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Bepannaah 10th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Noor meets Arjun at Radio Station

Bepannaah 10th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mahi is lost in thoughts while Zoya and the team discuss about the event. Zoya suggests reducing their pricing as compared to market. We might get something then. Aditya says it wont help. Company is already in loss. This way the losses will only increase. This is rubbish! We need to rebrand our company, image and reputation. He takes Mahi’s laptop after seeking her permission. Zoya observes him leaning near Mahi and then using the laptop. Shawn plays the presentation. Aditya says we need a dashing face, a dashing campaign for a dashing new Zosh. We should do a photo shoot with a dashing face. Zoya does not want to waste more money. We should focus on work. Aditya says I dint speak to you. Did I greet you or say something to you in particular? No, right! Don’t speak in between. I am speaking to my

team. It will be good if you become a little professional and don’t bring our personal problems between work. Zoya says I am also talking about work. Mahi supports Aditya. Aditya says I knew even if no one will understand, you surely will. It is final then. Get ready team. We have to make PR strategies. There is nothing to worry. I am here to handle the company. He looks at Mahi and corrects himself. We are here now. Everything will be good. Off you go! He asks Mahi to come to his cabin before Zoya starts scolding them in Urdu. Mahi happily agrees.

Harsh tells Mr. Kothari this isn’t a threat or warning. This is something legal. Company is going in loss and they have big loan. Mr. Kothari agrees. they still have some time though. Harsh advises him to tell this to them then. My son is involved in it and I do not have time at all. Mr. Kothari agrees.

Aditya notices Zoya standing at the door while he discusses the plan with Mahi in his cabin. Zoya knocks at the door. She asks Mahi to come out for a minute. I have to show you something. Mahi tries to avert her but Zoya insists. Aditya sends Mahi out. Zoya tells Mahi she lied. I want to save you from that Aditya Hooda. Mahi says he isn’t a villain. Zoya insists that he is up to something. I saw it in his eyes. Stay away from him. It will be good for you. Mahi thinks this got little late. How will I stay away from him now? I too have seen something in his eyes but you and I have different perspectives. If I get scared then I will have to go away from him. She assures Zoya everything is fine. Zoya tries to make her understand but then Aditya comes there just then. I was thinking to buy some designer clothes for myself. You have great sense of fashion. Shall we go for shopping? She is floored by his words. He asks her to come with him to a designer’s place.

Zoya suggests them to go to the studio instead. It isn’t right to go to someone’s home. Aditya says there would be many people in studio. There will be just you, me and the designer in the studio. Shall we? Mahi happily nods. Zoya feels that Mahi is falling in his trap. She stops them. You cannot take Mahi out for personal work like this. Mahi has to discuss PR strategy with Mona. I will come along. Aditya tells her to first decide what she wants. You sometimes tell me to stay away from you and now you are telling me to come with you. You cannot be both defence lawyer and public prosecutor. She stands rooted to her place which worries Aditya for a moment. Mahi asks him to come. You keep asking me to come but don’t move yourself. Aditya looks back at Zoya. He smiles seeing her reaction. I finally found Zoya’s right weakness. I know she will come after us very soon. See you soon! He leaves.

Noor comes to Radio City’s office. She is excited to meet RJ AJ. Arjun tells his colleague that he only has an hour to finalise the intern. I have to run to office afterwards. His colleague agrees. Arjun sees Noor there and thinks that he is imagining her everywhere. I will delete her number so I wont hallucinate all the time. He finds himself facing Noor and is shocked. She asks him what he is doing here. He calls her Chocomati.

Zoya is following Aditya and Mahi in another car. Zoya is concerned for Mahi. She is my responsibility. I will have to save her from Aditya.

Mahi and Aditya are checking out clothes for Aditya. Mahi keeps looking at Aditya as she sips juice. Aditya wonders why Zoya Chachi is still not here. I am snatching her darling Mahi from her after all. She must be in pain from inside. Doorbell rings. Aditya opens the door and finds Zoya. Zoya gives Mahi her lunch. You forgot it in office. I thought you might need it when hungry. Mahi says we could have eaten outside. Aditya calls her partial for only bringing lunch for Mahi. Mahi takes the lunch box and says bye to Zoya. Zoya suggests that they should take the same taxi. Why waste money? Aditya is impressed that she is doing what he had expected.

Aditya starts trying clothes. Mahi is on cloud nine as he removes his shirt in front of them. Zoya asks him to use trial room but he reasons that he is not changing swimming trunks. Zoya is embarrassed. I do not trust him. He can do anything.

Noor asks Arjun why he is looking at her like this. I know you come everywhere to create trouble for me. I wont let it happen now as I have come here to work with my favourite RJ AJ. He coughs. She asks him if he also came to give interview. He asks him what if he says yes. She tells him to forget it. This job is only mine. Arjun stops his colleague from saying anything. He asks Noor if she threatens people all the time. Only the best person gets the job. Best of luck to you and me as well. He goes.

Zoya asks Aditya to close the shirt buttons. He says it takes lot of time. Mahi agrees. Aditya finalises a few shirts. While wearing his shirt he takes out one and says how I will go wearing this shirt. Designer offers to do it. Aditya requests him to let either Mahi or Zoya do it. I don’t need your people. Mahi offers to do it but Zoya takes the task upon herself. Aditya holds out the button and thread for her.

Precap: Mahi tells everyone that Yash used to keep all his important papers in this locker. It is password protected. Zoya says I tried my birth date, Yash’s mother’s birth date and everything but nothing worked. Aditya realises something and keys in a number. The locker opens. Zoya and Aditya look at each other.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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