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Shakti 10th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Jeet attempts to kill Soumya

Shakti 10th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Jeet calls Angel and tells her to meet him with Daddu near the highway. Today it will be last day of Soumya. He sits in their car and sets up with gun.

Parmeet and Sant Baksh are going to mandir. Parmeet asks Virat to come too. He says he will come after eating. Angel’s goons inform her that Virat is alone. Angle tells him to finish him. Virat is very hungry. He searches for Heer. He comes to her room and finds her unconscious. He checks that she has fever. He calls a doctor to his home.

Soumya arrives at mandir. There is a big crowd. She calls police and informs that she has reached. Inspector says they are prepared and asks her to stay alert. She buys flowers. The salesman tells her that she cannot take phone inside. She thinks how she will stay in touch with the inspector, but keeps her phone outside in end. Jeet, Angel, Daddu arrive. Angel asks how they will kill her in so much crowd. Jeet says it’s easy to kill someone in crowd. People will run around and they will be able to escape easily. They see Soumya. Jeet finds a corner for him to take aim at Soumya. He awaits for Soumya.

Doctor checks Heer and tells Virat that she has very high fever. If it doesn’t go down, then she will need to be admitted. Virat asks her to give some medicine. She writes medicine and asks him to put cloth on her forehead, massage her feet with oil. She asks him who he is? He says he’s her husband. She says then he will take good care of him. He says yes, he cannot see Heer in problem. She leaves. He does as doctor directed him. Goons enter his home deciding to kill him.

Jeet is not able to get a clean view of Soumya. Angel gets frustrated. Parmeet and Sant Baksh come to same mandir. They meet a lady there.

Jeet continues aiming at Soumya, but crowd keeps coming in between.

Virat massages Heer’s feet. He recalls how Heer did his head massage when he was having headache and how she got worried. He looks at her and continues massaging her feet. Virat looks on a side. Heer opens her eyes and tears come out.

Soumya prays for Heer that she gets justice and gets back her lost love.

Precap will be added later.

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