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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 10th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Hritik fools Happu

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 10th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Happu calling Rajjo and asking if she went to badayu to make tea. Rajjo brings tea and demands Happu to give 2000 Rs to buy some stuff. Happu asks her to raise her hand high and pick the money falling from the sky. Amma laughs for his wits. Master comes there and tells that he has brought report card. Happu tells that he was sure that his son will set the record. Master says your son has made a record to fail in all the subjects altogether. Amma gets upset and asks Happu to see his son’s progress. Rajjo tells that she is busy in work, and Happu shall take care of kids’ studies, but he is never bothered. Happu says she shall get servants from Badayu. Rajjo argues. Master asks them to stop arguing and tells that if hritik fails again then he will throw him out of school. He tells that he will not let his school name ruin and goes. Happu asks Rajjo to call him. Rajjo says I don’t know. Hritik hears them and runs to his room. He starts acting seeing Happu coming there. He begins talking to Ayushman and tells him that he always want to become a doctor, but my Papa can’t handle my dream, if he comes to know then he will sell this house and will try to get money for my fees. Ayushman asks if he is failing intentionally. Hritik says yes and asks him to keep this secret as a secret only, and asks him to swear on the book. Happu hears him and gets emotional. He cries hugging hritik.

Happu says I didn’t know that I have such unique child among my children. He says I swear that you will become a big doctor.

Later Happu tells Rajjo that he don’t hope this from hritik. He praises him. Rajjo asks why is he praising him. Happu tells that Hritik is failing intentionally and is doing this. Rajjo says she will scold him. Happu says he has showed such greatness, that I am feeling small infront of him. He says hritik wants to become a doctor and that’s why he is failing in small class, so that he don’t reach that point to go to college. He says he felt that I will sell this house for him and that’s why decided not to study. Rajjo says I will sell all my jewellery and will make him doctor. She tries to take out her ring and says she will use oil and will take it out. Happu says so much money is needed to become doctor. He says I have decided to do anything and will sell myself to fulfill his dream. He cries. Ranbir hears them.

Ranbir comes to Chamchi. Chamchi asks what happened? He asks if she knows what is happening. Chamchi asks him to say. Ranbir gets emotional and says Hritik fails intentionally as he wants to become a doctor, so that Papa don’t get burdened. Chamchi says I am not aware of this. She says shall we arrange money for his fees. Ranbir says we need to loot the bank, just for example. Hritik comes there. Ranbir hugs him. Hritik asks did you see me putting 100 Rs in my pocket. Chamchi says money is everything. Ranbir says whoever is not having money, they have to compromise. Hritik asks what happened to them and refuses to give them any money. Chamchi says they know the value of the 100 Rs in his pocket. Ranbir hugs him and says we will do anything for you.

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