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RadhaKrishn 10th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Hanuman Reaches Dwarka

RadhaKrishn 10th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Hanuman and Garud compete and fly towards Surya/sun. Garud says vanar/monkey cannot win. Hanuman says his prabhu Ram will decide about it. Suryadev requests Krishna to call back Hanuman as he is both Krishna and Ram. Krishna says he will not do that as he has decided to not inform his truth to Hanuman. Suryadev requests to give him a plan. Krishna says he should be humble towards Hanuman as Hanuman doesn’t like arrogant people; he should understand that Hanuman will not harm him as he is competing with Garud just to show his prabu’s greatness. Suryadev asks to call back Garud then. Krishna says Garud will realize his mistake soon, so Surya should reach Hanuman before and be humble towards him. Suryadev disappears. Hanuman flies ahead of Garud saying he is feeling hungry. Suryadev greets Hanuman and asks why he returned again. Hanuman says he didn’t come to trouble Suryadev, Suryadev must be tensed regarding his childhood act and need not worry now, he came here to break Garud dev’s arrogance. Suryadev asks what should he do now. Hanuman asks him to act as a judge and inform Garud that he won. Garud reaches, and Hanuman says he is late and lost. Garud apologizes for his arrogance and says his prabhu Ram is great, now he realized that Hanuman is a superpower, he realized his arrogance and wants to know who Hanuman really is. Hanuman says he already told that he is prabhu Ram’s devotee and wanted to correct him, its also true that Garud’s aradhya is also great and wants to meet him. Krishna thinks Hanuman at last corrected Garud’s mistake. Hanuman tells Garud that his prabhu Ram is great and with Garud accepting his mistake, he can fly more high and with power now. Garud flies away.

Krishna thinks he wants to keep his identity a secret to Hanuman and wants Hanuman to teach devotion to Balram, Radha, and others and show the world meaning of devotion. Hanuman tells Suryadev that he will leave now. Suryadev requests to accept his hospitality. Hanuman says he wants to reach Dwarka as he smelt tasty laddus from there. Suryadev says Devi Radha prepared those laddus. Hanuman asks if she the same lady who boasted about being Krishna’s biggest devotee. Suryadev says she is the one.

Balram tells Radha that they shouldn’t let Krishna trick them again. Radha says he is right and asks how will they find out Krishna’s plan. Balram says he will order guards to stop special guest when he enters so that he can question the guest. Sam thinks why didn’t vanar/Hanuman didn’t come yet, he is sure vanar will create problem between Radha and Krishna. Balram orders guards to stop a vanar-looking person. Guards say they hear about this kind of person for the first time and ask how does he look like, etc. Balram asks to just concentrate on their duty. Hanuman enters in his mini avatar and surpassing Balram follows laddu smell. Krishna with Radha serves feast to Dwarka citizen. Radha praises that he is a great king. Krishna says citizens are his boss and its his duty to serve them. Radha says his special guest hasn’t come yet. Krishna laughs and says who knows he must have already come, he once entered a big city silently and ruined it, she should meet his guest first and gain knowledge from him. Balram walks in and says he will meet the guest first. Krishna asks Radha not to give laddus she prepared for his guest to anyone. Balram says he will not let laddus made for whole Dwarka to just one guest. Krishna says he just wants his guest to calm his hunger. Balram says he will feed laddus to citizens first. Krishna warns him that he may repent later. Balram announces citizens that they will be served Radha’s prepared special laddus.

Mini Hanuman searches laddus. He sees a bright light heading towards him. Krishna thinks he is eager to meet his devotee. Hanuman realizes his prabhu Sri Ram’s presence and gets very emotional. He then realizes some other person/Krishna standing instead and thinks how can he imagine prabh Ram in him. Krishna thinks he is hiding his truth for sometime as he wants Hanuman to solve a problem here first. Hanuman thinks he feels he met this man before, who is this man. Krishna stops servants and asks them to help him carry Radha’s prepared tasty laddus from store room. Hanuman gets happy hearing that and thinks why he feels this person informed about laddus purposefully to him and then sees Krishna missing from there. Krishna thinks how can he leave his favorite devotee hungry and orders Hanuman to go and have his favorite laddus.

Precap: Hanum reaches laddus. Krishna asks Radha to serve laddus as he is feeling hungry. Radha walks to store room and stands shocked.

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