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Namak Issk Ka 11th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Yug and Kahani’s marriage night

Namak Issk Ka 11th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Yug is worried and tells Kahani why Maa doesn’t understand us? Kahani says she will understand that no profession is bad, don’t be sad, smile now. Yug says you talk so much sense. Kahani teases I wish I could say the same about you.

Kahani is massaging Yug’s hair, he says Maa used to it for me. Kahani says everything will be fine. Iravati looks at them and thinks I know how to remove that sacred thread and the pain I will give to Kahani will be unbearable. Yug tells Kahani that we got married two times but we didn’t have a marriage night. Kahani blushes and says I have some work. Yug says we will have a marriage night tonight. Kahani says anyone can listen. Yug says I will decorate the room for tonight. Kahani blushes and asks him to go. He smiles and leaves. Oh Sajanwa plays.

Saroj recalls Yug’s words that he brought sweets for her. She looks at the bag and opens it. She starts eating and cries. Iravati looks at her and is angry. Ronak comes to her and says look at Yug, he is planning for a marriage night, it was my dream but he is fulfilling it. Iravati glares at him so he leaves. Iravati comes to Saroj and takes the sweets away. Iravati tells Saroj that you have do to my work. Saroj goes to Yug and holds his hand. She says I want to talk about Kahani. Yug says I won’t hear a word against my wife, he leaves. Saroj looks at the sacred thread that she stole from Yug’s hand, she gives it to Iravati.

Kahani is sitting in the decorated room as a bride. Yug brings milk there. Kahani says usually bride brings it. Yug says we will make each other drink it, we are Yuhani. Kahani says you have become creative. He makes her drink the milk. Kahani makes him drink too.

Iravati brings Gunjan to her decorated room and asks her to break all these flower strings, just do as I say.

Scene 2
Yug lovingly looks at Kahani and asks her to put on her veil so I can take it off. He goes to put the milk glasses away and sees Kahani gone. He says Kahani? He turns to see Kahani seductively looking at him. She romantically dances with him. Yug pulls her closer and dances with her. He lifts her in his arms and twirls her around. Kahani pushes him on the bed and lies on him.

Gunjan is breaking flower strings in her room in anger. Kahani is romancing with Yug when suddenly he gets possessed and shouts at Kahani what is this? This is my house, not your dancing stage. Iravati otherside thinks I will make this night a nightmare for Kahani. Yug shouts at Kahani that you are a shameless dancer, you even got pregnant with someone else’s baby. He tries to attack her. Kahani is stunned and asks what happened to him? Yug grabs her and says you are a dark woman, I hate you. He throws her away and her hand gets cut by the glass. Kahani thinks what happened to him? Yug says I hate you, he is about to hit her with a pot but Kahani shows him Bhole Nath’s idol and asks him to stop, I will go away, just listen to me. Yug puts the pot down, Kahani makes him sit down and asks what happened? Why are you angry? She sees the sacred thread gone from his hand and hugs him. She makes him lie down and he goes to sleep. Kahani says I know what happened right now, I have to tell the world that you are my husband and you are also my childhood friend, I will do everything to protect you.
The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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