrily) He has already taken this enemity to another level by lookin at my Riddhima 😠😠😠 by thinking of hurting her just to break me. I won’t spare him.

Angre: Boss first we need to get confirmed and then calmly we need to trap him.

Vansh: You’re right. I usually don’t loose my calm but when it’s about Riddhima I just can’t stand anything. Well I’m fine now, you go and sleep Angre. Good night.

Angre: Good night boss.

At Anugrah Villa: 

(Riddhima is talking on call with Shreya..)

Riddhima: Why weren’t you picking my call?

Shreya: Ma’am I’m a doctor, I’ve patients to deal with, was very busy. But as soon as I saw the news, I was shocked and immediately called you, though it nigh already. But you both are actually making news headlines.

Riddhima: Actually yrr. But tmrrw morning we’ll be holding an interview and everything will be turned into positive.

Shreya: but with this news spreading, you know na you’ve called danger upon yourself, because of Mr Raisinghania’s business. Be safe darling.

Riddhima: I know and he’s already very worried for me. Yeah, I’ll take care of myself. Chalo you already sound tired. Good night 💤.

Shreya: Hmm!! Good night 💤

(Riddhima Hungs the call and calls Vansh, he lying in his room,.picks the call..)

Vansh: Sweetheart! Didn’t you sleep till now?

Riddhima: No! And how could you without even talking to me?🤨

Vansh: Uff! My sweetheart I didn’t Sleep too. I thought you are sleeping!

Riddhima: Fine. So you’re ready for tmrrw morning right? We’re going to prove that, Our LOVE is stronger than any other bullshit.

Vansh: I’ve actually found meri “Takkar ki Life Partner” the one who can be called the reason why Vansh Raisinghania is breathing ❤️ Yes all set for tomorrow morning 🌄.

Riddhima: Okay then, Good night. See you at Planning Bells.

Vansh: Okay and then I need to take you somewhere else after the interview. Good night Sweetheart. I love you 💗

Riddhima: Love you too ❤️

Dark Room: 

Unknown person: Yes, you guessed it right. I’m back. Kabir Raichand is here again to avenge you Vansh. Killing you will not cause you pain but hurting her will just break you into pieces.

(Looking at Riddhima’s pic..)

Kabir: Sorry Miss Riddhima Shroff, but now you have to pay the price of Vansh’s deeds. 😞😤😤😤😤😤.

Next morning, At Planning Bells: 

Author’s POV;

Office all decked up, Lights and cameras all around, seats arranged and reporters seated, Raisinghania’s seated on the right side with Shreya on video call from hospital, Everyone awaiting the Couple, Mr Vansh Raisinghania and Miss Riddhima Shroff, holding hands they finally entered with Angre. They both seated infront with cameras facing them, Angre stood besides them and said…

Angre: Let’s start the interview, the time allotted to you all is for 1/2 an hour. Go ahead fast.

Rep 1: Where and how did you both meet?

Vansh: In a business party.

Riddhima: Hosted by a common client of ours. 3years back.

Rep 2: So dating since then?

Riddhima: No, 3years back it was a casual meet. Dating since last 3days. And today this session is all thanks to you guys.🙄 (Sarcastically)

Rep 3: Why did you try to hide it?

Vansh: As she answered we started dating since 3days before! And it was too early. Don’t we have our personal lives!

Rep 4: Sir, Ma’am you both are public figures, people look upto to you both as inspirations…

Riddhima:(interrupting) so that’s why you all made it so humiliating for us. We are public figures and that’s why are lives our out there and you all have full right to make it look like what you all feel. No sorry! Can you all just read out the messages we’ve received and have been hearing since yesterday about us, our love, our relationship 🥺😖

Vansh: Let us tell you all, some called it a deal, some called it lust, some attraction and some related it with our past life 😠

Riddhima: We both have our respective painful childhood and our love will help us forget it. We’re together because it was destined.

Vansh: We love eachother because we’re meant for Each other. Feel each other.

Riddhima: We’re together to fight for Each other, and stand strong together, shielding our love.

Vansh: We’re together to overcome our past,

Riddhima: Livin’ our present and

Both (unison): create a beautiful future together ❤️ For ETERNITY

(Raisinghania’s, and Shreya all were filled with proud and happiness, holding hands RIANSH leave the office, followed by Raisinghania’s and Angre behind his Boss (as always 😜) leaving media stunned!)

Episode ends! Please let me know that should I end it soon closing Kabir’s chapter or continue without their marriage and all and Kabir enemity?

Hope you all liked the episode! Appreciations, suggestions and corrections are needed in the comment section below 🙏 Thnqu ❤️ keep supporting 🙏😘

Stay safe and healthy 😙😙 All!





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