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Saath Hai Toh Baat Hai – Episode 2

Hey all ,here is the next episode .

After Gehna’s  interview ,

Employee -Sir ,She has given all correct answer .

Anant- hmm(in mind ughhh ,I don’t like her ,but she is good in work ,I think I should keep her as Section Manager instead of my PA.

Anant- Tell her that she can come from tomorrow ,and as rule here is here basic pay 35000/- .

Employee-  yes sir

Outside the cabin,

Gehna – (in mind I am getting late ,if he doesn’t want then , should tell na  I am getting angry 💢 now )

Employee come  and tell – Congratulations mam , you are selected as our new section managers. Here is your basic pay.

Gehna- but I have given interview for PA

Employee- Mam ,this is our sirs order .

Saying this ,employee walk

Gehna thinks of confronting him and then see time and goes to tia s house.

On a big mansion,

Kanak – Hey Riya , let’s go for college.

Riya – I am coming ,Kanak

Saying they go to college in mercedes.

In Tia s home,

Tia -Gehna you are looking So pretty . Now before going to college ,you have to tell me about your interview.

Gehna-. Thank you tiu . I got the job but the boss is not tolerated at all .

Tia- Then you should have leaved job

Gehna- I need money for studying and you know I don’t like borrowing .

Tia – Ok let it be . Don’t spoil your mood and let’s go to college.

They go to college.

In the company /office,

Anant- Dreams of gehna and wakes up (in mind  I am getting her thoughts ,u think I am taking stress ). Oh yah Radhika is waiting for me at coffee.

In the cafeteria ,

Radhika- Where is he ?? Again late .

Someone pulls here and says Surprise

Radhika smiles and goes with him and calls Anant and says we will have coffee ☕ tomorrow .

While going college , Gehna dreams of Anant and has same thought like Anant had from in mind …stress)

Episode Ends

Precap: who is the guy with Radhika ? Kanak and Riya met gehna ?   Fun fest at college !Anant will be cheif guest .

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