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Tears Of Love In the Night Of Pain – GANGAUR (20)

Kartik and Naira are still in their hug

Naira: Kartik..this room which has seen my tears of pain are seeing my tears of love. Thank you so much Kartik

Kartik: Its your love which brought a brain to this ullu and brought me back to you

Naira: Ab saari problems katham. It is going to be an amazing gangaur tomorrow

Kartik: Haan

The scene freezes on their hug

Next morning, Goenka Villa

Naira is making the moorti for gangaur. Keerthi and Gayu are also performing the same act with Swarna and Surekha. There is smile and laughter everywhere. Kairav Vansh and Krish are running here and there. Krishna is helping Dadi with the arrangements. Akshu is smiling happily in the arms of Akhil. Luv Kush are busy with Naksh. Suddenly Naira feels a grip on her hand and she turns to see Kartik. He gets closer to her.

Naira: Kartik…everyone is here

Kartik: So what? We are like this after so long. On see us they will be happy only

Naira: Sharam hi nahi hai tuje

Kartik: Baba Romeo Nand ne kaha hai ki jesne kiya sharam uske phute karam

Naira: Aur pata haine Mata Julieteshwari ne kya kiya hai?

Kartik: Puppy diye tha

Naira: Nahi..

She pushes him away

Kartik: See I wanted to help you but you are pushing me away

Naira: Kartik..it’s getting late don’t disturb me.

The rituals continue in full spirits of Goenka family.


The ladies are busy with the ritual while the men are admiring their respective partners.
Kartik: Guys before we proceed why dont we take the pics?

Naira: Nice idea

Kartik clicks the pics of everyone

Luv : Bhaiya you go to bhabhi we will click

Kartik and Naira pose for a pic. Suddenly the strange guy photobombs them

Luv: Oh fo..one more haan

They click another pic.Naira goes to them

Naira: What happened?

Luv: Photobomb bhabhi..

He shows the previous pic. Naira is shocked to see the guy whom she suspected to follow her at the market. Before she could react she is pulled to a dance by everyone.

The song plays and Naira starts to dance

Pyar Mil Jaye Piya Ka Pyar Mil Jaye
Haan Aisa Pyar Mil Jaye
Gauri Shankar Ji Ke Jaisi Jodi Ban Jaye
Haan Aisi Jodi Ban Jaye
Tode Se Na Tute, Chode Se Na Chute
Aise Bandh Jaye, Aise Bandh Jaye

Naira slips and Kartik holds her. They share an eyelock

Preet Ho Jaye Amar Yeh
Preet Ho Jaye
Preet Ki Reet Ho Jaye

Rang Mein Rang Jaye
Sinduri Rang Mein Rang Jaye
Hao Hum Bhi Aise Rang Jaye
Gauri Maiya Jaise Rangi Hain
Shivji Ke Rang Mein
O Hum Bhi Aise Rang Jaye
Everyone gather around Kaira and dance. Naira gets away blushing. She joins the dance

Hum Ne Jo Spane Bune Hain
Ankhon Mein Jo Saje Hain
Pure Ho Jaye, Pure Ho Jaye
Janmo Janmo Tak
Piya Ka Sath Mil Jaye
Piya Ka Sath Mil Jaye

As the dance , the ladies perform the ritual and get back. In the crowd Naira feels a hand on her back and turns. She sees the same guy and is shocked

Naira: Teri himmat kaise hui ?
She raises her hand to slap him

Guy: Sorry madam…I am very sorry. I need your help

Just then Kartik runs there hearing Naira’s voice. On seeing Kartik , he flees.

Kartik: What happened Naira? Was someone misbehaving with you?

Naira: Nahi ..woh. Bas…

Naira hugs him. Her thoughts run to the pleading eyes of the guy when he said he wanted her help. Naira feels bad for him . Kartik comforts Naira unaware of her thoughts.


Note: Dil Dhadakne Dho Na Next episode Tomorrow

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