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Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Saransh Gets Kidnapped

Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Sharda offers aarti to Preesha after pooja and shows her concern for Rudra. Preesha says she is taking Saransh to her parent’s house as he would be safe there. Inspector calls her and informs that he has planned something with which they can get Rudra back and even not risk Saransh’s life. She asks if Saransh would be involved in his plan. He says yes. She says she will not let Saransh be involved. He asks her to come to police station and listen to his plan once. She agrees. Sharda asks her to meet inspector and listen to his plan once and remember Rudra’s life is in dancer. Saransh walks to Preesha, and they both leave.

Preesha meets inspector who informs that he will send another kid Rahul instead of Saransh in exchange of Rudra and money. Preesha says she cannot risk another child’s life for Saransh. Rahul says this kind of operation is not new for him. Inspector says Rahul is trained and has helped them 4-5 times already, his growth is shunted and he knows how to escape, they will make him wear bullet proof vest, so she need not worry as both kids would be safe. Preesha agrees. She gets kidnapper’s message to reach the earlier said spot with Saransh and money. Inspector says they will reach the spot and wait for kidnapper hiding. Preesha takes Saransh to the spot in her car and waits for him. Saransh assures that nothing will happen to her. Inspector calls her and says they are ready and nothing will happen to Saransh.

Mahima with Maria and Jerry reaches in her car and checks via binoculars. She sees Saransh with Preesha and asks Maria to call Preesha and ask her to get out of car with Saransh and money. Maria does same. Preesha asks to show Rudra first. Maria warns to do as she says if she wants Rudra alive. Preesha gets out of car and takes Rahul and money with her. Mahima asks Jerry to go and bring Saransh and money. Jerry asks what about Rudra. Mahima says she will not return Rudra until she gets money and Saransh as she cannot trust Preesha. Jerry agrees and walks to Preesha. Inspector alerts his team. Jerry asks Preesha to give money to kid and send him to him. Preesha insists to send Rudra first. Jerry points gun at her and threatens to give him bag if he wants to see Rudra alive. CC’s goons arrive and shoot at Jerry. Jerry’s gun falls down. Police fires at goons. Maria gets worried for Jerry. Gun battle starts. Jerry’s bullets finish and he tries to run away. CC’s goon shoots at him and he falls down injured. Maria panics seeing that and tries to get out of car, but Mahima stops her and drives car away. CC’s goons also escape. Inspector asks Preesha if she is fine. She says yes and says kidnapper’s intention was not right and explains what happened. Inspector says something is wrong, so other gang attacked kidnapper; they will take kidnapper’s aide to hospital and make him reveal Saransh’s location. He checks unconscious Jerry and finding him alive calls ambulance. Preesha returns to her and panics not finding Saransh there, thinks if kidnappers took away Saransh.

Precap: Mahima asks Maria who were the other goons. Maria says they must be CC’s goons. CC kidnaps Saransh and says he needs Rudra in exchange of Saransh. Preesha during treatment tries to leave hospital worried for Saransh, and nurse tries to stop her.

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