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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 10th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Mirchi’s system issue gets fixed

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 10th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Bhavik tells Akhilesh that the wires are connected incorrectly which is why she is reacting like this. Akhilesh tells him to fix her. Mirchi sits in the dustbin. Bhavik and Akhilesh ask her as to why she sat inside the bin. She replies that things which are broken or are beyond repair are thrown in the dustbin only. This is why Bapu also left me! Send me to recycle so you can make new toys with my spare parts. Bhavik tells her she need not sit here. You are completely fine. Only a few wires are interconnected wrong. He asks her to come out of dustbin. She listens to him. Akhilesh apologizes to her if she felt bad. She replies that this feature is not inside her. Bhavik also reminds him that it is a machine. She cannot feel bad or good about anything! Akhilesh says I will still apologize. Vansh

comes there and poses lot many questions about Mirchi and Mishri. Akhilesh shares that this is a machine with Mishri’s face. Vansh looks at Mirchi. Where is my sister? I will ask Ira aunty. Akhilesh stops him. Mishri is in deep sleep. She will take some time to wake up. Amma and Ira are unwell so I made Mirchi to keep them safe. Bhavik asks him if he will become a part of their pact if he likes the idea. Mirchi repeats that waste things deserve to be in dustbin. Vansh asks Bhavik why Mirchi is fumbling and shaking. Akhilesh assures him they will fix Mirchi. Will you support us till the time Mishri recovers? Vansh tells him that their secret is safe with him. Akhilesh tells him that he is in their team now. Bhavik starts fixing Mirchi. Akhilesh tells him to hurry up. Vansh asks Bhavik if he might get shock. Bhavik is reading the circuit diagram when Ira calls out to Mishri. He tells Akhilesh to make sure Ira cannot come inside right now. Akhilesh wonders how to tackle Ira. She is already upset with him. Mirchi suggests him to romance with Ira. Bhavik seconds her. Mirchi tells her Bapu to romance with all his heart. She also gives him a rose from the vase kept on side table. Akhilesh thanks her.

Akhilesh closes the door from outside and tries to talk to Ira but she asks him what’s going on inside. He pulls her towards her. Focus on what’s going inside my heart too. wont you forgive me before talking to Mishri? She declines and goes downstairs to bring milk for Mishri. Akhilesh follows her downstairs. Vansh peeks out of the room and then rushes back to Bhavik. The wires are still wrong. Mirchi is still shaking badly. Bhavik says I can see that.

Akhilesh gives rose to Ira. She takes it but then throws it away. He gives her cauliflower next. She keeps it on the table and walks away.

Bhavik continues working on Mirchi.

Ira is getting irritated by Akhilesh’s gestures. He twirls her around and holds her close.

Bhavik finally manages to fix Mirchi. He sends Vansh to call Akhilesh.

Akhilesh dances romantically with Ira and sings Baahon Ke Darmiyaan. She finally smiles sweetly. Vansh does thumbs up at Akhilesh. Akhilesh apologizes to Ira. She replies that she has forgiven him but he must not lie to her again. He promises her he wont lie to her again. She realises that Mirchi should also be scolded for this. They head upstairs.

Bhavik heaves a sigh of relief but it is short lived. She starts talking in Japanese and her eyes pop out. Bhavik starts fixing her again. Akhilesh tells Ira to first scold Mishri and then explain it nicely to her. Vansh gives another signal to Akhilesh who diverts Ira for buying an ice cream for Mishri first. We have to bring it asap. He sends her downstairs and tells her to wait for him. She goes. Akhilesh tells Bhavik to hurry up or they will be in trouble. Bhavik nods. He manages to finally fix Mirchi. She announces that the system has been rebooted. Item has been fixed. Bhavik says now she will be fine like she was before. Vansh asks him why she isn’t sounding like before. Bhavik shares that he added new voices in her. She will sound near human now. I will come asap. She needs to be rebooted properly and it will take time. I will come quickly. Don’t do anything naughty. Vansh nods. Bhavik leaves.

Mirchi’s reboot is complete. I am ready for command! Vansh is amazed to hear her. She speaks of the features inside her. He decides to test her and makes her do many tasks for him (including his homework). He calls her the best. I will tell Superman Uncle you are fine now! She nods.

Akhilesh smiles looking at Vansh’s text (Mirchi is fine). Ira asks him if she should start worrying. Whose message is it? He lies that he got a text from office. No one texts me except you. She taunts him that she is his affair whereas his office is his wife. He gets a call from hospital before he can reply to her. Doc informs him that a famous neurosurgeon is coming to hospital. You can meet him now. Akhilesh tells Ira he must leave for office. She gives in. He tells her to take the car. I will take cab. Ira finds Akhilesh’s behaviour strange. Why is he behaving so weird lately? Something is going on!

Doc checks Mishri. Akhilesh asks him about Mishri’s reports. When will she recover? Doc says the results are not positive. I have seen the reports. Akhilesh tells him not to say so. You are like God for me right now. There must be some way. Doc says her condition is such that it isn’t advisable to do her surgery. There is no surety that it will be a success. There are only 10% chances of her coming out of coma if we do surgery. I don’t think we should take that risk. Akhilesh says my daughter is a fighter. We have 10% chance. Let’s do it. Doc advises him to wait so Mishri’s internal damage is repaired. It will take around 2-3 months. I will ask my assistant to check on Mishri daily and update me as I will be away. Akhilesh tells him to do it asap. I dint tell my family so as to keep them happy. I dint even tell the hospital staff about it. Let’s keep it a secret. Doc assures him about it.

Precap: Mirchi starts talking to everyone in tapori language. Pushpa raises her hand but Ira holds it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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