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Love Is In The Air Episode 52

Hello all here is next episode

Recap: Kartik and Naira give their names for the ramp walk stunning the students at the registration counter. Past of Praveen aka Polo gets known from Swarna. Abir gifts Mishti. Keerthi has gone to the boutique for dress alterations. The detective squad is shocked to know about the rape charges on Praveen aka Polo

Episode starts

Detective Office

Akash: He raped someone ?

Tanvi: Haan its what the records say

Jia: Who is the girl?

Tanvi scrolls through the record and : Mithali Gupta

Rahul: Now who is this Mithali?

Naina: If it was rape accusations then definitely the proceedings details will be in the court library. Ill get it and find out about the girl

Ishani: I guess she is someway related to Singhanias, thats why he wants to avenge them too

Akash: Yes thats right, the relationship between Basus and Goenkas is clear now

Rahul: Logically Anurag has to take revenge from Polo and not the converse

Akash: Maybe Mr.Basu had to do something with the girl he loved

Rahul : Wait a minute why cant the girl he loved be Mohini? If not why would he kill Mr.Basu

Naina: Thats very logical Anurag is a year elder than Kartik and when Mr.Basu died Mohini ji was pregnant with Keerthi and she is almost 2 years younger to Kartik

Rahul : These are just speculations right

Naina: These have to be true if Mithali is related someway to Singhanias and if her kids if she had them match the criteria

Rahul: Thats fine but why Goenkas..he..

Ishani: Budhu ram didn’t you remember aunty telling that under the influence of drugs he thought that it was Manish uncle who pushes Soumya aunty

Rahul: Then why does he want to harm Mishti

Tanvi: Because Mishti is Abir’s weak point. He loves her, by harming Mishti he could torture Abir and thus torture Manish uncle

Rahul: Such a psycho

Akash: He is indeed. Naina come lets go to the library now

Rahul: Wont it be closed?

Naina: It closes at 11 pm only , lets go

Tanvi: Till then we will search for proofs to prove that Polo is Praveen

Ishani: Ill collect the identification marks from Rohit’s sketch

Rahul: Ill come with you

They disperse to their work. The scene freezes


Naira comes out of the her consultant’s room with Kartik

Kunal: What did they say?

Kartik: Good improvement but needs medicines for a month

Kunal: Ill get the medicines bhai

Kartik: No

Before Kartik could reply Kunal rushes to the pharmacy. Kartik and Naira proceed to the counter to pay the bill. Naira is shocked to see the file before hers. She nudges Kartik

Kartik gives a puzzled look and his gaze follows Naira’s pointed hand and he is shocked to see the name “Mrs.Rupali Mehta”. Kartik remembers that Rupali had been the patient of the hospital

Kartik: She has come for checkup Naira

And they turn to see Rupali standing behind them

Rupali: Hai Kartik Hai Naira

Naira: You know us?

Rupali laughs and : Why won’t I know my husband’s arch enemy?

Kartik: See madam we are on our own track better don’t disturb us

Rupali: I have no intention but unfortunately our appointment dates coincided. Naira hope you are doing fine..you will of course Kabir is in jail but not longer. Rajdeep will bring him out

Kartik gets angry but Naira holds his hand tight and gestures him to stay calm
Rupali: Then again Kartik will cry Naira…Naira..like a coward

Voice: Don’t you  dare to speak to my bhai like that

There enter Abir and Mishti

Rupali: Oh..singer Abir Goenka…and yeah Mishti..just escaped Polo right…and that Rohit traitor is still alive bad luck…and one more good news Naira..Aditya is out as an engagement gift for your bhai and bhabhi

Abir: You bring anyone you can , but you cannot spoil our happiness anymore

Rupali: You forgot your tour? And Naira in the water tank

Kartik: Of course we haven’t as we have learnt our lesson and became stronger. Now none of you can do anything

Mishti: Rupali you have just recovered so dont stress yourself with such toxins and if you can show some brain to your idiot husband

Rupali: All your days are marked, your sister will not succeed in her love for other girl’s guy

Saying this Rupali storms off

Mishti: Did she say Anurag jiju being someone else’s?

Kartik: Mishti..its about Komolika I guess

Abir: All criminals are together.

Kartik: Until we are together none of them can do anything

Abir: Any idea where Prerna bhabhi is?

Naira: With Anurag

Mishti: Fine then..

Abir: Bhai Ill..

Kartik: Drop Mishti and come..even Im dropping Naira so no worries

They depart to their destinations


Keerthi: Ill check these clothes and tell you

Stylist: Okay mam, trial room is on your right

Keerthi collects her clothes and walks to the trial and is suddenly shocked to see Aditya seated at a corner watching her with lust in his eyes. Keerthi gets shocked

Keerthi: I…should go back I guess…nnnooo….I should not…Keerthi be bold..he can’t do anything to you.
She lets deep breaths and enters the dressing room. Moments later she comes out wearing her blouse and walks out to get help to tie her dori. Suddenly she feels a hand on her bare back and gets shocked, with all courage inside her she turns to slap the person but stops suddenly.
Keerthi: Naksh?

She hugs him crying

Naksh: Of course its me..who else did you think of ?

Keerthi: Woh..woh..Aditya

Naksh: Aditya?

Keerthi: Haan he..he was here

Naksh pulls her closer and ties her dori

Naksh: Its okay if he is here. Until Im there you need not be afraid of anyone

Naksh takes Keerthi to the stylist. On the way Aditya walks into them

Aditya: Getting married aren’t you Keerthi?

Naksh: Yes we are getting married.
Aditya: Oh congratulations

Aditya extends his hand but Keerthi is reluctant. Naksh shakes the hand

Naksh: Thanks . Chalo Keerthi

He takes Keerthi away

Aditya in mind: I will not let anyone else marry you. Ill get you or Ill destroy you

Roadside Chat Shop

Anurag and Prerna are enjoying each other’s company and their snacks

Anurag: You should have seen the girls’ reaction on seeing Kartik and Naira together

Prerna: I just wish Anjali to see them together

Anurag: She will of course on ramp day

Prerna: Im waiting for her reaction. It will be worse than Komolika’s reaction at the concert

Prerna giggles. Anurag pulls her closer

Anurag: You girls enjoy other girl’s jealousy right

Prerna: Of course..when a guy wanted by all loves us we indeed enjoy that feel

Anurag: Acha…

Prerna: Haan aur kya, see when a girl who wants your attention sees that your all attention is towards me and when she knows that you are mine I feel so happy about that. I know its bad to be in that girl’s situation but..in

Anurag: In your case Im yours and will always be yours

He kisses her. Just then his phone buzzes

Anurag: Kartik?

Kartik: Anurag come to the address I send with Prerna at once

Anurag is shocked. The scene freezes

PRECAP: The truth about Mithali Gupta

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