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Mere Sai 10th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Sai suggests Chandra to keep Kokila Vrat

Mere Sai 10th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Ram Chandra walks up to Sai, folds his hands and kneels down in front of Sai but Sai stops him. I have made many mistakes. You know it too well. I deserve to be in your feet. That’s when I will be forgiven. Sai wipes his tears. Not at all! You are Chandra Tai’s husband. You are my Brother-in-law. You deserve this place (pointing to His heart). Chandra smiles as they both hug. Ram Chandra says you got upset with me last time. I thought you wont speak to me if we meet again. Sai asks him to sit. He looks at his wife who nods at him. They sit on the floor with Sai. Sai explains that he was going to make a very big mistake in anger at that time. Being angrier could only stop you from doing anything rash and that’s what happened. Anyone who leaves his wife alone becomes a culprit in the eyes of God as those who cannot understand responsibility cannot understand God either. I wanted to you save you from falling God’s eyes. Ram Chandra says you succeeded. I will be indebted to you for life. I apologize for leaving Chandra along. Sai says you need to change for good, and not forgiveness. You may not make this mistake again but you will make one or other mistake till the time you will let your anger take charge. You should learn how to control your anger.

Ram Chandra asks Him if it isn’t right to fight against wrong. Sai asks Ram Chandra if he will help Him make ointment of someone who got hurt. Ram Chandra agrees. What should I do? Sai asks him to grind red chillies and make ointment. Both Chandra and Ram Chandra are confused. Ram Chandra says it will only aggravate the wound. Use cool things like sandalwood or milk if you want to soothe the pain. Sai says that’s applicable in your case too. It isn’t wrong to fight against injustice but you aggravate the situation with your anger and aggression. Our mind is like a branch. It grows with our anger. If we do not control it then the tree will neither be able to receive air nor sun. It will destroy the tree one day. Anger has separated you from your destination in a similar manner. You are the one who got hurt eventually. You must learn to remain calm and stable in order to raise your voice against wrong. You will be able to bring a change then only. Ram Chandra says you are right. It is also true that I cannot control my anger even when I try. What should I do? I have come to you now. Please suggest something. Sai advises him to chant his own name whenever he will feel angry. Your name is so powerful that it will calm you down and will also help you take the right decision. Ram Chandra asks Sai if it will work. Sai chants a shloka. Taking Shri Ram’s name even once gives you the punya for a long time. His name is that powerful. They fold their hands.

Sai blesses Chandra (to be a mother) shocking both Chandra and Ram Chandra. Sai looks at their puzzled faces. Chandra says how this can come true I have stopped thinking of this years ago. Don’t give me false hope. I have made peace with this already. Ram Chandra say we are not destined to become parents. Chandra says I have accepted the truth and learnt to live with it. Don’t bless me just for the sake of it. Sai says a true prayer can reach Ram ji anytime. Nothing is impossible for Ram ji. Ram Chandra says we have done everything and visited Vaid, Hakim and even doctor. Nothing worked. We would have been blessed with a kid if we were supposed to be! Now even Chandra has turned 51. It isn’t possible now. Sai says it is never late in Ram ji’s darbar. He advised Chandra to do Kokila Vrat this year. An auspicious month is approaching in a few days. Start this fast then. Do it with all your heart. You will be blessed for your honesty and good deeds if Ram ji wills. Om Sai plays.

Chandra and Ram Chandra come to a ghaat on the day of the fast.

Sai says Shradda and Saburi can help one achieve whatever they want. He chants another shloka. Ram ji always takes care of what their devotees want. Veda’s, purana’s and saints are a proof of that.

Chandra is preparing bhog. She looks outside. I cannot complete the ingredients yet. I should make Aamras. She hears the sound of a saint and decides to request him to wait to eat Prasad after bhog. She greets the saint with a smile. He asks her what she is looking at. She says I thought of something when I saw you. He asks her to serve him food. She requests him to wait for some time. I am fasting. I was making bhog for God. I will bring it for you asap. He tells her to bring some specific ingredients. She politely apologizes to him. I still have to offer bhog. I will complete puja and come asap. He says I am on a pilgrimage. I cannot break my vow. I must eat Gur ki roti and garlic chutney. She reasons that she cannot give him anything till the time she offers bhog. She politely requests him to understand. He asks her if she will let him leave on an empty stomach. She denies but he leaves the decision on her and walks away. Chandra feels bad. You know everything, Sai. I had to send him back because I was helpless. It wasn’t intentional. She goes back inside. She is shocked to see that the food has turned into exactly what the saint had asked for. I did not make it. She checks the containers and they have the same dishes too. Her eyes widen in shock.

Ram Chandra returns home and asks Chandra if everything is fine. She asks him if he saw any saint. She tells him everything. I made a very big mistake. Let’s look for him. He agrees.

Sai smiles in Dwarkamai.

Precap: Chandra apologizes to Sai. I wont make this mistake ever again. Sai says I know. Chandra asks Him if her fast broke because of it. Sai says your fast will be fine if you have done it with a pure heart. I will give you one thing though. Will you keep it in your pallu. She agrees. Sai gives her soil and she asks Him about it.

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