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Badho Bahu 10th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Sushma sends fake video to Police

Badho Bahu 10th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lucky is stunned to see a note and divorce papers. His eyes well up. Raghubir ji asks him what it is. He asks him again as he gets no response. Lucky gives him the papers. Raghubir ji is shocked to see the note and papers. Ahlawat family members are in disbelief. Lucky also refuses to sign the papers but Sushma vows to make Lucky sign the papers at any cost. I will make sure you marry Titli.

Lucky is speaking to someone. I can never agree that Badho sent me these papers. I am sure this isn’t true. Ajay asks him if he is sure. Lucky nods. Badho can never divorce me. She can never send these papers. She knows how to sign. She will not stamp them in her senses. I am dead sure someone forced her to do this. Ajay asks him if there is any return address mentioned on the papers. Lucky tells him. Ajay

tells him something (in mute). Lucky agrees to do as told.

Sushma thinks to check on Lucky. Kamla ji and Pinki are headed towards her. Sushma thinks to be one step ahead of Ahlawat Family. Kamla ji intentionally collides with her. Sushma instinctively shouts. Kamla ji asks her what she is doing here. Sushma is not happy with her formal address. Kamla ji calls her guest. Pinki offers to take Sushma to her room. I will bring snacks for you. Sushma tries to divert them but Pinki takes her with her. Kamla ji refuses to let her become successful in her plan.

Sushma closes her room’s door from inside. She immediately calls Ram ji. Is everything fine there? Ram ji agrees. What’s going on there? She tells him not to worry. Everything is going as per the plan. The papers have reached here and everyone is heartbroken. Lucky refused to sign the papers for now but I have a way out. he has no option. Ram ji is happy thinking that once Lucky signs the papers, Badho will be out of his life. He will then happily marry Titli. She ends the call. Ram ji looks at Badho and then walks out from there.

Vardaan ji comes to meet his mother with Premika and Pragya. Premika and Pragya bend down to touch her feet together. Pragya withdraws her hand. Jamuna ji asks Pragya how she is. Pragya says I am fine but you don’t look fine. Jamuna ji says I will be fine only when I will see Badho. How is Badho? Vardaan lies to her that Badho is fine. I spoke to her yesterday only. Payal asks them by when she will return. Vardaan says she said she will come home real soon. Payal shows him the newspaper ad. Why is this here then? I was right that something is wrong. Tell me the truth. Jamuna ji looks at the ad. Vardaan tells them everything. Jamuna ji passes out. Payal runs to bring water.

Titli offers to help Malti ji but she refuses. Sushma says I could have helped you but I have to make a very important video call. I am a very important member of the party after all. She makes Titli help Malti ji and pretends to be speaking to someone as she records the video. Titli tries to help Malti ji but she keeps mum. Titli repeatedly asks her if she is upset with her. Tell me. Malti ji says I was trying to help you but you ruined the lives of my son and DIL. Titli says you know I don’t have an bad intentions. I never thought of something like that. Malti ji is holding the pan in her hand. Sushma intentionally falls on her. Titli gets hurt. Sushma records everything.

Doc shares that her BP is high as she isn’t taking her medicine on time. She also has fever. Make sure she does not stress over anything. He writes a prescription for them. Call me again if the fever does not go by tomorrow. Vardaan goes to see him off.

Pinki asks Malti ji to eat something. How will we eat without you? Malti ji denies. Kamla ji tells her to eat or she will fall ill. Titli brings food. No one will be able to eat without you. Malti ji tells her not to anger her. Eat quietly. Put the ointment on your burn. Titli smiles. Lucky asks his mother about his father. I have to speak to both of you. They see Lady Inspector come in just then. Kamla ji keeps acting as to why everyone went quiet suddenly; did Gita Sita come. Pinki tells her not to overact.

Lady Inspector tells everyone that Malti ji is under arrest for trying to burn her would-be DIL. We got this video (in which Titli is cooking). We were told that Malti ji is trying to burn his would-be DIL. Lucky checks the video. Titli also sees it. She gets angry realising the truth. It isn’t what you think it is. Malti Ma ji dint hit me. Lady Inspector asks about the video. Titli calls it lie. Pinki also watches the video. Who made this and sent it to police? Titli says who else it could be. She turns to Inspector. I am Titli. I don’t want to register any complaint. You can leave. Inspector says only the one who registered it can take it back. Titli calls out to Sushma. She acts innocent but Titli tells her to come clear with the truth. We know you are the one who called them here. Sushma insists that truth is what can be seen in the video. I wont sit quietly if someone tries to hurt my niece. I am the member of Mahila Kalyan Aayog. Titli asks her how much more she will misuse her post. Inspector isn’t interested in their drama. Lucky asks Sushma what she wants. She says you know what I want.

Precap: Police is about to arrest Malti ji when Lucky stops them. He signs the divorce papers against Malti ji’s wish.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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