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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th May 2021 Written Episode Update : Vibhuti learns classical music

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

TMT Chedi and Prem standing outside Tiwari’s house playing music and dancing. Angoori comes put and says what rubbish you all are singing stop it I don’t like these kind of songs. Chedi and Prem says this is one of my favourite. Vibhu comes to Angoori asks are they troubling you. Chedi says what are you saying Vibhuti we are not troubling Angoori. Angoori says they are singing these kind of songs out of my house and this make me sad. Vibhu scolds all of them. Chedi says what should we sing Raag we don’t know how to sing. Angoori explains all of them about Raag. Teeka says now the time is of Remix. Angoori says my father was also not born at that time when melody was a thing in music but still I listen all these music in phone and television. Vibhu says to Angoori you love classical music that something new I heard. Tillu says if this is the thing then please tell us name of some classical singer we will also learn something. Angoori tells the name Ustad Harkar Ali, Pandit Bhairav Chand and Gopi Chand Shashtri These were brothers.TMT and Prem discussing about Mast Ram videos. Vibhu says to prem what rubbish are you talking shut up she is talking about something else, scolds everyone and asks to leave. Vibhu asks Angoori so you love classical music. Angoori says yes until I don’t listen classical music one time in a day I don’t feel satisfied.

Vibhu and Prem sitting togetherat tea stall, Vibhu having tea. Prem asks Vibhu do you remember that guy in our college who use to play Tnapura. Vibhu says you are talking about Madan Shukla. Prem says yes now he is playing Tanpura in All over the world. Vibhu says he is famous and big everyone praises and respect him. Masterji comes to Vibhu and Prem asks why are you shouting at eachother. Vibhu asks where are you going Masterji with this sweets. Masterji say’s I’m going to meet a very famous person of classical music Pandit Suresh Shashtriji. Vibhu says Pandit Suresh Shashtriji is very famous classical singer do you learn from him. Masterji say’s in this age I’m not able to practice but Pandit Suresh Shashtriji owns a big favour to me, its a long time back story when me and my wife was not having kid we went and every mosque, temple everywhere so one of my friend told me that Pandit Suresh Shashtriji can help you birth a child just by singing raag. Vibhu and Prem start laughing at him. Masterji says when Pandit Suresh Shashtriji start singing raag every female present there listing got pregnant. Prem says to Masterji stop making foold of us. Masterji says if you want to believe so do I’m leaving. Prem also leaves and Vibhu start thinking about what Masterji said to him about Pandit Suresh Shashtriji.

Tiwari dining table asking Angoori for dinner. Angoori listing classical music on phone with earphones bring dinner. Tiwari asks why you took so long to bring dinner. Angoori say’s I’m listening to classical music. Tiwari say’s whenever you talk about classical music my laughter comes out because you dont have any relation with classical music. Angoori says I’m listening to classical music from the day I came to earth my grandfather was very famous classical singer of near around villages. Tiwari says tell me something about your grandfather. Angoori tells the story about his grandfather classical music and says due to raag bhuray my father was born and because of that he was named Bhuray and whenever a pregnant woman listin to Raag Bhuray she give birth to child at that moment. Tiwari say’s if this had been the situation then no one would have open the maternity hospital. Angoori says you know I don’t speak lie my mother told music is full or magic.

Vibhu visits Pandit Suresh Shashtriji, he was singing classical music and Vibhu tells him i heard right about you. Pandit Suresh Shashtriji asks Vibhu to sit and tells him about his Raag which he was singing and told everything is of my Guru ji Komal Chatterjee and tells the story about his Guruji that his students use to travel 100km by walking to learn from him but now a days nobody can do this. Vibhu says now time has changed why anybody will walk when they got bus and taxi. Pandit Suresh Shashtriji says to Vibhu you are very practical person and asks what yo do, Vibhu replies nothing, Pandit Suresh Shashtriji gets happy and says you are open minded I like person like you. Vibhu says then make me you student. Pandit Suresh Shashtriji asks sure I’ll make you my student have you learnt music anywhere else before. Vibhu no but I have been with singer so I know a bit about music. Pandit Suresh Shashtriji says you are so bright you will go yo top I’ll teach you may different kinds of raag but you have to pay me something for that. Vibhu says will you ask for my thumb. Pandit Suresh Shashtriji says I’ll let you know when time will come

After two months. Angoori sitting in front of mirror singing song. Tiwari comes to Angoori and asks why are you feeling so romantic and asks her to come with her on bed and says its not like that I don’t love you but at the time if work, work should be done and at the time of romance, romance should be done. But you are always busy with your work and never gets romantic last you were romantic 2 months back who remembers that. Tiwari says to Angoori lets make this a memorable time and gets romantic if you allow. Angoori says I allow you and Tiwari asks Angoori to come close. Angoori starts hearing a classical music and asks who is singing. Tiwari say’s forget that lets concentrate on romance. Angoori says no to Tiwari and says I want to listen this song, Tiwari and Angoori goes to terrace and sees Vibhu singing. Tiwari talks to himself and leaves. Angoori applauds for Vibhu and says you were singing so good what was that you were singing. Vinbu says it was ‘Raag Bhabhi ke Todi’ and start flirting with Angoori. Angoori say’s to Vibhu I loved this Raag and this brought me towards you. Vibhu says music is full of practice and love and music have close relation with love. Angoori says to Vibhu I love what you are saying but I have to go its late night and practice like this everyday I liked that goodnight.

Tiwari, Angoori and Vibhu sitting together in Tiwari’s house. Vibhu says if I sing Raag Meghmalhar it rains. Tiwari says if it rains after singing Raag Meghmalhar I’ll be your slave. Vibhu start singing with Teeka Angoori and Tiwari listing

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