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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 10th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Why Meera performed the ritual?

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 10th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Meera arrives wearing a white Saree, she recalls all the hurdles her family has been through because of her. Bhim Rao questions Meera, Anand was curious. Maharaj speaks that Meera will be remembered for her actions, they all applauded her becoming a widow. Bhima Rao questioned her again, the bother in law was happy for performing the rituals for his brother’s last prayers. Maharaj praises Meera for understanding the societal norms, his husband will rest in peace now. Meera denied performing the rituals for the sake of this society, she did it, so her family is not forced to leave Satara; a place her sister strived to stay in. Ramji was upset, he was of the view that them leaving Satara would be more peaceful. Maharaj told Ramji that his stubborn behavior has caused his family great troubles. Seth ji praised Meera for her intellectuals understanding of the situation. Bhim Rao said that they will leave Satara anyways, Bala confronted him. Bhim Rao said that Maharaj was rights, the water of this village has never been for them, it has turned their own family against each other. Bhim Rao’s mother always wished for him to be a warrior, for that he has to face troubles but staying here will turn him to stone. Guruji says that death is better than someone becoming a stone. He retaliated to be that stone man. Meera hugged him, she holds the same desire for Bhim as her sister. Meera informed him that she made the decision because she couldn’t see Bhim Rao suffering, Bala was right that Bhim is fighter, and he must not run away. Meera wanted Bhim to fight. Everyone has loved her through all the pain and sorrows. Meera hugged Ramji and was overwhelmed by her family. Meera performed the rituals because she didn’t want her family to be governed by the villagers, they must not be asked to leave the home because of them. She also didn’t want to anyone to questioned her for her deceased husband. Meera asked the villagers to leave.

Ramji wiped his tears; he grabbed the shoe making equipment and went to Maharaj. He told him that no profession is superior to the other, Maharaj has always asked and today Bhim Rao and Meera have delivered. Sethji asked Ramji not to lecture Maharaj. Ramji asked him to maintain silence for the sake of better understanding. Maharaj left. Villagers followed and left, Puranjan stood behind, Ramji wiped Meera’s tears.

Sethji and the others were disappointment as they have lost from Bhim Rao once again. Maharaj was of the view that Meera entailed the rituals because of their pressure. Sethji told him that she made it clear that her intentions were fake, she did only to fool them. Her decision has strengthened Bhim Rao’s position, the villagers will return to Bhim’s side. Mangesh was worried because of Bhim and Ramji. Maharaj told him that God is the only one who will defend them. Gopal entered saying that God is standing with Ramji and Bhima. Maharaj wanted everyone to complete the temple and his Murti and make it a god. The king must inaugurate, it will boost their value. Gopal questioned of how the inauguration will solve their problems. Sethji told him that they had a lot of high hope from Gopal. If they will not complete their job, they will be questioned.

Bhima Rao was worried for the pressure that summoned Meera and made her follow their will. Ramji agreed. Bhim Rao wanted to do something as he was losing people like Puranjan. He asked Ramji for a solution.

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