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Ishk Par Zor Nahin 10th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Ishqi confronts Ahaan

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 10th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Sonu asking Riya to talk to Ahaan about marriage. Riya agrees. Its morning, Ishqi wakes up. She gets shocked seeing Ahaan lying next to her. She worries and thinks how did my clothes change, try to recall, what happened. He wakes up. She acts sleeping. He checks her temperature. He goes to washroom. She says did he do anything, recall what happened. She checks phone. She says there is no reply from Mayank, did anything happen between Ahaan and me, I wish nothing happened, please. She sees a mark on her hand. She says no… what’s this mark.

Sonu finds the washroom locked. Savitri is inside. Sonu calls for help. Savitri thinks I should have hidden before, what if Dadi comes here. Ahaan gets freshen up. Ishqi looks at him. He smiles. She thinks why is he smiling, he always gets sad face in front of me. He asks how are you feeling now, what happened, what’s the matter with you. She asks why are you smiling. He says I made a mistake. She asks what mistake. He says I should have kept AC temp at 24, that all would have not happened. She asks what all. He says you really want to know. She asks him to say it. He gets a call. He says its mechanic’s call, wait, get ready, there is no network here, I will go out. He goes out to talk. She worries. Sonu thanks the staff.

Savitri hides. She sees Sonu and smiles. Raj asks did you talk to Ahaan. Riya and Kartik show the same message. Sonu laughs. She goes to check. Kartik says Ahaan is so unromantic. He gets Dadi’s call. He says its a good resort. She says make me talk to Ahaan. Riya says I will make you talk to him when Ishqi and he comes back. Dadi asks where did they go. Sonu leaves. Ahaan asks what did Riya do. Kartik says when Dadi calls, a storm will come, get ready. Ahaan says its a big problem, I will handle it. Ishqi asks what happened between us in that room, tell me, don’t make an innocent face.

Ahaan says we fought for the AC remote, I set temp at 16 degrees, you were shivering. She asks what, did you give me body heat, you took advantage of me, I m marrying your friend, you should have called a doctor if I was ill. He asks her to stop it, is she not ashamed to say that. She asks are you not ashamed to do such things. He says nothing such happened, I had called a doctor for you, you took medicines and slept, I called the manager’s wife to change your clothes, shut up, is this a film going on, how do you get such thoughts. She asks how did this mark come. He recalls sitting by her side. She holds his hand. He sleeps by her side. She asks him to answer.

He asks her to ask manager’s wife. He says you punched her in sleep, go and ask her, you think my thoughts are old, maybe, but I can never do such a cheap thing, I will die, but I can never do this, like you thought. He goes. Kartik jokes on Dadi. Riya comes. Raj asks is everything fine, have apple. Riya says no thanks, really sorry, I didn’t know it will be a big issue to say that to Dadi. Kartik says not at all, Dadi is innocent, she never gets angry. Sonu says its not your and Ahaan’s mistake. Riya says Ahaan told me to talk to Dadi if she asks something. Raj says you call Ahaan. Ishqi comes to Ahaan and says sorry. Ahaan smiles. Ishqi says sorry, I was never pregnant, I had to do the drama to get lift. Manager gets surprised.

Ahaan looks on. He goes to his car. Dadi calls him and says shut up, listen to me carefully, leave from there soon, get Mayank and Ishqi married, announce your marriage with Riya. Ahaan says calm down, I m coming. Ishqi goes to Ahaan. He says Ishqi and Mayank’s marriage is happening. Mayank eyes Sonu and says this time, I won’t repeat holi mistake. Raj asks about Ishqi. Riya says I spoke to Ahaan, they are coming. Mayank says I was planning a surprise party for Ishqi. Kartik says I love it. Sonu says good idea. Mayank says you all have to come, I want Ishqi to enjoy the most, Sarla will come tomorrow. Riya says I will ask Ahaan and say if I will come or not. Kartik jokes and says you are an adult, your mental balance is fine, why do you need his permission. Ahaan and Ishqi come. Ahaan asks who needs my permission. Riya hugs him. Ishqi looks on.

Mayank says I kept a party for you. Ahaan says sorry, Riya and I won’t come. Kartik asks Ahaan to accept his feelings for Ishqi. Ahaan sees Ishqi coming.

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