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Pratigya 2 10th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Pratigya insults Krishna badly

Pratigya 2 10th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Krishna comes to Pratigya’s room and says you won’t stay here anymore, I am taking you back. Pratigya shouts how dare you to come here without my permission? Krishna says don’t be so harsh on me. Pratigya says I separated my room so I can be alone and away from you, don’t think you took my side so I will come back running back to you. You did it for your gain, you thought I will be impressed and come back to you, you did it because of your ego. Pratigya looks away sadly.

Komal says Adarsh talked to me harshly because of Pratigya. She was playing with Krishna and now wants to trap Adarsh also? Sumitra comes there. Komal says jut talk to babu and get me married to Adarsh, I can’t wait anymore. Sumitra asks if she has gone crazy? Komal says I am telling you that I want to marry Adarsh and if you don’t make it happen then I will tell Krishna that you are giving poison to Pratigya. I want Adarsh. Sumitra smiles and says I will talk to Adarsh.

Krishna tells Pratigya why are you saying all this? I came here to know how are you feeling, you must be feeling bad about others’ words. Pratigya says when I didn’t do anything then why would I feel bad? You can roam around me like a dog but I won’t come running to you. Krishna shouts Pratigya! and raises his hand. Pratigya says don’t shout, if you can’t hear then leave. Krishna is hurt and sadly starts leaving. Naina plays. Pratigya runs and closes the door on him. She cries on the other side. Adarsh hides and sees Krishna crying silently. Krishna leaves. Adarsh knocks on Pratigya’s door. Pratigya says I don’t want to talk to you Krishna, she opens the door. Adarsh is there and says what is all this? You were rude to Krishna, he took your side and showed trust and you are doing this? You have to tell him about this illness otherwise I will tell him. Pratigya says no, I need your help. She pulls him into the room. Sumitra hides and says Pratigya should keep insulting Krishna like this.

Scene 2
Krishna comes to his room and shouts in anger. He falls down and cries.

Sumitra comes to the lounge and acts like crying. Meera rushes to her and asks what happened? She gives her water. Sumitra says I was cheated by Pratigya, Meera says she is a nice girl. Sumitra says she is insulting Krishna so much but he is not doing anything, can you go and talk to him? Meera says he doesn’t want me around him. Sumitra cries and says nobody cares about Krishna. Meera says don’t cry, I will talk to him, she leaves. Sumitra smirks.

Pratigya tells Adarsh that Krishna will go crazy if he knows about my illness, he will try to kill himself that’s why I am trying to distance myself from him. Adarsh says he won’t accept any other girl. Pratigya says that’s why I need your help, you saw how he trusted me today, I felt so nice but I am scared, he can’t take my side now, I want him to choose Meera. Adarsh says are you sure? Pratigya says yes, she takes care of him and the kids, she is an innocent girl and crazy for Krishna, she will keep him happy. Adarsh says how can I help you? Pratigya looks away and tells him a plan. Adarsh says I will not do this, I can’t do it. You can’t do this with Krishna. Pratigya begs him and says you have to do it, I don’t have much time, please let me save Krishna and the kids. Pratigya says this is my last wish, please. Adarsh sadly looks at her and says okay, but we will go to the doctor. Pratigya says it will be a waste of time. Adarsh says I want to take you to another doctor. Pratigya says okay, you have to do what I said.

PRECAP – Krishna is sadly sitting by himself and tells Meera that I don’t want to eat anything. She will come running to me when she knows I didn’t eat anything.
Pratigya serves food to everyone and makes a plate for Krishna. Meera brings the food for Krishna and says Pratigya sent it, she said you can eat if you want otherwise you can sleep hungry. Krishna gets angry and goes to Pratigya’s room to see her making Adarsh eat with her hands. He shouts enough.

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