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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 11th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Kiara insults Rani

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 11th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
The boys can’t decide what to cook. Rani says you can’t even decide what to cook. Let me do it.. Veer says sure but first answer a question. For khichdi do we add rice in pulse or pulse in rice? Rani is confused. Rani pulse in rice.. no I mean.. birju says come back when you have an answer. We can’t risk your future for a one-time meal. We will handle it. They start cooking. Kiara comes there and sees Rani studying and them cooking. Kiara says Veer why are you cooking? Why isn’tRani cooking? Veer says she’s preparing for her exam. Vikram says you can also come help us. Veer says give me your phone. I need the network for the recipe.

The food is ready. Veer says Rani come let’s eat. Kiara says Rani you take Birju to the room. Rani says let’s go Birju. Veer feels bad. Champa and Jai get drunk. Jai says let’s see how Rani is crying. The kitchen is all dirty. Champa says do we have to clean all this? Rani says Veer has magic in his hands. He cooked such good food. He says what? Veer did this? Rani says yes I was studying and he cooked. Jai says what? Champa says your plans always fail.

Scene 2
Veer sits with Rani. She says don’t sit with me. He says I have to prepare for a conference. We can prepare together. If Kiara sees us together she will be upset. Veer says I can’t leave you alone because of Kiara. Vikram says you can go away from here. Kiara won’t see you together there. Go to a peaceful place. Rani says that sounds like a good idea. Veer says bring your books.

Rani takes her books. Kiara says where is she going? Champa says who knows? Veer doesn’t say anything to her. Kiara is mad. Kiara says Rani where are you going? you have no work, right? There are other people to work for you? Rani says I was going out to study. Kiara says with studies you need a break as well. Let’s go to the beach we will chill there. Rani says I can’t go anywhere, I need to study. Kiara says let’s go. She takes Rani to the beach.

Scene 3
Rani and Kiara come to the beach. Ranni says in heart Veer must be waiting. Kiara says a break is a must in life. Live your life well. Take deep breaths. You will like it. Kiara sits down and asks Rani to sit. Rani is worried about her prep and Veer. Kiara says your dad named you right? She says yes. Kiara says a sweet name. Rani for your dad and your dreams. But one thing is missing. Let me write it. She writes maid on the sand. Kiara says you’re a low-class maid. That’s your real worth. Your dad has been a servant for 20 years. A servant’s daughter will always remain a maid. You can never become a rani. You thought you’re really important for Veer? He has sympathy for poor people. Don’t start misusing him. We pay you and you better realize you’re nothing without you. Kiara leaves. Rani is upset. Rani cries. She sobs and sits down. Rani says did I do anything wrong? I never lived for myself. I didn’t come here for myself, didn’t marry Veer with my choice. What was my mistake? After so much when will things get better between us? Why did all this happen? What’s my fault? I only asked for a little happiness and love. Why don’t I deserve it. She leaves.

Veer comes and sees it written on the sand. He says this isn’t your reality or fate Rani. I won’t let you live this way and make other people realize too. Rani says why are people identified with their work, not by their actions? I will prove it wrong and bring my time.

Episode ends.

Precap-Vikram says bro sent this dress. Get ready, he’s waiting for you. Rani gets ready. She comes out to the beat date. Veer says for the special person, a special date. No one can ever be like you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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