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Eternal Love Story # Our Riansh (Chapter-18)


Actually I know that last episode of mine was boring because I was too sad that day so wasn’t able write it entertaining so I tried to enlighten my mood yesterday but it went somehow high……then again dropped ….. But then someone told me something that

“Life is a maze and when you enter it there is only two options with you either you have to dissolve in it… or you have to resolve in it…” and just because of this quote I’m back here…….

And yaa…. This story is my dream….. not whole but yeah I don’t know how I got this dream just before my exam got cancelled and whole day I was thinking about this and after some encouragement I’m here so just do let me how is my dream because my dreams are too confusing for me and my whole day goes in resolving last night dreams and at last I don’t get anything 😂😂😂 I know I myself I’m confused that why I’m writing this rubbish here but thought so did it…..

For last chapter: –

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  • Anyway let’s start the story-

    On Check post:-

    Both the cars were standing opposite to each other and officers were standing in middle…

    Officer 1- Hmm…. Where are you going?

    Vansh- On honeymoon….

    Officer 2- All four couples together

    Vansh- Yaa…

    Officer 1- Really??? Are you sure??

    Angre- Yes…

    Officer 1- We caught you?

    They gulp down the lump of their throat

    Vansh (stern) – What?? What we did?

    Officer 2- That you guys are lying…..Who the hell goes on honeymoon with their friends? Tell me who are these girls to you?

    Officer 1- You Guys are going to do something wrong…. Right?

    Vansh- No…. And first of all we all are not friends they ar….

    Aryan- Bhai….. Haw…. As the problem arrived you forgot your friends? (Weeping) You forgot us…..

    Angre (sternly) – Good Question Aryan…. (Weeping) How could you do that to us? You forgot us…. You forgot our friendship of years…. What about our swimming parties? …..What about our time which we dedicate to my things like Cooking, Clubbing, Eating, Enjoying, Partying, Washing, Bathing….

    Aryan- What the hell? When did it happened? Tell me the date, day, time, perfectly each second…. No wait….. Haww…… Now My guess was right at that time

    Vansh- Ary….

    Angre- Stupid…. It was just a slip of tongue…

    Aryan- Haash….. Kuch jayada hi nhi slip hogya? (Wasn’t it too much)

    Kabir- Guys….. Forget about that…. Let him complete…

    Vansh- Haash….. Chaloo kisi ke paas to dimag hai (Haash….. Thank God someone has brain over here)…. Anyway (pointing at Aryan) You?? What you were saying that Angre should tell you the date, time, day and all and that too perfectly…. Let me reach to Mansion…. I will personally tell you each and everything in best way…. Anyway Officers….. (thinking) What I was saying that….

    Aryan- we all our not your friends…. Would you like to give some justification on this Mr.?

    Vansh- Just shut up….. Yaa… So first of all we all are not friends we all are family so….

    As he was about to continue Aryan came out from his car and directly hugged Vansh and then

    Aryan- Love you bhai ….. You are best… One kiss is for this (saying this he kissed his cheeks)

    Vansh- Chii…. You … (rubbing his cheeks from his hand) I told you not to do these things….. Idiot….

    Aryan- Its ok bhai… hota hai… hota hai…

    Officer 2- If you are done with your bromance…. Then Mr. answer our questions…..

    Vansh- Aryan…. Go back… (He leaves) Yes Officer so…. As we told earlier these are our wives and as we are family we are together going for just a namesake honeymoon or should say we are going on a holiday and yaa…. We have a Mansion there

    Officer 1- Patel, Are you searching something or making something there?

    Patel- Sir, No one is there

    Officer 2- Sharma??

    Sharma- Sir Nothing is there also

    Officer 2- Ok…. You Guys can leave

    As they were about to leave-

    Officer 1- Wait….

    They stops their car

    Vansh- Yes Officer?

    Officer 1- Where are you going?

    Aryan- Officer… Are you Gajni?

    Officer 1- What? Why?

    Aryan- Because just few minutes ago we told you that we are going on honeymoon and again you are asking…. So that proofs you are Gajni

    Vansh- Just Shut up….. What do you mean Officer we told you we are going on honeymoon…. Why are you asking me again?

    Officer 2- He meant …..Where are you going? Name of the place?

    Aryan (mumbling) – Why will you accompany us for our honeymoon….

    As he mumbled then to only Angre, Vansh and Kabir was able to hear it due to Bluetooth

    Vansh- shush….. We are going to Rajasthan….Any issue?

    Officer 2- Ok…. Sorry for taking your time….

    Vansh- Its ok Officer…. Thank you

    Officer 1- Have a safe journey….

    They nods and left… As they left Officer gets Veer’s call

    On Call-

    Veer- Any news???

    Officer 1- No sir….. No news yet…..

    Veer- Ok,…..Actually leave all that at 8 pm dad I mean IG sir had kept a meeting so arrive at RV Mansion

    Officer 1- Ok sir….. we will be here

    After that they hung the call and went for their searching

    In car-

    They had reached far from Mumbai border-

    Aryan- Thank God we safely exited from Mumbai border….. Hush!!!

    Vansh- You and your Thank God….. Come out now…. I wanna tell you your day, date, time and all things perfectly

    They all came out and then

    Vansh- Yaa…. Aryan so tell me one what you want to know at that time

    Aryan- Bhai… I was just shock….

    Kabir- Was it your reaction in shock… God knows what would be your reaction when you will be afraid

    Aryan- When you will make me afraid then yourself see it

    Kabir- We are not that wele (free) to see your mere reaction ask you’re would be wife to do that for you…. Idiot….

    Aryan- Hey… I’m not an idiot

    Vansh- Exactly Kabir, he is not a mere idiot

    Aryan (hugging him) – Thank You….Bhai…..

    Angre- Let him complete Aryan…. Right Vansh?

    Vansh- Hmm…. I was saying that you are not a mere idiot but a stupid also…. Why you hugged me and kissed me…. You know how embarrassing it is……?

    Aryan- Its ok bhai… hota hai… hota hai…

    Vansh- Idiot…..I’m going to call dad…. Till then stay here only and take care of them and yeah….. Don’t jump here and there like a monkey…

    Aryan- Listen you two…. Don’t jump like money…

    Vansh- Ohh Hello Mr. Aryan, (hitting his head with his forefinger) knock Knock…. Good Morning….

    Aryan- Bhai, Aapko Galat femi hui hai….. (Bro…. U are misunderstood)…. Its evening… So…. Good Evening…

    Vansh- Hey… Duffer… It was for you make you to make you wake up…. From your deep slumber… stay here only and especially you here only….

    Saying this he goes on one corner and calls Ajay and informs him everything meanwhile with rest three-

    They were gazing at Vansh to see whether he is coming or not

    Angre- Kabir, He has left…. Before he ask us to throw the phone, call him….

    Kabir- Yaa…. Just a second

    He calls someone and keeps the phone on speaker and moves a bit far from Vansh……

    On Call:-

    After two to three rings he picked up

    Kabir- Thank God VEER bhai you picked up the phone

    Veer- Sorry actually was busy with dad, he is even tensed….. How is my sister and everything?

    Angre- Everything is fine…… How is mom?

    Veer- She is fine, Ruchi is with her, and she fainted due to shock

    Aryan- Aren’t we doing something wrong?

    Veer- No Aryan, Don’t worry….. That’s for everyone’s goodness and to make all the relation better

    Kabir- Bhai, CCTV camera??

    Veer- Yaa… Dad refused to see the CCTV, so I successfully got there and deleted the video of gate, you guys should have been more careful because…. Angre your ring was fallen near their car

    Angre- Actually Veer Bhai, Riddhu fainted before we can made her inhale chloroform…. Everything is fine with her…..

    Veer- What?? You guys are telling me this now?

    Angre- Sorry Bhai, But now she is sleeping due to chloroform …. And she woke up in middle and this idiot Aryan told her that we kidnapped her…..

    Veer- What??? Anyway might be she didn’t remember and if she don’t let her know even if Vansh says do anything but if she got to know she will run away within a blink of your eyes…. And Kabir you are a CBI Agent don’t forget that, you are portraying just as a rowdy and all don’t forget your profession and there as well they might had told you different one but will tell you ask you will gain there trust and yaa…. Don’t forget we are from reputed family

    All (in unison) – Yes….

    Veer- And yeah she might have fainted as she hadn’t taken anything she is fasting for our and Ruchi’s child make them eat something and you all even take something in the way…. Btw where are you going and what you told to officers?

    Angre- Yaa Bhai… Those officers by god…. They were ridiculous…. They were checking everyone without picture….. We sucked in a breath when we saw them but they were idiots they were asking many questions but like useless one

    Kabir- Let all these chaos get over then I will teach them a lesson

    Veer- Ok take care of yourself, Vansh and my sister and don’t forget what I told… I need to leave… contact me with new phone….ok??

    All (in unison) – Hmm…..

    Saying this he cut the call and then

    Vansh- Had you guys taken me for an idiot….?

    Precap- Tension

    Do comment and tell me your guesses about story

    Sorry for any grammatical mistake…..

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