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Savitri Devi 10th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Gayatri compromises with the fingerprints to protect Dr. Malhotra

Savitri Devi 10th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Veer telling Sanchi that he tried to contact the man with whom he bought kidney, but his number is untraceable. He says you are trying to prove my innocence, and I can’t do anything here. Sanchi asks him not to worry and says I know you haven’t done anything, I will prove you innocent. Savitri comes to Veer. Priya gives him breakfast. Savitri sits in sofa and asks him to have something. Veer refuses and says he is not hungry. He says so much happened in a day, I can’t go to hospital or help Sanchi. Savitri says I can understand your pain and says I am sure that Sanchi will prove your innocence, and says you are very lucky to have Sanchi as she is among those wives who can do anything for their husbands. Priya says Sanchi loves you and will prove your innocence. Savitri makes

him have food. Isha brings lap report and says that blood was of the patient. Sanchi says Gayatri was trying to save someone. Pragya says it could be Sanchi or Dr. Malhotra.

Sanchi says they have to get their finger prints. They come to the cafeteria and manages to get Ria’s finger prints. Gayatri sees Sanchi taking her finger prints of Ria and thinks she has to do something to stop them from taking Dr. Malhotra’s finger prints. She sends peon to clean the file, door, and everything in Dr. Malhotra’s room. Jaya tells Sanchi that 8 hours are passed and asks her to agree that Veer is guilty. Sanchi tells her that she will expose the guilty before 11 am in the morning.

Sanchi comes home. Veer asks if she came to know anything. Sanchi says it is all done by Dr. Malhotra. Veer is shocked and says how can he do this with his son? Savitri comes there and asks if everything is alright. Sanchi says yes, everything is fine. Savitri asks if anything is known. Sanchi says truth will be out in the morning. Savitri says whoever has done this with my son, I will never forgive him and curses the person trapping Veer. Sanchi asks her not to worry and asks she will take her to her room. Savitri asks her to be with Veer and goes. Sanchi tells Veer that they can’t tell anything to Savitri, as she can’t bear this. Veer says I will talk to him now itself. Sanchi says no and tells that they need his fingerprints. Veer says we will get it. They peep in his room and see him drinking and keeping the glass. He then sleeps on bed. Veer tells Sanchi that he will get glass and asks her to keep eye on the door. Dr. Malhotra coughs. Veer hides, and then goes out. They go out and give glass to Pragya.

In the morning, Sanchi and Pragya come to the lab and asks about the glass. Lab assistant tells that the glass is broken and he tried to talk to her. Pragya scolds him. Sanchi tells its ok. As they leave, Dr. Malhotra comes out and pats on lab technician’s shoulder. Veer calls Isha and asks if anything is found. Isha says that glass was broken, but they will do something. Veer asks her to do something. Pragya asks Sanchi to update the finger prints of scalpel and matches it with Dr. Malhotra’s finger prints. Pragya asks Sanchi to hack the security site. Meanwhile Gayatri asks security guy to change Dr. Malhotra’s finger prints. Security agency guy refuses, but she says she will cancel their licence. Sanchi tells pragya that website is hacked. They try to match the finger prints and is shocked to see the results. Isha also shows doctors’ pic to patient to know who operated on him after Veer left.

Sanchi tells medical council members that she has no proofs to prove Veer’s innocence, but she knows who is the real culprit. She looks at the Dr. Kabir.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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