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Love Beyond Limits (A RIANSH LOVE SAGA) Chapter#40

Hey guys, I have read all your comments. Thank you so much for all the love. And those who were making many requests, I assure you all that whatever I am going to do with this story, you all will love it. I can’t tell more than this. Keep supporting. It means alot❤️❤️❤️❤️And a very special thanks to the silent readers who commented yesterday and before that too.🤗🤗🤗


Chapter 40: “The Evil Motives”

The episode starts with Riddhima coming back to home. Vansh and Aditya followed her so that they can convince her as she was upset from them.
In the hall,
V: Riddhima! Sorry na. We didn’t mean to say that. We were just saying that we should be in one team so that we can protect each other.
A: Yeah! We just meant that you need us as much as we need you. Even we need your support.
R(serious): I am really sleepy right now. Let me sleep. After all, I have to drive back to Mumbai tomorrow.
Vansh and Aditya in unison: Wait what??
R: Yeah! We are going back tomorrow. Dad called me today. He wants us both to be back as this is Dad’s first holi together with his family after years. So, he wants both of us to be with him.
V(trying to be serious): So go then. Who has stopped you?
R: What you mean by “Go”? Have you got a problem in hearing too as you have in your brain? I said, “Dad want US (forcing on us) to be with him”.
V(Posing to be angry): Dad has called you only. Not me. He hasn’t invited me. After all, he loves you only.
R(pissed): What?
V(pissed): Of course. Riddhima is his favourite only. To hell with Vansh. Who is this Vansh even in his life? Only Riddhima exists. Ajay RaiSinghania’s daughter Riddhima. No No. infact, it is Manish Raichand’s dear daughter, Riddhima.
R(Annoyed): Are you crazy? So, you think Dad does partiality between you and me? (Smiling sarcastically) And he loves me more? Then, why would he risk his life all these years if he doesn’t love you?
V: Of course He does partiality. His every talk is about you only. He is always like, (mimicking Ajay) Vansh beta! Always protect Riddhima! Vansh beta! She loves you alot. She has suffered so much. Just be with her always. Vansh! Never ever hurt her again. Her heart is delicate and I can’t afford it breaking again. (Pissed) Riddhima….Riddhima….Riddhima…Always Riddhima. Like I don’t exist in his life. He has met me after 7 years and Riddhima was always with him still he has to talk about you only. (To Aditya) I am telling you Aditya. My dad has got obsessed with his bahu.
R(pissed): What Bahu? I am his daughter. His lovely daughter and he is proud of me. Obviously, he is not going to be proud of a son like you who is always carrying 100kg of attitude on one shoulder and 100 kg of ego on the other.
V: Oh really! If I carry ego on my shoulder then you…..you even carry it in your shoes too. And that also of 1000kg. That’s why, Even Earth starts shaking when you walk.
A(making a face): Stop it both of you.
R: Not at all. What does he think? He keep blaming my dad for doing partiality and I will stay quiet.
V: Oh look now! “MY DAD” like I don’t exist. Like he is not my dad. Today, she has made my dad to be hers. Tomorrow, she will say that Sia and Ishani are also her sisters. The next day, she will say that who is this Vansh RaiSinghania? Does a person of this name even exists? I am telling you Aditya! This father-daughter duo will really disown me one day. Then, I will take revenge from that Rehaan alone. And she will do parade in the whole city hoisting a flag of “My Dad” only. There is no value of my love here. She loves dad more and dad loves her more.
A: Why are you jealous of your own dad?
R: Exactly! He is making a mountain out of a molehill only.
V: Yeah Yeah! I am making a molehill. Now, you also do partiality with me. Only Vansh has to suffer always.
R(pissed): You know what!! Just go to sleep. Your brain has already suffered a short circuit. Don’t fuse mine too.
Aditya suppresses his smile.
V: And what about your brain? You know nothing except arguing. You can’t even make a coffee perfectly. The one you made before sleeping was worse than hell. I couldn’t sleep the whole night because of that taste. That’s why, I was roaming in the kitchen in search of water. I was not able to get rid of that deadly taste.
R: So, my coffee is that much bad? Huh? Just wait. I will show you how much my coffee is loved by everyone especially Dad.
V: Obviously, he is helpless. How can he dislike the coffee made by his lovely daughter. He will even drink poison if it is served by your hands.
A: But Riddhima really makes so yummy coffee. Why didn’t you like it?
R: Why would he? Whenever he takes a sip or bite of anything, his ego gets mixed in that thing. Obviously, it is going to taste worst na.
V: Lets see then. Whether my ego is at fault or your skills.
R: Challenge accepted. Let me make a cup of coffee for you.
She angrily leaves towards the kitchen. Vansh smirks. Aditya comes near him and ask,
A: So, you did this all drama to manipulate her in making coffee.
V(smirks): Ofcourse. She makes so yummy coffee and I wanted it right now. And Obviously, she was not going to make it with this angry bird mood. So, I used my own way to do this.
A: Seriously? So much drama just for a cup of coffee.
V(smiles): Not just for coffee. For diverting her mind too. She was so much worried since yesterday and I know she loves arguing with me. I just diverted her mind so that she can forget all those things for sometime.
A(teasing him): I just wish she doesn’t mix poison in that coffee of yours.
Vansh stares him narrowing his eyes.
V: Keep your mouth shut. Its her challenge. She will do it perfectly.
He moved towards sofa and sat down relaxing.
V: And I am going to sit here waiting for the lovely cup of coffee made by my angrybird sweetheart.
Riddhima comes there holding three cup of coffee.
V(teasing her): Oh, so you made coffee in three attempts. This is overconfidence Riddhima! I am not even going to drink more than sip and you brought three cups for me. You want to kill me?
R: Just shut up! These two cups are for me and Aditya. Take yours only.
Vansh took coffee cup from her hand and drank it in a go because he knew that if he drink it in sips then he have to intentionally comment bad about it and she will snatch the cup form his hands and he will not be able to drink it fully. After drinking it, he placed the empty cup on the table and acted to feel like vomiting.
R(making an angry face): Are you for real? Stop your acting Vansh! Why did you drink it when you didn’t like it.
V: So, should I spit it on the floor? You think I have no manners? Of course, there is no maid here and I don’t want my sweetheart to keep moping with dettol all night on the floor. Afterall, You are the chief of intelligence not a maid. Right?
Aditya bursts into laughter.
A: Good one Vansh!
Vansh also smiles. Riddhima understood that they both were just teasing her. She becomes angry and was about to go when Vansh held her wrist but before doing anything further, he glared Aditya who understood his gaze and moved away from there.
A: I have to make a call.
He leaves and Vansh pulls Riddhima towards him and she falls in his lap. She being upset avoid eye contact with him. Vansh looks in his eyes and smiles. Then, he comes close to her ear and says in a whispering voice,
V: I have got the whole right to be jealous of my own Dad. Afterall, he and I have got the same perfect choice. How can I let anyone else love you more when you are only mine? How will I not be jealous if my sweetheart loves my father more than me? And coming to the coffee, My sweetheart has such a magic in her hand that with a minor touch only, she can change the worst coffee of the world into the best. Vansh hasn’t loved anyone just like that. He has got the perfect women in his life!
Listening to his words, Riddhima’s anger turns into a smiles and she blushes lightly.
R: Hmhmmm???
V(smiles): Hmm!
They both smile and Aditya returns.
A: If you both are done, then can I sit here?
Riddhima hurriedly gets up from Vansh’s lap amd sits on sofa.
V(murmurs): Cheap intruders!!!!
A: So, You both are going to Mumbai tomorrow?
V: Yeah! We can’t disobey OUR dad!
He looks at Riddhima and they both smiles.
R: We will leave tomorrow but Aditya! Why don’t you join us too? You should meet Vansh’s family.
A: Aaa…..Its your private event. How Can I come.
R: What private? You are family too.
V: Yes. She is right. Holi is not a private event. It is celebrated with everyone. And Obviously, you are family.
A(himself): Its a good chance for me. I will easily manipulate Riddhima into signing those papers. I have to get those papers ready before tomorrow.
A: Okay I will come but I have got some work here. So, I will come separately.
V: Yeah Sure!
A(thinkinh something): So, Riddhima! Will you shift to Mumbai after marriage?
R: Whose marriage?
A: Yours and Vansh’s marriage. You both are engaged na?
Riddhima was going to tell him that they are not engaged,
R: No…We…
V(cutting her): Of course! She will shift to Mumbai. Why were you asking?
Riddhima looks at him making a Don’t-Start-Again face,
A: Actually, I was thinking about this mansion and all the stuff here. I mean who will take care of this place. It is really very close to your heart as it belongs to Rajveer. Will you sell it all after completing your revenge?
R: No Aditya! Rajveer had wished something for this house when he was alive. I will fulfill his wish only.
A: What was bhai’s wish?
R: It safe in my heart only. But it will surely get fulfilled!
V: But legally, being his wife, you can transfer this property on anyone’s name. Right?
R: Yeah!
V: Then, why don’t you transfer it on Aditya’s name? I mean, after you, he is the rightful owner of this property.
R: I know it well but as I said before, I will go with Rajveer’s wish.
A(himself): So It means that she is not going to transfer it on my name. Dammit!!! I want this property at any cost. I will get it by hook or by crook.
R: Ok Now! Enough of the discussion. Its already too much late. Aditya! Just stay here tonight. No need to go back home.
A(fake smile): Sure!

Saying so they all left to sleep in their rooms.
Aditya went to his room and made a call to Rehaan,
A: I am going to Mumbai tomorrow. RaiSinghanias are going to celebrate holi and they invited me too.
R: Holi? In all this thrill going on in their lives, they want to play holi?
A: That’s not my concern. I just know one thing that I want this 100 crores property at any cost.
R: You want her property and I want her blood. I promise that I will make her play blood holi this time. She has not many days to live now.
A: Dare you do anything before I achieve my goal. I have got a golden chance. I will not let it go in waste. Enough of being a good boy, Now I will get what is mine at any cost. And Rehaan! If you try to come in my way or You try to spoil my plan, I swear you will not be able to complete yours too.
R(pissed): If I had to come in your way then I would have killed her by now. I am just waiting for you to complete your motive so that I can complete mine.
A: Don’t worry. This holi will be in our favour only.
They both laugh evilly.

A(himself): I have to find out what was Rajveer’s wish. Only after that, I can play my next move. Even if I get those papers signed falsely, It may have some terms and conditions that I am not aware of right now. Only Riddhima can tell all this.(smirks) And I know how!

Rehaan(himself): A property of 100 crores. Not bad! It would be double fun if I get both the property and Revenge. (Smirks) Let Aditya do all the hardwork. Afterall, the property is going to be mine in the end. Who knows for how long Aditya is going to live!

Meanwhile, Riddhima in her room,
Riddhima(herself): The death of tripple M has made this war go too far beyond the expectations. I have to end this before it gets out of my hands.

Vansh in his room,
V(himself): Tomorrow, we are going to Mumbai. Atleast, Riddhima will be more safe there. I will get time to find out everything andexecute what I have planned.


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