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In Ishaan’s and Rhea’s room

“ What exactly do I fell about Ishaan?”

“ Do I love her?”

“no,no I love Ranbhir but…”

“ if I like Abhigya then,why did I kiss Rhea.”

Both in unison: “ I DON’T LOVE HIM/HER.”

Both try to call each other to inform this but as both are calling each other the phone comes busy.

“ I will go office I can meet him directly there, then I can make everything clear. ”

In Purab’s office

“ wow dad, that’s a great plan. But dad how did u get this idea?”

“ From u Aryan.”

“From me?”

” U said u saved Shahana in Radio station office right? So I got this plan.”

“ But uncle according to your plan we will know only about Shahana, but what about Prachi?”

“ I heard love can make people mad but  it can make people stupid too, Bro, when we get to know about Shahana , through her we can get Prachi. ”

“ yeah right, sry my mind didn’t work. ”

“ ok, then we will get to know about Shahana by tomorrow night. And then day after tomorrow we will find her and Prachi.”

At home

“Arya, juice for u. Are u ok? Purab said u had a minor accident in the office.”

“ yes , Pragya mam I am fine.”

Kiara remembers what happened in the office. Pragya gets a call she leaves from there.

Kiara’s POV

“ Aryan should know the truth before he finds it out by himself. And if he finds it out from others then it will be worst. He will fell cheated…….. But I am also doing the same thing right? I lied about myself. But everyone believes whatever I said was truth. If they gets to know the truth by others then they will fell cheated. No… after tomorrow’s program I will reveal the truth to everyone.”

At Srinivasans house

Aryan greets Meenakshi. Shashank gets angry seeing him.

“ How are u , Aryan? U didn’t come here after u left from here. ”

She sees Mishti.

“ Oh, u came for Mishti, right?”

“ No, aunty I came for u.”

“ for me?”


“ Uncle, bro, everyone come here?”

Everyone come near him.

In Shahana’s office

Shahana goes to her superior to submit her resignation letter. He rejects her suspension letter and apologizes to her whatever happened with her. He asks to give them  one more chance and it will not repeat again. Shahana denies. He gives her a letter. Shahana gets shocked seeing that.

In Srinivasans house

“ Tell me Aryan u seem to have an important matter to speak to us.”

“ yes, I mean it’s not so important it is just that, dad had told me that he had decided the anchor for the show. And do u know who is she? ”

Srinivasans in unison: “ who?”


Everyone: “ what?”

“ Yes dad told me but u aren’t suppose to reveal this to everyone. ”


In Shahana’s office

“ what is this sir, you have made me the anchor for musical nights concert? U never asked me for once before u decided.”

“ I am sorry Shahana, they hurried me. they wanted an awesome anchor, they heard your voice and asked me to appoint u. I tried to take decision after I ask u. if u want to resign so badly, I will approve your resignation after this show and a goodbye radio show. I promise.”

Shahana reluctantly agrees.

In Mehra mansion

“ what? But Ranbhir,why did Purab sir send me away before he revealed the plan?”

“ because he didn’t want u to take the stress. He wants only me and Aryan to get involve in this until u finish your program.”

“Ranbhir, Kiara,Mr. Kohli what are u discussing?”

“ Pragya ji, Purab made an excellent plan to find Prachi and Shahana.”

“ what?”

“ yes, chieftess, Do u remember Aryan has saved Shahana in radio office?”

“ yes.”

“ And only employees will be allowed in a radio office. So we think that Shahana is an employee over there.”

“ But Ranbhir ,how will calling RJ Angel will help in finding Shahana?”

“ Di,we heard that she is an young girl. So we made Aryan as another anchor. He will make her friend and find out about Shahana. And most of their staff will also be there during the program. Probably, we can find her over there. And if we don’t find her even then, being a part of our show is their benefit. So in return of this, we will ask them to give information about Shahana.”

Everyone stares at him except Kiara who is gasping at him.

“ Why are u guys staring at me?”

“ u want to marry my daughter? And u are sounding as a proudish businessman. If u be like this, Prachi will never marry u.”

“ ohh, yeah , I should be back to my old self.”

Everyone laughs.

“ Our problems will end very soon and we will all be together.”

“ Yes, Pragyaji.”

“ Pallavi ji?”

“ Pallavi, u asked me and Ranbhir to come here. But u came late. Now tell me what’s the matter.”

“ Vikram, that’s what I have come here to tell u.”

“ I decided to conduct Mishti andAryan’s wedding, two days after the tomorrow’s concert.”

“ everyone gets shocked.”

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