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Kaisa yeh isq hai – 1 Episode

 💖 Kaisa yeh isq hai 💖

1st – Episode 


The huge centre is full of passengers . An announcement is being made ” Flight No 123 A India to Australia is going to begin it’s boarding soon , Passengers are requested to reach Gate no.8 quickly ”

A group of five people who were Packed from head to toe with black lather jackets and were wearing a gold chain on which ALIAS was written were walking . Amongst them was a girl whose mouth was covered with scarf , She was hold tight ,  secretly by those men .

In few seconds , A group of people comes to them .

A man out of group shouts ” Hey , See that is famous ALIAS band ”
The crowd reaches to them and asks for Autographs and Selfies .

A woman asks ” Where’s Alia , I’m her biggest fan ”

One of the man out of ALIAS group says ” She’s not with us today unfortunately ” . As the crowd was increasing , That man of group says to other ” Take care , Be alert , No one should know who’s with us , You know why ? ”
” Don’t worry , My eyes are looking in every corner ”

The girl who was being held by those men says ” I need to go to washroom urgently ”

Man form that group ” Shut up can’t you see this large group over here ”
Other man says ” Take her away from before media reaches , Go ”
Man ” Come ” .

The troop of fans surrounds the famous ALIAS BAND , And from behind one man took the girl away towards washroom .

That man’s name is Ragu , He took the girl to washroom . Standing outside , He grasps her hairs harshly ” Listen to me , Don’t try to be smart , This is for the first time we’re taking you out of London , But if , If you tried to do anything then no one would be more dangerous to you than me , Am I clear to you ”

That girl’s sparkling eyes looks into his agony filled eyes , She says to herself ” Whatever you say , Today what I’ve planned , I’ll do it , No you can’t keep me in your trap anymore now ”

The girl silently goes in . After a few minutes , Ragu’s phone rings , He gets a little separated from the door .

Ragu : Don’t worry , Situation is under control , No problem .

Someone on phone says ” You know Na , This girl is a treasure for us , She shouldn’t be lost , This concert is really important for us ”

The girl inside looks herself in the mirror and says ” Mom you were wrong , Best friends don’t come when you need them , In time of need we’ve to help ourselves only , No one will come to save you and today I’ll help myself ”

She opens her scarf , Removes her big goggles , She’s Avni .

Avni : Today I’ve to be free , I’ve to do something , But what should i do , These people will never allow me to go anywhere .

Avni thinks for some moments then ” I don’t know if it would be good or not , But I’ve no other method now ”

She finds a woman with Burqa , Standing just with her .

Avni : I’m very sorry but I’ve no other way , Sorry once again .

After almost 15 minutes , Ragu started growing suspicious . He shouts ” Alia , Come out now ” , But no reply came from inside . A lady walks in and announces that a Lady has faint inside the washroom .

Ragu started searching for Avni every where , But she couldn’t be found anywhere . He goes and breaks the news to his group members .

Ragu : Derek , I’m serious I was right there , And I really don’t know where she got lost .

Derek : I really can’t understand , How irresponsible you can be ? How .

They called security to check and made  the announcements .

Security officer : We’ve seen almost everywhere , But can’t find any person like you told .

Derek : Ragu recall what all happened at that time .

[ Flashback :- Avni took out a little bottle of anesthesia form her bag , Puts it over the lady’s mouth , And exchanges her clothes with her and came out , While Ragu was talking to phone ]

Derek : Where can this girl go like this , Boss will kill us , Sir is the security systems over here so bad

Security officer : Don’t worry sir , We’ve called Police , They’ll surely investigate .

Avni hurriedly moves here and there . Police reached there .

The troop of officers reaches the location.

Derek : Officer I want my group member to be here in few seconds

Officer: Don’t worry where ever she would be we’ll find , But what do you think what would have happened with her

Derek : Maybe someone might have kidnapped her for some rivalry reasons , As you know who we’re . 

Officer : Chill !! Come on boys let’s get to work .

Ragu to himself : she can’t run , Boss will not spare us , She ought to be find .

Avni was running form one corner to other ” Somehow I’ve to get out of here , But now police has also come , So they would have sealed all the gates , Now only one way is there to get out ”

Avni ran fast and suddenly bumps with a man  , But she was in a great hurry that she didn’t saw his complete face .

Avni ” I’m really sorry ” She says and ran away .

The man stopped her ! He was a smart , Well built man in casuals , But he was IPS officer Neil khana .

Neil : who was this ? Why was she running fast like this ?

Neil also runs behind her and yells ” Hey , Stop , Wait ”

Avni didn’t turns back ” Yes !!! ”

Neil : Why are you in such a great hurry ?

Avni : what do you have to do with this ? Mind you own business

Neil : I don’t know in what world you’re living in , Don’t you know a girl is missing form Airport .

Avni stumbles : So ! So what should I do ? It doesn’t means that I’m a culprit or a thief

Neil : But I didn’t said that you’re a thief or culprit

Avni : This must be in your mind I know .

She says and moves away , Neil walks behind her .

Avni to herself : Now why’s this stupid person chasing me like this

Avni stops : Why are you coming behind me ?

Neil : Where are you going ?

Avni : what is your problem Ha ! I told you I’m not a thief or something like that , That you need to chase me

Neil : A person runs away form everyone like this only when he or she is hiding something , Or Is trying to run away form someone or has done a blunder .

Avni : Nope it’s not true always , A person also runs away to save himself or herself form someone who has done something wrong with his or her .

Neil grew suspicious , Avni : I’m going to washroom , You’ll come behind me there too

Neil : No !

Avni goes in and locks herself in one of cabinet .

Avni looks at all four corners ” Yes , From here i can easily go out ” Pointing at a window .

Avni climbs up , And  the opens the window ” Wow the way goes straight to Parking area , Thank god I’m on the ground floor ”

Avni jums out the window and stealthily goes out .

Neil : This girl was really sophisticated , But what has happened why hasn’t she come out by now

Neil : Now it’s getting on my nerves I gotta check once .

He stealthily moves in and finds out the area completely empty , But one of the cabinet was locked from inside .

Neil shakes the handle of door ” Hello is someone inside , Hello ”

Neil bangs the door ” Speak up please ”

No replies came from inside , Neil ” Something is fishy ”

Neil kicks the door hardly and it opens with a jerk . He finds out that no one was in there and the window was open . He quickly rushes outwards where the window opens , He finds out a girl wearing a black colored outfit .

Neil yells ” Hey , Wait ! I said stop ”

Avni runs fast and Neil chased her for few minutes , But she was quite far away form him , She hired a Cab and quickly moved away .

Neil rushes behind the car for sometime .

Neil : I said stop the car , Stop

Avni throws a piece of paper from the cars window and she flew away like a stroke of wind .

Neil comes to a halt ” Shit , I couldn’t catch her ”

Soon another police officer arrives there , He’s Dd , Neil’s junior .

Dd : Sir , Did you caught her

Neil : Bad luck I couldn’t

Dd : Wow Sir , This was first thief whom you couldn’t catch , Wow

Neil : Don’t worry , It was her day today , But next time it would be mine .

Dd : But sir , Don’t you think she was little wacky , I mean why was she running away from a famous band ALIAS band

Neil : That’s correct , She was so close to me , I talked to her , She said that she’s running away to save her form someone , She sounded little stupid like , How bad it’s I couldn’t catch her

Dd : Sir what’s in your hand ?

Neil : I don’t know , She left it

Dd : Let me read it , (He snatched it from his hand )

” Mr .Policeman  I think you’re little obese , You need to take little gym classes , So that Next time when we’ll meet you can catch me ” – Dd reads and laughs .

Dd : Sir ..

Neil stares him ” Shut up , We’re on duty , Don’t talk do your work ”

Neil : Call them

Dd : Sir which gym ?

Neil : dd ( annoyed )  call Ragu


Avni : Okay please drop me here only .

Man : Mam 50 rupees please

Avni thinks ” Oh god I don’t have any money ”

Man : Mam hurry up please I’ve to go

Avni holds her throat ” Aahh I think I’m going to vomit , Oh it’s emergency , Please get me some water , Please ”

Man : OK OK wait I’ll get some water for you .

The person goes away to find some water .

Avni : Sorry once again but I’ve no other option , God please forgive me for this Sin .

Avni ran away from there into the forest area .

While running Avni slips and falls down . She gets up herself and removes the dust from her clothes and sees that her Elbow got injured .

Avni sits down and starts crying , Thinking about how her mom would have nursed her if she could be with her now , And how her dad would have said ” This floor is so bad , It made my daughter injured ”

[ Background music :- Jab Chot Kabhi Mere Lag Jaati Thi
To Aankh Teri Bhi To Bhar Aati Thi
Jab Chot Kabhi Mere Lag Jaati Thi…]

Avni blows out some warm air to that scar and wipes off her tears ” No mom your strong daughter is not crying ”

Avni takes out a piece of white paper from her pocket and looking at it she says ” 15 years , These 15 years how I’ve spend , You don’t know mom , Where I was , How I was , How every single day went of mine ”

Avni taps her face ” No no you don’t have to cry , I’ve made myself strong , Iron hearted and here I’m with a mission , I’ve to accomplish it and no one can stop me form doing that ”

Ragu : Mr .Neil how’s that possible , You couldn’t catch our group member

Derek : It’s not fair , We need our teammate right now , You never know how important is that

Neil : Don’t worry sir , But why would she run like this

Derek : Because …

Ragu : No , She hadn’t ran away , Someone has kidnapped her , I’m sure about

Derek : Ya ! why would she run

Neil : Okay sir , We’ll have to go now we’ll report you soon .

Ragu and his team members Decides to stay at hotel for some time .

Avni’s POV

Avni : Whatsoever happens I’ll never back down from my work , No one can stop me , Not even God .


Neil’s POV

Neil :wherever you try to hide I won’t spare you , I’ll find you very soon , One day you’ll come out of your rathole .

Avni’s POV

Avni : I’ll never come into your trap neither by crook nor by hook .

That’s all for now , Please it’s a humble request to you all estimate my work and tell me how I wrote . Your likes / dislikes and comments always gave me motivation to grow more and more .
As it’s a different styled story from actual serial , I need your help to go further

Apealing again to give your really valuable views . Good night , Sleep well, If you liked put 👍 , Signing off – Kira …, Would be insanely waiting for comments ..

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