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A Royal Love Story (Riansh) (IMMJ 2) Chapter 21

Chapter 21

Authors pov ..


It was all most 8 pm ..


Still the two soul were thinking of each other … although they love each other .. but are still hidding for eachother ..


They had a very good relationship .. they used to tease each other .. console eachother .. love eachother .. care for eachother .. but still .. still there misunderstanding took down their love …


It was almost a full day .. but this palace Don’t seem as palace ..

The palace which was heard .. by their laughter .. shouting ..


Was now all silent ……..

A complete silence …………


Where this two soul were crying .. while Vijay was decorating the garden to propose riddhima ….





After almost 10 min the decoration was completed …


So Vijay send priyali to bring riddhima at garden …


As she reached there .. first she knock the door .. after three attempts riddhima opens the door ….


Riddhima : ” What happen ?? .. ” said in a rude way , looking away ..


Priyali : ” I know that you are upset .. whatever happened yesterday .. it was just an accident .. neither I , nor he is at the fault .. And what’s the problem in that .. ” said with a smirk .. while riddhima was all devastated …


Priyali : ” Let it be .. Bhai has called you at garden … He has something important to discuss .. ”


Riddhima did not have the strength to talk .. so she just nodded .. and slam the door .. and fell down crying bitterly ….


Riddhima : ” I love you Vansh .. Wish I could have confessed it before … I was a fool Vansh .. thought to make you jealous … Such a fool I am .. Wish I could have think wisely .. but you too ” said pulling her hairs in furstration ..


Taking a cold shower … She tired to reduce her pain … But which pain will get reduce ..outer which is caused by the cut from the vase .. but what about inner pain .. which priyali .. now and then used to dig again and again ..


With a absent mind she went in the garden only to get surprise .. No … Shock ..


Yes shock .. she was beyond shock .. because Vijay was on his knees with red roses .. proposing her … She just wanted to back off .. for which she turned to move .. but very next moment was caught by Vijay …


Riddhima : ” Vijay plz leave me .. ” said trying to free her hand from his hold ..


Vijay : ” Just listen to me once ruhi … I love you .. and I really love you .. and I would never cheat you like Vansh did .. I know you love him … But I promise you I will always be there with you .. and I will wait for you …. And I will never leave you .. Never Ever … I want .. to marry you ruhi ..”


That’s was it get her all the memory back .. last night .. when he said her I love you .. but alas!! It was all fake ..





Last night …


Riddhima was on cloud of nine .. when he just confessed that he love her …. That’s was when Riddhima too realize she love him .. Yess !! She love him … His … And Only his Mr. Idiot …


But when she turned back to face him .. he was No where to be seen … She decided to move towards his room … 


But little does she know .. that she herself is moving towards the Strom who wants to destroy and break her heart … Into million pieces ..


As she was passing from the window of his room .. the scene before her made her dumstuck … She wish if could be her worst nightmare .. but alas !! This the reality .. which shows .. that they were about to kiss .. before she fell down .. she ran off … cursing her faith … But still priyali and Vansh saw her as while running vase near the window flow and brokedown .. just like her heart ..





Vijay was about leave from there … When the boom was blast ..


Riddhima : ” It’s a yes !! ( Turning to face him .. ) yes .. I want to marry you .. ” said in a broken voice …


While Vijay so rejoy that he took riddhima in his embrace .. while she didn’t responded …


Riddhima’s pov ..


How can I reject .. this man who love immensely .. how can I just say No .. Though I won’t accept him whole heartedly but we will always be friends … Vansh I can’t resist but yes !! I love you … Hope I would forget you .. Soon ..


Authors pov ..


All this while a person was watching by now … Yes!! He is Vansh .. shedding silent tears .. Somehow badly he wants that she just say No .. but why ?? She love him .. he love her too ..


While the third person from very beginning was him .. Vansh .. who unfortunately started liking her .. No .. loving her .. Yes he love her .. How he just wanted to confess that day but ..





When he said that he love her .. he just wished that she turn to him and say yes .. but before that priyali dragged him with her leading towards his room … 


And started seducing him .. Only he know with how much strength , he tired to push her .. but don’t know what was making him week and dizzy … However when she was about to kiss him .. he pushed her result that she fell down on ground .. while he quickly moved out in search of her .. 


But all was scattered .. when he saw Riddhima and Vijay .. in each other embrace ….. 





He closed the window .. so that he could run away from her .. from him .. from his emotions …


But alas !!! He broke up …





Next morning ..


Mr. Malhotra thought to visit Vijay as he wants to discuss something important .. but as he entered .. he was all surprise to see his smiling like an idiot .. whereas somehow he badly wanted it’s the same reason he wanted …


Mr. M : ” Vijay good morning .. ”


Vijay : ” Hain … O dad good morning .. ” who just came from his dreamland ..


Mr. M : ” Seems happy .. plz say I am think the right plz .. Vijay .. say you proposed her .. ” said with pleading eyes …


Vijay ( amused ) : ” You know me every well .. yes I proposed her … And ” before he could complete .. Mr. Malhotra interrupted him ..


Mr. M : ” Yes !!! And I know she said yes .. let me go and say this to your mum .. ” and without further word he moved out … While Vijay Smirks at his wonderful plan …





Mr. M : ” Honey …. Vijay proposed riddhima .. while riddhima said yes … Let’s go and talk to them .. ” said twirling Mrs. Malhotra ….


( I don’t think they need any name … And it will only make me confuse in different names 😵😵 .. what to do short term memory .. 🤷🤷🤷 )


Mrs. M : ” wait .. wait .. I am feeling dizzy and what you said .. she agreed na .. then let’s go and speak to them .. ”


Hii !! Guys ..

I hope you like it ..

Now will they really get married ???😱😱😱 

What will happen next ..

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