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#Love from the heaven.. #43 A new girl?

Episode starts as..,

In VR Mansion : 

Riddhima is brought to VR Mansion, as soon as she arrives. She starts jumping here and there,on the sofas..

Vansh : Stop!

Riddhima : Noooo…I’m loving ittt..!!!!!!

She jumps on Vansh, he falls down, she pulls his hair. 

Tara : Riddhima, stop, see he is crying..

Riddhima stops and starts laughing..

Rudra : What happened?

Riddhima : I made him cry! What an achievement!!

She starts giggling more while Vansh comes and takes her in bridal style.

Vansh : Enough of your drama! Let’s go now..

She starts beating on his chest. 

Vansh : Not hurting me, don’t try..

In the room : 

Vansh makes her lie on the bed. 

Riddhima : Come, we’ll sleep together..

Vansh : Noo, Thanks..

She pulls him and they both share an eye lock and suddenly she starts giggling.

Vansh : What happened?

Riddhima : Y..your.. Joker fa..ce..

She starts laughing again while he stands frowning. 

Riddhima : You felt bad? (innocently)

Vansh : Yess..(in innocent tone)

Riddhima : Aww!

She goes and kisses him on his forehead. He smiles widely. 

Vansh : I love you!

Riddhima : Okok..Now, I’m going!!!

Vansh’s jaw drops. She runs out. 

In the hall : 

Sejal : Riddhu stop!!!

Riddhima : Sejuu..see lizard!!!

Sejal : What?Where?

Riddhima : At her home!

She starts giggling. 

Sejal : Riddhu! Stop it yaar!!!

Riddhima : Okok, but where are you going?

Sejal : To my home..

Riddhima : Ohh..I’ll miss you! 

Sejal : Me too! 

They all gather there. Sejal bids adieu to all and leaves. After an hour, a girl enters the VR Mansion and hugs Vansh. 

Riddhima (in her mind) : Chipkali! Huh! How dare she hug Vanshuu? Who is she??

Girl : Missed me?

Vans turns and says,”A lot!”


What happened to you people? Didn’t expected naa?? I told you in the last chapter last 2-3 lines, but I think you din’t read it..Anyway, I hope you liked the episode!!

Now, who’s this girl? Girls hi nahi khatm hoti inki!!!

Stay safe! Take care!!!


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