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At KK industries :

Riddima : say na dad

Karan : no , I can’t

Riddima : pl dad

Karan : fine , but tomorrow , now it’s late

Riddima : ok

At VR Mansion :

Abhi : uma aunty , pl don’t send ishani alone

Ajay : is you are scared of that , killer

Angre : yes , he was , as even our sister came back to india

Dadi : oh , so when she will come to meet us

Ishani :(coming from upstairs) what?? , Riddu darling came back to india ?? , That was a great news , if she met you all

Angre : no , just mom only

Ishani : then do one thing , tomorrow bring her to the cafe , ok baby

Angre : sure

At Riddima’s House :

Riddima (entering the house) : maa !!

Sanam(coming downstairs) : beta , are you fine , thank God you came back (worried)

Riddima : mom nothing will happen to me , ok , just cool

Sanam : (scared and more worried) how can I be calm , if I have a daughter , ha??

Riddima consoles her and they sleep

The Next Morning 7:00am :

Riddima wakes up , takes a shower , has fruit salad as breakfast. And she goes to her hospital first and then she leaves to her father’s office I.e; KK industries

Riddima goes to his cabin

In his cabin :

Riddima (opening the door of his cabin) : papa , may I come in ??

Karan(turning his chair to the entrance of the door) : (with a smile) come in beta , you no need to ask me

Riddima (coming to him) : papa , you said , you will say about mumma and yours past ?? , as you see , you have us as kids , then why left each other ??

Karan : beta , I will explain , first sit .

Riddima sits down near her father and he starts saying what happened

20 years back :

Karan and Sanam loved each other , if even sanam and karan are different religions , their parents accepted , as karan’s father and mother too done a love marriage and karan ‘s mother is a Christian and father a hindu , now after getting married in both muslim and hindu style , they happily lived their life , and has kids : abhi , angre and newly born riddima,
Everything is absolutely fine , but when anupriya entered , who is karan’s former fiance , can’t bear seeing karan and sanam together , so she created fake proofs against him and asked him to marry her , if his parents should be alive , and she then , for revenge from sanam , killed her parents and kept karan as culprit and sanam started hating him , and she left him , without knowing his side story , and now anupriya is ruling the khanna family .

Back to present :

Riddima is totally shocked to hear this

Riddima (shocked) : papa , why can’t you do something ??

Karan : but what can I do , as I have no proofs. (helpless )

Riddima : don’t worry papa , soon I will put her in jail , and I will not leave her for doing this.

Karan : I have hope on you , you will win .

Riddima then left his cabin and she started executing her plan .

At that Moment she remembered about a orphanage , to be funded and she has gone to give gifts to them , while she is going to buy gifts , suddenly a car came in her way . But the person who is driving applied the breaks . And he left from their .

Riddima(to herself ): yah khuda , bachgayi , vaise , iss car ki driver ne na , aankhein kaha rakh ke chal rahi hai ?? , insaan ki zindagi , choti baat hogayi in sab ko , hmm , kyu nahi hote ?? Vaise , paise toh hai , toh phir sabhi ko akad aa jati hai (oh god , I am saved , where this car driver kept his eyes and driving ?? , For these people , playing with others lives became fashion , hmm , why not , they will as if has money , then they will have stupid attitude too)

The Man who has drove the car and came in front of Riddima :

Man (in call) : uff , this girl

Angre (to the man in call) : what happened vansh ?? Everything fine ??

Vansh : (annoyed) a girl came infront of my car , she faced near death , but got saved .

Angre : lucky !! , Anyhow , come fast

Vansh : ok

Precap : vansh meets riddu again

Hope you all liked it


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