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Sayi and Virat – An Epic Love story (Chapter 3)

Recap – Virat loses his control again.

Sayi – I’m not going anywhere.

Virat – Sayi, please understand and act according to the situation. You are here with a stranger. What if something happens to you?

Sayi – Something would have happened if he wasn’t there.

Virat – What do you mean? Did someone try to misbehave with you? Did you get hurt somewhere? ( Went towards Sayi and was about to touch her when he stopped in the midway)

Sayi – Advay rescued me from a racing sports car.

Virat (shock) – Whattt? Sayi, when will you act like a matured a girl? Everything has a limit. Why did you have to walk away from me from that auditorium? You can’t even imagine how worried and scared I was. (He went closer to Sayi and held her face in his palm)

Sayi was in a daze with the words spoken by Virat. Both of them forgot about Advay.

Sayi – Virat sir…

Virat – Sayi…

Advay (moves closer to Sayi and touches her by her shoulders) – Sayi. Come little back. People might misunderstand both of you.

Virat (heard what Advay and tightened his grip on Sayi which gave a slight pain to her) – Mr. Advay. Thank you for protecting Sayi. Since the world is bad, we can’t trust anyone. People change according to situations and take its advantage. Now you can leave, I’ll go with Sayi. (He kept is grip tight on her shoulders)

Advay was about to move away from Sayi, when she held his hand.

Sayi – Where are you going?

Advay – Virat is there now. I’ll leave then.

Sayi – What if he wasn’t there?

Advay – Then I would’ve stayed.

Sayi – Then stay with me.

Advay looked hesitant and Virat couldn’t believe what Sayi said.

Virat – Sayi ? Did you mean what you said?

Sayi – Yes sir. Didn’t you just ask me to take my decisions because it’s about my life.

Virat (kept his hand on his forehead) – Sayi, that was said in anger. Please. Please don’t react in this way.

Sayi – I kept asking you if you were serious. You said you were in your senses.

Virat – Sayii, Please. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for reacting in that way.

Sayi – I need to go with Advay. I’m nothing to you. But yes, I’m your responsibility.

Virat – Yes, you are my responsibility. But you are my family.

Sayi (shrugging off what he said) – Virat sir, let me introduce Advay.

Virat – Sayi, listen to what I…

Advay was in a call and was in the opposite road.

Sayi – Advay. Advay listen na..

Advay looked at her direction and paused for a min.

Advay – Sayi be right there. I’m in call. I’ll join in a minute.

Sayi couldn’t hear him. She decided to go towards him. She was about to move, when Virat stopped her.

Virat – You can’t see me?

Sayi – I can. But before you ask anymore questions, let me go bring Advay here.

Virat (holding her hand) – Sayi. You are not going anywhere. Do you get that?

Sayi removed her hand from his grip.

Sayi moved towards Advay. She ran towards Advay and was about to call him when she heard him talking and stopped her way.

Advay – Dadu, don’t worry. I found Sayi and she’s safe with me.

Saayi was on the middle of the road. Virat kept calling Sayi and the latter was lost in what Advay said.

Sayi – Advay, to whom are you talking?

Advay (in call) – Dadu, do you wanna talk to Sayi? She’s right next to me.


Advay – Sure.

Advay handed the phone to Sayi.

Advay – This is your family Sayi.

Sayi looked quite happy. She was happy that she wasn’t alone in this world.

Sayi took the phone from Advay and was about to talk when a lorry came in full speed and was about to hit Sayi who was on the middle of the road.

Advay and Virat – Sayiiiiiiii…..

Sayi looked towards the lorry and was shocked. The lorry didn’t horn. It came in full speed and hit Sayi who was in daze..

The lorry left, leaving Sayi in blood.

Sayi – Virat sir…

Virat ran towards her and took her in his arms.

Sayi – I’m sorry sir. I won’t be there with you anymore. You are free from your responsibility. She smiled and closed her eyes.

Virat – Sayiiiii. Don’t close your eyes. Pleaseee

He starts crying.

No precap.

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