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Qurbaan Hua 11th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Neel allows Dua and Chahat to stay in the house

Qurbaan Hua 11th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Neel and Chahat both get up from the Mandap, Ghazala walks behind the hall, Godambari is not able to believe that Chahat is still alive, she says that Chahat is standing in front of them, Vyas je pulls Aalekh saying that she might also be a twin.

Neel says to Godamabri that Chahat was never dead and she only left to be with someone who was from her own religion, he questions what is she doing as she moved on in her life but he was always alone and now when he tried to move on she came to sit on the mandap, Ghazala comes clapping saying that Chahat made such a elaborate plan then how did it fail because she planned to ruin the wedding of Alka but before it can happen her truth has come out, Chahat warns her to stop when Sahil also question why is she doing this because what is with the wedding dress and Mandap so why did she take his help, why is she sitting with Neel when she faked her own death to get away from Neel so why is she now ruining his trust, he only came to know the truth because of Ghazala.

Neel gets mad so pulling Chahat asks why did she do wronged him because every human being has a heart, she doesnot have the right to play with his feeling, at least he loved her truly and dopes she know that all the pains which she caused are still fresh, whenever he sees her falling from the cliff, he wakes up after being scared and he stopped praying because he doesnot know to pray for anything else except for her, Neel pulls her closer when Sahil question why is he being so rude because Chahat is his love, Neel pushing her says that he can live with her as now he does not want to even see her face so there is no point in marrying her.
Neel requests Chahat to reveal the truth questioning what she did to Alka, Chahat explains that she saw Alka was unconscious when she went to her room, Godamabri and Naveli both rushes inside, Neels sees the moustache and picking it up remembers whenever he tried to ask Toup Singh to remove his clothes he would always deny it, he then reveals she is Toup Singh which really worried Aalekh who questions if she has really done something to Alka, Neel also gets worried so asks her, Chahat asks how can he even ask such a question, Godambari then comes with Alka explaining that she is fine, Chahat asks him to witness that she is fine, Ghazala asks her to not be worried as she is with her and she must reveal the truth of how she can come to take revenge of her father and brother.
Chahat warns her to not lie anymore as the matters have already taken a turn for the worse, Neel asks Alka if she is okay and how did she get unconscious, Alka reveals that Dua gave her a juice, she got dizzy after drinking it.

Neel calls Dua who comes with Shlok and immediately gets excited seeing Sahil so hugs him asking about where her mother is, she is also amazed to see her mother, Neel asks if Dua is really her daughter, Aalekh blames that this means she might have send Dua to Alka in order to ruin the wedding, Chahat however gets mad forcing Aalekh away saying that he must never harm a child, just like in their religion nothing wrong can happen just the same a mother si always there for her children.

Neel pulling Chahat mentions that he also has a lot of questions so asks why did she send Dua as it might be to keep an eye of them, Chahat reveals that she would never use her daughter for any such cause and when she came as Toup Singh is when she realized that Dua was in his house, Neel asks why did she come, Sahil tries to pull Chahat saying that they will leave immediately when Chahat walks away, Neel turns to see Dua and Shlok holding hands.

Neel and Sahil both ask Dua and Shlok to leave the hands, they both start pulling the children who do not leave the hands saying that they are brother and sisters so would never leave each other, Chahat starts pleading with them saying that they must leave the hands otherwise the children might get hurt, Dua and Shlok remember the time when they first met and declared each other as brother and sister, Alka and Chahat both are crying, Sahil and Neel are able to separate Dua and Shlok, however Shlok and Dua both get unconscious after being separated from each other, Chahat and Alka both rush to the children trying to wake them up.

Dua and Shlok are in the room, the doctor after performing the checking reveals that this is because they both are really attached to each other so if they are separated then it would cause a lot of problem, Godambari asks what did the doctor mean because she would never let Shlok stay with the daughter of Chahat, Aalekh also exclaims this is all a drama, Chahat questions why is he blaming Dua because she would not separate the children till the time they are healthy so would stay in the same house, Aalekh asks her to wait and see how Neel would throw her out of the house, Neel says that she would stay in the house, Godambari asks what does he mean when Neel reveals that he cares for Shlok so will allow Chahat to stay, Godambari asks why is he allowing her to stay when they all know how he has lived for the past seven years, Neel exclaims that this is why he wants her to stay so she can witness him marry Alka with her own eyes, he has gotten a small chance of inflicting some pain so would not let it go.

Precap: Alka asks Chahat to at least have some milk when Chahat mentions she would not even drink water of the house, Neel asks Alka what happened she answers that Chahat declined saying she would not even drink the water of the house, Neel says to Chahat that he cannot let her get ill as he wants her to see the wedding rituals as he has gotten a chance to inflict some pain on her.

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