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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 10th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Reporters ReUma and Kanak’s Bike Ambulance Service

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 10th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Uma holds ambulance driver’s collar when driver pushes Kanak. Kanak asks Uma to leave him. Driver says he will show Kanak’s video of her treating patient without having a degree. He provokes people that she would have killed patient with wrong medicines. Uma says he guided Kanak. Driver provokes people that they should stop mobile bike ambulance service as Uma wants to get famous via it. Kanak says Uma treats patients for free. Driver continues provoking people and threaten to go into media.

Back home, Uma with family sees news about the incident and reporter saying Kanak risked patient’s life. Uma says she saved Nanda maasi’s life. Nanda says only they know they are related, what about people, they will not listen. Mausa backs Nanda. Uma says

he will arrange press conference tomorrow and keep their words to explain what they did. Once they leave, Nanda tells Mausa that her plan is going accordingly, let us see what Uma and Kanak will do, she did good by using Mausa as mediator. Uma consoles Kanak that what she did was right, tomorrow they will keep their side in front of reporters and see what can be done.

Next day, press conference starts. Reporters ask why did Kanak risk patient’s life. Uma says he helped her. Reporters say let Kana speak. Kanak speaks that she did what is needed during emergency and anyone would have done same. Nanda’s puppet reporter says good her experiment was successful, what if it had failed and patient died, she would have told she tried with good intention, but could not save patient. Kanak and Uma try to explain in vain. Puppet reporter slips and falls on wire. Uma rushes to help him. Kanak sees switch off and acts, asks Uma if he is a qualified electrician, let us call electrician first. Puppet reporter pleads to show some humanity and save him, his back is severely aching.

Bhabho with family watches news and reporters alleging Uma and Kanak. Payal yells this is all because of inauspicious Saras and warns Saras to not come near her baby. Saras leaves disheartened. Bhabho scolds Payal that whenever there is a problem in family, she stands aside from family, why can’t she keep her mouth shut. Payal says she is telling truth and truth is bitter.

Uma and Kanak help puppet reporter. Once he gets well, he starts alleging again who gave them right to help him when they are not qualified for it, their ambulance service should be stopped. Other reporters back puppet and shout to stop ambulance service. Nanda and Mausa smirk.

Back home, Uma gets emotional. Kanak informs him that Arpita called and informed that she got request to cancel bike ambulance service. Uma’s tears fall. Kanak hold them and apologizes for not fulfilling her promise of continuing ambulance service.

Precap: Nanda tells Mausa that Vijay and Kanak will be in for a surprise.
Aprita informs Kanak and Uma they have to a meeting where their ambulance will be canceled.

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