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Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 10th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Mishra and Mirza family go on a vacation

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 10th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Mirza family coming out of the Lucknow City with Mishra’s family. Shanti says it would have been nice if Mishra ji had come with us. Mirza says I told Mishra that we will go after Eid, but he sent us and told that he will come. He says he thought to decorate the haveli well. Pappu Pandey comes there. Mirza tells that he has not missed him and thinks he brought everyone due to the big discount. He asks Pappu to tell which Bungalow is his. Pappu gives the keys and say it is here, both Mirza and Mishra family will stay together. He says Mishra told that they will adjust. Mirza says we don’t really miss him. Shanti says he said that he will not come, but he will send her brother Bhai bacchan. Mirza asks who? Shanti says he is namesake Bachchan and must be sending his idea to someone. Bhai Bachchan sells his idea to Bittu and Paro. He says if they invest money in Tomato ketch up company then they will become rich. Paro and Bittu give him money.

Noorjahan and Brij are happy to stay together with their families. Shanti says even they want to stay together. Bachchan comes there and says Jija ji was telling about Mirza name Bat/Chamkadar. Mirza comes there and asks why is he telling him. They argue. Bachchan tells that his jija ji is simple, but he has come now. Mirza asks what do he think that he will buy the haveli. Bachchan says it is ours only. Mirza asks him to show to buy. They argue. Noorjahan says you people are fighting for the haveli, where we are not there. Mirza says we will go tomorrow. Bachchan tells that they will divide the house into two. He paints the partition line.

Sakina gives the shopping list to Mirza and shocks him. Mirza says your shopping list is much. Sakina says she needs to dress up nicely for him. He gets happy and tells that he will buy her stuff. They call each other naughty. Noorjahan comes there and asks him to fulfill his mother’s needs sometimes. She asks him to take out Zakaat and give to the poor. She asks what is naughty? Mirza says kind. Noorjahan says my husband was naughty too.

Bacchan shows their great grand father’s pic to Shanti. Shanti asks him to enlarge it and get it framed. Mirza collides with him in the market. He asks where is he going with the old pic. Bachchan says he is his Par baba, great grand father and used to do judo karate…in China. He says if he would have been here and hit you, then you would have fallen in Kanpur. Mirza says I am fasting else would have shown what I can do. Noorjahan comes to Brij and tells that she has seen many people, but didn’t see such a naughty man when he was feeding grass to cow. Brij tells that he used to tease girls and was very naughty. Noorjahan thinks otherwise.

Sakina tries to hit the nail in the wall, but gets her finger hurt. She sends Paro to call someone. Paro comes out and tells Bittu that Shanti and Sakina are decorating the house. Shanti has hang her great grand father’s pic and Sakina wants to hang a painting. Bittu tells Pappu that he will initiate a fight between them and tells Paro that he will send someone to drill in the wall. Paro goes.

Shanti introduces the great grand father to her children. Bittu comes to Sakina’s side of house indisguise to drill the wall. Sakina asks him to hang the painting on the wall. Bittu tells that the painting will not look nice here. He looks at Par Dada’s pic and asks Sakina to get it hang there. Sakina refuses and asks him to hang it on the wall as she told. Bittu asks him to bring the water and drills a hole on the wall, where Par Dada’s pic is hanging. Sakina brings water and finds the hole on the wall. Bittu handover drill machine to her and runs out. Shanti comes to room and finds hole in the frame and looks at Sakina through the hole. She gets upset.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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