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Falling Head Over Heels For a Wizard Riansh FF – Unicorn’s Charm

Hello all thank you so much for your awesome suggestions. For villain 2 votes for Sharad Malhotra, 1 for Dheeraj dhoopar and 1 for Nakkul Mehta and One vote of Vivan dsena But Sharad’s voting has been split into Nagesh follower one vote and Maya’s student as another vote. One vote for Karan Khundra as Maya’s follower and one for Sharad . Im choosing as a random one guys and If I did not choose what you thought or said please forgive me. So the character is Sharad Malhotra is Maya’s follower and Vivian Dsena is Nagesh’s villain. Nakkul mehta , Dheeraj Dhoopar and Karan Kundra will be given as few more characters in the future . Sorry and Thanks

Chapter 14: Unicorn’s Charm

Vansh’s car speeds into the streets of Ridhimaa’s apartment. Its 5 in the morning and sun has not yet risen. So Vansh leaves a deep sigh as he parks the car. Ridhimaa is still asleep and he carries her home and rings the bell of Khundra household. Mrs.Khundra comes out. She smiles seeing Ridhimaa sleeping like a baby in Vansh’s arms

Vansh: Mrs Khundra woh

Mrs.Khundra: Gaurav ji informed me of everything Vansh beta. Aryan is sleeping in the living room of Ridhimaa’s apartment to avoid any jinx attempts. Take her there

She opens the door and lets them in. Vansh takes Ridhimaa to her bedroom and places her on the bed. He kisses her forehead and turns to leave. He feels a grip on his hand and turns to see Ridhimaa holding his hand tightly. He sits near her and caresses her head

Vansh: You did the same when I visited you here last time . That time I told “I too dont want to leave my dear but if you wake up you will kill me ..so Ill leave..once you accept me and give me the right to stay near you as long as we wish Ill stay with you and never leave you” , you have accepted me this time so..

Suddenly Ridhimaa pulls him closer and opens her eyes

Riddhima: You visited me? When?

Vansh: You were awake?

Riddhima: Answer me first..when did you come and you said I stopped you

Vansh: Woh..Ridhimaa

He narrates the happenings of that night

Vansh: That was when I realised my love for you. Im sorry..

Riddhima: Sorry for realising the love?

Vansh: For entering your house without your permission

Ridhimaa: When you entered my heart without my permission whats wrong with entering my house

Saying this she starts to giggle

Vansh: Now tell me..you were awake from when? And why did you act asleep

Riddhima: I woke up when you were at Aryan’s door carrying me. Seeing aunty I got shy so I acted to sleep..but you placed me here and were about to leave. I held your hand thinking that you will realise me being awake but its funny that I stopped you even in my sleep

Vansh: Thats why our souls are connected sweetheart

Riddhima just now remembers the happenings of the night. On thinking about the demons she starts to shiver. Vansh notices this and hugs her

Vansh: Are you okay sweetheart?

Ridhimaa: Vansh woh..demons…

He pats her gently

Vansh: They are dangerous only to the weak hearted and are like babies to strong hearted

Riddhima: So am I weak hearted?

Vansh breaks the hug and looks into her eyes

Vansh: A heart in which Vansh is there can never be weak

Riddhima: They why did they affect me?

Vansh: Because its your first time. I was affected for many times before I conjured the patronus charm. Even the greatest wizard of western world was affected many time before he conjured it

Riddhima: Vansh will you teach me certain charms, Kabir is searching for me and everytime..I cannot…

Vansh: Daughter of Sharmas is asking me to teach..your parents were great of their kind

Ridhimaa: Why wasnt I taught by dadi?

Vansh: As your life was at risk..dont worry Ill teach you the protective charms after consulting with sir and getting your wand made. Thats to equip you but for the matter of Kabir he cant even touch your shadow in our presence

Riddhima: Why don’t you sleep here? Ill make you breakfast. You have been driving throughout the night

Vansh: Thats not a bad idea but Angre will be waiting, Ill meet you in the evening sweetheart

Vansh kisses her and leaves for home. Aryan walks in

Aryan: So…what happened?

Ridhimaa narrates everything

Aryan: Its all so interesting sad that we did not know it earlier

Ridhimaa: Thats what which makes this all very interesting . Are you walking with me to the college ?

Aryan: I vowed to protect you madam, its my duty as a friend and a guardian

Ridhimaa makes an angry face as he bows to her. Aryan giggles

Aryan: Just kidding yaar, while knowing the danger that is lurking around you how can I let you alone. Get ready for the day Ill meet you in 2 hours

Aryan shuts the door and walks out after locking it from outside. The scene freezes

Maya’s place: Boat house

Aman climbs the boat house after his all night journey. He knocks the door. A young girl opens the door

Girl: Who is it?

Aman: Im Aman student of Chandrika ji

Girl: Come in, Gaurav ji said that you will come and mam is waiting for you

Aman: And you are?

Girl: Im Bani

Aman: Master of creatures?

Bani smiles and leads him into a chamber decorated with satin. A lady as majestic as Chandrika is seated in the chair. She smiles at Aman

Maya: Welcome Aman. My best friend’s student and a master of charms, good fighter

Aman: Blessed to hear such words from you mam

Suddenly an eagle flies inside and perches itself on the table. Aman is stunned. Before he could react the eagle becomes a man and he takes a paper roll and gives it to Maya

Bani: Veer is an animagus

Aman: Hai Veer…er..

Veer hugs Aman

Veer: We were team mates Bani. How are you doing?

Aman: Great. Happy that you fulfilled your dream of becoming an animagus

Veer chuckles and sees the egg Aman is holding

Veer: You have fulfilled yours too

Aman: Its just the beginning, the fight

Veer: I know. Pleased to fight along with Vansh. When we had our teachers to guide he grew up all alone after school days

Maya: Thats what had made him the greatest defence against dark wizard of the time. Now Bani study this egg and find a way to open it

Bani gets it and starts to examine


Rai Singhania Mansion

Angre: Vansh Maya ji will find a way to open the egg and find the secret

Vansh: Once that it is done we need to find Nagesh’s student. He is the cause for everything. That blo*dy Nagesh..

He clenches his fists in anger. His phone rings. Its Ridhimaa

Vansh: Ridhimaa is everything fine? Are you safe? What happened?

Riddhima: Shaant..shaant..I called to ask whether you slept or not. Im safe in college and Aryan is here with me

Vansh: Thank God, Yeah . Once the class is over wait in the classroom, Ill come and take you all with me

Riddhima: What happened?

Vansh: Im signing a new contract for my book and we have a small meeting which I want you 3 to attend

Riddhima: Okay done. Ill call later professor has come

Ridhimaa disconnects the call.

Maya’s place

After an hour of examination and study Bani’s face has a glow of happiness

Bani: I found out what is needed

Aman and Veer in unison: Whats it?

Bani: Unicorn hair

Aman: What?

Bani: Yes unicorn hair, the unicorn’s charm is the way to open it

Veer: Where do we get the hair?

Bani: In a forest near the dungeons . But we need to make a potion out of Unicorn hair to make the charm

Aman’s face brightens on hearing it

Aman: Roshini is a potion expert. Ill take the responsibility to bring it by sunrise tomorrow

Veer: Ill come with you Aman

Aman: But Veer

Maya: Aman you are a fighter but Veer’s need is there for you

Aman: Okay lets go

Maya: Go safely

Aman gets out and mounts his broom while Veer becomes an eagle. They start their journey. The scene freezes

Hey all hope you liked this episode. Ill meet you at night with

Next Chapter: Strengthened by Love

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