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Falling Head Over Heels For a Wizard Riansh FF – Strengthened by Love

Hey all here is next chapter. Thank you for the love shown. Keeping loving and supporting. A lot of you call me di and Im super happy to get so many sisters her. And now lets go to the chapter 

Chapter 15: Strengthened by Love

Vansh’s office

Vansh, Ridhimaa , Sejal and Aryan get into the office. They are greeted by Angre , Ishani and Sia. They enter the conference hall

Vansh: Ridhimaa today is a very important day and I wanted you to be with me

Sia: Aww bhai how romantic 

Angre: Bhai everything is ready, Malhotra sir and Ragini have come too

Vansh: Good then, Aryan Sejal meet my sisters Sia and Ishani and this is Angre my close friend 

Angre beams at the word friend. They introduce among themselves 

Mr.Malhotra and Ragini come inside. Ragini casts a sly look on Ridhimaa 

Mr.Malhotra: Vansh its time lets proceed

Vansh: You guys please take your seats

Ridhimaa walks to the chairs along with others. 

Vansh: Ridhimaa..

She turns to him. He extends his hand to her and thus he silently gestures her to join him. She hesitates but he is stubborn. She places her in his hand , he holds it tighter and he takes her with him towards his chair. Immediately another chair is placed near Vansh’s chair.Ragini fumes with anger.  The signing of contract occurs with Ridhimaa on his side

Vansh: This is a very important contract and Im pleased to have my friends and family with me. Sia , Ishani , Aryan , Sejal and Angre thank you for coming guys and very importantly my everything Ridhimaa. Thank you sweetheart 

Ridhimaa blushes. Vansh’s face bears his widest smile ever. Others cheer for them. 

Vansh: We have arranged refreshments outside, please make yourselves comfortable 

As soon as he completes it Ragini walks out in anger. Everyone congratulate Vansh and leave. Ridhimaa too turns to leave but Vansh pulls her into his embrace

Riddhima: Vansh its office

Vansh: Its my office, no one will dare to enter

He bends to kiss her. She extends her hand and blocks his access to her lips. His lips kiss her hand. Vansh sees that she is getting red all over her face

Vansh: Sweetheart if you blush like this then I wont be able to control myself

Ridhimaa tries hard not to blush but it’s beyond her control because his presence secretes all those hormones rushing the blood to her face making her blush

Vansh just then remembers something and : And..yeah..I forgot something Gaurav ji was more than happy to know that you want to learn charms. Meghnand will bring your wand tomorrow and we will start our practice session every evening 

Ridhimaa: Someone is excited than me

Vansh: If I could spend a lot of time on that sake then why won’t I be happy 

Vansh in mind: Dont know till when the curse will not come to effect, have to make the most of it right

Ridhimaa sees his serious face and jerks him

Vansh: Huh..where was I?

Riddhima: Nowhere..come lets go

They walk out . The scene freezes 


Aman and Veer enter the dungeons after collecting unicorn hair. But they are shocked to find it empty

Aman: Roshini…Chandrika ji…Roshini

There is no response. Suddenly they hear screams from the forest side

Veer: I guess they are in danger

Aman: How can?

Veer: Come lets go

Veer stuffs the unicorn hair in his pocket and they run towards the sound. At a point the sound splits into 2..

Aman: One must be Chandrika ji and one must be Roshini 

Veer: Ill go in one direction, you go to the other

Aman nods and they disperse

Veer runs towards the sound and finds a green eyed man holding Chandrika in a trap

Veer: Chandrika jii

The guy turns to Veer and starts to giggle. Veer recognises him

Veer: Shivaay?

Shivaay: Good memory Veer..you identified me

Veer: Leave her alone

Shivaay: I cant mate

Veer: You are so talented…why did you get to the dark path?

Shivaay: Sometimes talent isn’t enough..you need power…you see Maya ji chose you as a the doer of her task and you gained power…thats why Bani chose you over me right

Veer is shocked to hear it but suddenly something strikes his mind: He is already on dark side and will not change..my job is to save Chandrika ji no matter what

Shivaay: Now..

He extends his wand but before he could do anything

Veer: Poorna Patharaksham (Petrificus totalus)

Shivaay gets stiff. Veer runs to Chandrika and takes her off the trap

Chandrika: Maya said that you are coming…Roshini went to get herbs and I went for her.but…the trap..where is she?

Veer: Aman has gone for her..lets get back


Aman runs to find Roshini tied to a tree. He fights everyone and unties her. Roshini hugs him and cries

Aman: What happened Roshini?

Roshini: He..he….asked me…the place where …where the secret is…and..then …

Suddenly she gets shocked at something. Aman turns to see a man . Roshini walks behind. Aman holds her closer

Aman: Dont worry he cant do anything in my presence 

The man: Good confidence Aman but..

Aman covers Roshini and extends his wand

Aman: Nirastra Bhava (Expelliarmus)

The guy’s wand flies above. In the mean time

Aman: Sharpatham (Stupefy)

The guy falls with a thud. Before he could manage himself Aman grabs Roshini onto his broomstick and they flee from there


Roshini is preparing the potion for unicorn charm

Aman: So Shivaay is on that side

Veer: Unfortunately yes

Chandrika: Such a talented guy

Roshini: Mam its ready 

Aman: Good we will leave now, we have to reach by sunrise. By the way what about the break ?

Roshini : I still haven’t figured it out 

Veer: You are the potions expert Roshini dont lose hope you will find it soon

Aman bids bye and they leave a protection as they leave to prevent further attacks. The scene freezes 

Vansh’s office

Sia is carrying cooldrinks. She suddenly bumps into Aryan. Spilling the drinks on him

Sia: Im sorry

Aryan: Its..its okay..mistake was mine

He smiles sheepishly as he walks away to clean himself.

Sia in mind: How stupid of myself. I ruined his clothes on the very first meet

She mutters and walks to find Ishani and Sejal in a deep conversation 

Sia: Where are the others?

Ishani: Leave them listen this..

They pull her into the conversation. Her eyes are fixed on the way to washroom waiting for Aryan. He appears after moments and their eyes meet. Sia suddenly looks away feeling awkward. Aryan walks to the corner where Vansh , Ridhimaa and Angre and standing 

Aryan: Whats up guys?

Angre: Aryan..do you know any if Kabir’s friends?

Aryan: Yeah I know them..do you think he will be with them?

Vansh: Not exactly but they will know where he is right..are they coming to college?

Aryan: That Samar comes

Vansh: Angre take two men and Aryan to Samar’s house tomorrow and find the truth. Is it okay for you to go Aryan?

Aryan: Yeah sure

Suddenly Vansh’s phone rings. Its Aman

Vansh: Aman?

Aman narrates everything from visiting Maya meeting Veer and seeing Shivaay

Vansh: Shivaay? I cannot believe it

Aman: We found it hard too

Vansh: How is Veer?

Aman: Doing good. We got the unicorn charm needed to open the egg. Bani will open it in sometime 

Bani shouts: It has opened

Veer: What does it say?

Bani: Hearts that are strengthened by Love are not separated even by death, whilst the dead always lives in the heart of the live . The weapon of Love can never turn into a destructor. 

Everyone is surprised to hear it. The scene freezes 

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Next Chapter: Mr.Perfect

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