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Maaf Karo na (Ishq par jor nahi- Ishqaan OS)

Hi frens, back with another OS of Ishqi and Ahaan. So this scene is the morning after Ishqi is sick and she hold Ahaan hands and they end up in the same bed(7th may episode). Next morning Ishqi wakes up and sees her and Ahaan together and thinks the worst.


Ishqi wakes up with a start, and sees Ahaan sleeping beside her, and her clothes were changed. But she doesn’t remember any events of the night. Slowly Ahaan wakes up and before she could ask him anything he goes to the washroom.

She keeps waiting for him, and when he comes out, he just smiles at her. This makes her more uneasy, as she is used to the rude, expressionless Ahaan. She thinks why he is smiling at me like that and thinks what happen at night. Unable to bear it she comes to Ahaan and pulls his hand. He turns towards her with surprise

“What happened last night between us” she asks

“Nothing happened Ishqi” he is startled that she is asking that.” You were sick and shivering so I…”

“So..so. . you slept… slept beside me to give me body heat and changed my clothes too” she says feeling disgusted

“What the hell are you talking” Ahaan is angry now

“What else, I was unwell, and you took the benefit out it”

“Shut up will you”

“I won’t shut up, how could you Ahaan” she screams

He put her hands on her mouth to shut her up.

“Now listen to me” his eyes looked so angry Ishqi was scared for a moment

“I didn’t change your clothes, the cleaning team lady did, as you were shivering. We wanted to keep you warm. And I had just come to put more blankets on you, but you held my hand. I felt guilty about the AC thing and so I just let it be. Nothing else happened, if you don’t trust me… which you clearly don’t you can ask the hotel staff”

He slowly removed his hands from her mouth.

She stood there, not understanding if he was speaking the truth, she came out and was thinking what to do when a lady came to her

“You look better now. Such a caring husband you have, he didn’t sleep a wink last night and was only bothered about you. He called all the hotel staff for your medicines and to change you. He truly cares for you”

She said and walked away

“Oh God!! What did I do” she said to herself?

She goes back inside the room and come near Ahaan

“I .. I .. “she says

Ahaan turns to her “I knew you disliked me, but I thought you at least respected me Ishqi”

This time his eyes were hurt and not angry.

“I am sorry” she says slowly but he just takes his luggage and walks away.

She picks her luggage too and they both sit in the car.

“I am sorry” she says again but he just ignores her.

She feels bad for jumping to conclusions, he had always been there for her, and she had behaved that way, he trusted her, but she didn’t.

Finally, they reach the resort, and everyone greets them. Riya hugs Ahaan, and Ishqi looks at them, something tugging at her heart.

Ahaan walks away from there, and Karthik comes to Ishqi

“Bhai ko kya hua, he is so angry”

Ishqi looks at him, and he understands that these two must have fought.

Ishqi tries to talk to Ahaan but he avoids her completely. Ishqi thinks to herself this won’t solve like this. “maaf toh inko karna hi padega, ye kya inki dadi bhi karegi” oops she laughs… And goes to find Karthik to execute her plan

Ahaan walks into a room, but its all dark. He thinks If he came to the correct room, as Karthik had asked him to pick a few things from here. He searched for the lights switches and on them.

When he turned, he was surprised to see it covered with all balloons, and a big sorry written on them. He was looking at that when he fell a tap on his back.

And there was Ishqi in a super woman costume with horns on her head, he just kept looking at her. What’s this new drama now, he thought, but she looked so cute in it? Stop it Ahaan, he scolded himself.

He turned to go, but she pulled him and locked the door. And actually, started singing and dancing around him. “What the fudge” he exclaimed

She smiled” at least you are taking now, let’s dance”

“I am sorry, oh sorry… jane do na” she elbowed him and kept pushing him with her hand

“hota hai, hota hai.. chodo bhi, jane do na” she held her ears and kept going around him.

“hogayi galti, chodon bhi na” she sang and put her hands on his neck, but he moved it away.

“Jheeb nikalo pyaro” and she put her tongue out… Ahaan was holding on his smile.

“I am sorry, oh sorry.. jane do na”

“hota hi ,hota hai.. chodo bhi, jane do na”

“hogayi galti, chodon bhi na”

By now she was dancing and enjoying by herself, him forgotten. And he just kept looking at her. She is so mesmerizing.

She suddenly realized and looked at him, he was smiling.

She came to him and sang the last line.. “I am sorry, oh sorry.. jane do na”  she held his hand and made him go round and round and his hand slipped from hers… he skidded back and fell on the chair with thermocol balls popping on him and around.

She saw him like that, and put her hand on her mouth, he is going to be angrier.

But he just laughed out loud, and she just stared at him. He looked so handsome, and so full of life smiling like that, so different from his usual rude and arrogant self.

She came to him and kneeled before him. Held her ears

“Sorry Ahaan, please forgive me”

He looked up at her and loved it that she had for the first time called him Ahaan, only Ahaan… not 3 bandaar, not AVM..

“I forgive you “he smiled

“thanks” She said, and their eyes held

“I trust you a lot Ahaan, I don’t know what happened then”

“It’s ok Ishqi, I can understand how you feel. You just woke up from fever and found a guy beside you. Any girl would have behaved the same”

How can he be so understanding she thought?

“Still thanks for taking care of me, and sorry once again”

He just held her hands and removed them from her ears

“Lets go, the party will be starting soon” … he put his hand Infront and she took it.


Here ends the OS, please leave comments, it will motivate me to write more. The song “I am sorry, oh sorry… jane do na” is taken from the movie “One 2 ka 4”




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