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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 10th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Virat And Sai’s Jovial Nok Jhok

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 10th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Ashwini gets happy hearing Sai came to hospital to meet Virat. Mohit says she had also come yesterday, but Pakhi and Ninad insulted and sent her away. Ashwini asks why didn’t he inform her before. He says didn’t want to tense her more as she was already performing nirjala vrat. Ashwini thanks god that she doesn’t have to worry for Virat now. In the hospital, Sai says how couldn’t she worry for him, she came as soon as she heard about his condition. He thanks her for coming. She says she wanted to hear this from him and says since she is here, its her responsibility to take care of him and will check with nurse about his medicine. He says he already took morning medicine. She says she will enquire about his afternoon and evening medicines. He says there is still a lot of time left for his next dose and she should sit and look at his normal handsome face and say. She laughs saying Bappa he is so handsome. He also laughs. She asks him not to laugh and to rest. He tries to control his anger and feels pain. She says that is why she told him not to giggle and asks if he is feeling fine now. He says he is. Nurse walks in with his medicine. Sai says she will feed him medicine from hereon and does same. He looks into her eyes, and she feels shy. Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Me… plays in the background.

Bhavani tells her puppets that Sai surely must be troubling Virat. Sonali backs her. Omkar asks why did she return after so much happened. Ninad asks Pakhi why did she leave Virat with Sai and returned home. Pakhi says it was Virat’s decision as he himself wanted Sai to stay with him and not her, Sai insulted her taking that advantage. Bhavani yells jungli mulgi wants to return home taking advantage of Virat’s condition. Ashwini says Sai would have returned long ago when Virat went to bring her back home, Sai proved that she cares for Virat. Omkar yells if she really cares for Virat, why didn’t she return with Virat and insulted him in front of all villagers instead. Ninad yells if Sai doesn’t remember that Virat left her. Ashwini reminds him that Virat told he will wait for Sai his whole life, this would have happened for sure, Sai would have met Virat and reconciled with him and they both would have expressed their love for each other, and Pakhi wouldn’t have liked this. Bhavani yells if she liked Sai insulting Pakhi. Ashwini says she is happy that her bahu returned, leaving Pakhi frowning. Sonali says she cannot joke on Pakhi like this, Pakhi is very sad. Ashwini asks if she is sad because of Virat and Sai reuniting.

Sonali asks Pakhi why did Virat ask her to go back when Sai came while everyone know that she took care of Virat whole night, Virat did really wrong. Karishma backs her. Ashwini asks what is wrong if Virat wants to spend some time with his wife and sent Pakhi away; family should help a couple who wants to reconcile after a fight; what would Pakhi do sitting between them and herself should have returned home. Ninad yells not to teach Pakhi. Ashwini says she is not interested in it, but as Virat’s mother, she has to. Bhavani yells Masta Masta, how will she give what she doesn’t have; looks like she will perform pooja and keep mahabhoj/feast with Sai’s return. Ashwini says she will once Virat returns and Sai proved that she loves and care for Virat; thanks god for that. Bhavani yells what about Sai troubling whole family, Pakhi is very sad. Mohit asks why is Pakhi sad if Sai forgave her husband and returned to him, she should be happy instead as Pakhi is Virat’s good friend. Karishma stamps his foot and warns not to insult Pakhi repeatedly by supporting Sai. Ashwini says she already told Pakhi and once again is saying not interfere between Virat and Sai and pray god for Samrat’s return to reunite with her husband. Bhavani and her puppets stand fuming.

Sai shows Virat’s medicines to him. Virat says the way she is explaining looks like she has already become a doctor. She says its not easy to become a doctor. He says even becoming an IPS officer is not easy and he worked hard to crack the exam. She jokes look at his face. He says girls used to die on his face. She jokes they used to die seeing his face thinking what did they see. He says girls use to have crush on him. She says since she is seeing him, he has always been khadoos/boring and mimics him. He says he doesn’t speak like that. Doctor walks in and asks how is he feeling now. He says much better and asks doctor how does he look. Doctor says he is quite handsome and when she saw him on TV, she thought Oh My God what a handsome man he is. Virat says his wife thinks he is not handsome. Doctor says his wife is joking on him and says even Sai looks beautiful. Virat and Sai’s nok jhok starts again. Doctor says they both look good and their jodi is more beautiful; informs that nurse will come and give him sponge bath and he can have food and relax after that. Nurse walks in. Sai insists she will perform sponge bath as its better that wife gives a songe both than nurse. Nurse leaves. Sai performs his sponge bathe. He says she is tickling his soles and laughs. She asks to stop laughing. He says she is scolding an officer who defeated terrorists. She warns him to stop or else she will punch him. He stops. Their nok jhok continues. She gets angry and asks him to get it done by nurse itself. He holds her hand.

Precap: Virat returns home with Sai. Bhavani says she is happy that Virat returned home, but why did he bring Sai along who boasted she will never return here. Virat tells Sai its her house. Sai says its not her house and she is here only until he recovers.

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