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immj2 os ‘bibliophiles’ BY: CANDID 11

hi pal’s here is another os hope you like it any corrections needed lemme know, ya and Tanvi I’ve read your ff it was amazing I didn’t know u are writing a FF.


” I am not going on a blind date. Period.” riddhima muttered, “but riddhu after all he is just my brother .” said ishani, “ishani I’ve no time for all of this I have 2 events coming i need to get working on it.”  “I will take care of it but please go on a date with my brother please.” begged ishani. “but why are u setting us up, I’ve never met ur brother before.” questioned riddhima, “because he swiped right for u in tinder see.” riddhima stood there bewildered “but when did you make my tinder account, ishani what is this” asked riddhima recovering from the shock, ishani made those puppy eyes and played the trump card, “for my sake please go.” “fine.” said riddhima.

See the source image she wore a white dress with white sneakers and a ruby colored butterfly sling she kept a dewy make up and lest her hair open with Dutch braids in one side. she reached leopold cafe and bar. went near the table they shook hands and sat

Vansh – ‘hii i am vansh’

Riddhima- ‘ hii i am riddhima’

waiter- ‘hello ma’am, hello sir welcome to Leopold café and bar what would you like to have.’

riddhima- ‘ill have a cold coffee and French fries.’

vansh- ‘ill have a burger and a cold coffee’

waiter-‘thank you ma’am, thank you sir.’

vansh- ‘ only french fries i see u diet and stuff.’

riddhima- ‘ noo not at all, i just dont like to eat out much.’

vansh-‘so you are ishani’s friend’

riddhima – ‘ya we’ve been best friends for a year now. tbh u seem really nice and i don’t want to lie to actually… please don’t feel bad but ishani kinda set me up she out of knowledge made a tinder account of mine and right swiped you.’

vansh started laughing- ‘ I should have known, she did the same with me.’

riddhima – ‘so basically this was her plan.’

vansh- ‘ so what do you do?’

riddhima- ‘ ummm i am an event planner and a bibliophile, I’ve read around 100 books as far.’

vansh – ‘bibliophile u r quite interesting, i mean i might be a big business man for the world but i love reading books.’

They were having fun talking to each other knowing each other, they had their food and reached the conclusion. They exchanged numbers.

vansh-‘i am glad, once in ishani’s she did something good’

riddhima chuckled-‘ I know right, it was fun meeting you vansh, i really enjoyed it.’

vansh-‘ me too riddhima u seem special.’

they started meeting on dates and chatted daily and their love for books. bloomed a love in between these two bibliophiles.




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