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If not Sayi, then someone else – Episode 1

The story starts randomly when Pakhi starts to construct the wall of hatred in Virat’s heart for Sayi. Let’s move to the story.

Pakhi was cleaning her bed, when she heard the knock. She turned to see Sayi standing at her room door.
Pakhi fumed with anger seeing her. Sayi kept her foot inside the room when Pakhi taunted her.

Pakhi : What’s the use of knocking Sayi when you had to enter the room without my permission only?

Sayi : Pakhi didi, atleast I had knocked the door, but you are always welcomed in our room without knocking also.
Pakhi : Our room? (Sarcastically) Maybe you forgot that it’s Virat’s room. Just because he is allowing you in his room, you are claiming it your room?
Sayi : Oh! Really? Then according to your point of view, this room is also of Samrat dada’s. Then why are you living in this room? And moreover Samrat dada is also not here, then how did he allowed you?
Pakhi : It’s useless to talk with you
Sayi : Ah! This is a good excuse when you don’t have answer to my question. Or in short when you are not left with any words. Moreover I am also not interested in talking with you. I just came to tell you that  I and Virat Sir are going to hotel for dinner.

Pakhi interrupting with anger : So why are you telling me?
Sayi : I came here to tell you that there is no need of bringing the dinner in our room
Pakhi : When did I brought food for you? I am not your waitress.
Sayi : I know, Pakhi didi, that you are not my waitress but you are Virat Sir’s waitress. I mean you bring food for him everyday, right? So just to tell that don’t waste your time bringing food for the
Sayi clears her speech and goes away from there, making Pakhi jealous and red in anger.

After Sayi went, Pakhi to herself : Go Sayi, go and enjoy your dinner. But you don’t know that I am waiting for your return because the huge storm is awaiting you.

Sayi goes in her room and sits at her chair reminiscing Virat’s conversation with her.

Flashback :
Sayi is just as usual studying when her phone beeps. She looks around only to find her phone on bed, far away from her. She was just too tired to getup and pick it up. Meanwhile, the call is disconnected.

Sayi : Oh! This phone also na? Can’t it wait for two minutes?
She getup and picks her phone and finds the last missed call of Virat. She grows curious to find out why he phoned her at such time. She calls him back which he replies in no time.

Virat : Thank God! You picked it up. Why were you not picking my phone?
Sayi : Now I picked it up na? Then? Why are you scolding me?
Virat : When did I scold you?
Sayi : Acha! Scolding too and asking also. Not too funny, Virat Sir.
Virat : Bappa! Okay! My Sahi devi! You are only right.

Sayi : I am always right. By the way! Why did you called me?
Virat : Can we go to dinner tonight?
Sayi : Tonight?
Virat : Why? Isn’t it possible?
Sayi : No, it’s not like that. But suddenly?
VirSayiat : Some decisions are maken suddenly only.
Sayi : What do you mean?
Virat : We’ll talk it at dinner. Bye. Be ready till 7:30.
Sayi : But… She realizes that Virat has already disconnected.

What does Virat Sir need to talk to me? Anyways I had to be ready soon. But is it something related to me? Or himself? What about if I ask aayi? No! She might be busy as Kaku had ordered to make 8 dishes today. Kaku also na, always behaves like as if she is Queen Elizabeth. Atleast Queen Elizabeth thinks and say but here Kaku doesn’t even think also. She is more than Queen Elizabeth. Pakhi didi, is her heiress, Ninad Kaka and Omkar Kaka are her ministers. Wow! Sayi, you have unimaginable thinking,” saying this she pat herself.

Author’s Note : Hey! My dear readers! Hope you all are doing well. I know I was off from this website since months. Just because I didn’t got much time and much ideas can’t be a better excuse, I know. Regarding Ehsaas, I am thinking whether to continue or not. And regarding this, the idea was stuck in my mind since months but couldn’t wrote it down. Since, I’d got better time, I’ll continue this ff, with much enthusiasm and sincerity. And, haan don’t think that just because many others had written on GHKKPM, I too had started. Please remember what I had written above that this idea was stored up in my mind since months before anyone started.
And please don’t judge this story by the title
Thank You

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