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Riansh OS # Ex husband v/s soulmate by aisha08

hello everyone this is @aisha08 author of ff riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) i wanted to take break from my ff so i wrote this it is my 1st os so forgive me for mistakes if any

I m.quite disappointed comments are declining day by day keep supporting guys i love u all alot

This os is from riddhima’s POV so where ever i wrote ME it is for our riddhu..

So here i go…

U don’t know what destiny has saved for u..

Here i m signing my divorce papers and i will be free from my marrige forever

I  am riddhima malhotra soon i will be riddhima mehra again

No no..no don’t think that i don’t love my husband

I love my husband angre malhotra alot and he too loves me

bt loving your partner is not always sufficient to be in a marriage sometimes u have to just let go off things even when u  need that badly

And yeah now i m again single or divorcee according to the society

Then my husband ups!! Sry ex husband come to me and we hug each other

Hold your horses guys u will get to know soon

Angre – congratulations riddhu now u are free

Riddhima – u r free too bt don’t forget that i m not your wife now bt i m your best frnd..

Angre – u r always be my best frnd riddhu.

It is weird isn’t it is..

Bt this is the way we treat each other.. kinda cute na…

I came to my house and sat on couch closing my eyes remembering the initial days of my marriage

Angre and me were best frnds since our school days

We did our college together he was so cute and always used to pamper me.. his mother loves me more than him

Then he proposed me and i instantly agreed as we were together since childhood and their was some scope of luv too..

We got married then and i was the happiest wife ever

He was such a darling and we loved each other to the core..

He can’t see even a single drop of tear in my eyes and i loved to surprise him with my antics..

As i m a wedding planner he used to support me in everything..

We used to take care of each other..

Flashback starts

I was preparing for some stuff for a wedding and i felt two hands on my waist from behind and i know the owner of this hands very well

Riddhima – angre!!

Angre (kissing her neck) – c’mon riddhu have some pitty on me..

Your husband is dying for your love..

I turned and placed my hands on my husband’s shoulder and kissed him on his cheeks

Riddhima – my dear husband i m all yours…

And he picked me in his arms and we made love as if there is no tomorrow

Angre – riddhu i want to go to Europe for my next project and i want u too accompany me..

Riddhima – u know na jaan i can’t i have so many marriages pending next month

Angre – u know na riddhu my dreams are so big i want to travel the whole world that too with u

Riddhima – bt i want a simple life with u angre your arms are whole world to me…

Flashback ends

And i woke up with a sudden jolt

This was the reason of our failure in marrige

He wanted to explore the world and he was my whole world so we both decided to end this marriage on happy note as we are perfect for each other as best frnds bt being husband wife were not our cup of tea he used to ran behind his dreams and i behind him

No no don’t think that i m sad.. i m happy that i m his best frnd now as loving each other and staying together is not destined for us..

May be i will find my soulmate soon who will confined me in his arms.. Forever

2 months passed

I m sleeping in my husband’s arm he is so cute always care for me.. It’s our 1st night after marrige he encircled me as if he won’t let me go anywhere and i m the happiest soul now with my soulmate..

I closed my eyes and lost in my own world thinking how i met my soulmate

2 months passed after my divorce and i m enjoying my bachelor’s life pretty well and i must say i m the happiest soul right now.. and my best frnd angre he used to call me twice a day to know my whereabouts

He is such a gentleman. Despite listening several awful thoughts from society he is still with me..for ful filling my every need

So i got a contract of a marriage and guess who’s wedding is this..

My best frnd’s angre yes it’s angre’s wedding he is going to marry his business partner ishani who is now is life partner having same dreams as of him

One day i  was walking on a road with so many shopping bags and thudddd!!!

I collided with a 6 feet tall man having arrogant look and beard on his face

He hold me by my waist

At first we were so lost in each other..

He is noticing each and every feature of my face my innocent eyes my redish cheeks my pinkish lips..

Bt shrugging our thought  we came back to reality

Me – o hello mr.. Can’t u see properly

He – It’s VR vansh raisinghania.
And you were the one who bumped into me..

Me (rolling my eyes) – as if i was dying to fall in your arms

Vansh (smirk) – i know i m hot.. It’s not your fault..miss?

Riddhima – none of your business

Vansh (wink) – so miss none of your business see u later as i m getting late now..😉

What the hell !! He thinks of himself such a arrogant man..uff!! Bt why i got lost in his eyes

His eyes they had hidden deep pain
His lips as they were craving for saying something

His beard was  arrogant bt yet classy
If i hadn’t had fight with him then i would have praised him oh wait that’s what I am doing right now

His grip on me were so tight and i was feeling so safe there..

Wait a sec..i m praising him..holy shit..!!

I have so many preparation to do..

This society is so stereotype everyone is taunting me that how can an ex wife do preparation for her ex husband wedding

Bt he is my best frnd.. fine we divorced each other bt still we are genuine with each other

And ishani she is just perfect partner for him
She is so adorable

Ishani – riddhima i need your help plz select my dress according to angre’s choice

Angre – riddhu yr my attire is not read

Riddhima – uff u guys are behaving like a kid

But i m so happy for u..guys i hope u will stay together forever

Angre – riddhu my cousin is coming today u have to take care of him ha..

And i went to do preparation i was standing on a stool and. Attaching some garland suddenly my leg sleeped and i fell

Bt no..i was in air..

And i noticed i was in someone’s arm the same feeling oh shit..is he here..no..no..damn

And yes he is here

Riddhima – u !!! What are u doing here..

Vansh – u !!! Miss none of your business You are stocking me..

Angre – u know each other guys

Vansh – he is following me

Riddhima – come back from your lala land mr..vansh

Ishani – ok guys just stop this..

Vansh- tell this miss none of your business to shut up

Me – u idiot just get lost


She is indeed A beauty yr i didn’t notice any girl before bt she is so pure..

Her eyes are just like craving for love..

Can i give it to her

No no shut up vansh..stop staring her..

My pov

I m drooling over him

I don’t want to admit it bt its indeed truth..

Although we are fighting with each other..bt he is such a gentleman

We spend so much time with each other during 2 days of preparation he helped me alot and we stoped fighting with each other

Vansh – so don’t u feel awkward i mean angre is your

Riddhima – he is my frnd that’s it..And wht people say i don’t bother

We used to love each other bt sath rhna hmari kismt me nhi tha

Now he is just best frnd for me moreover i love ishani alot

But u know i just want a normal life i want my husband to be with me.. And give me all love he has and i will give all what he deserve..

What u want from your partner

Vansh – i didn’t think before love was not my cup of tea i lost my all dear ones so i m afraid to be in love with someone bt now i m liking someone (wink )😉

Riddhima (blushes) – ok lets go.

And finally the wedding day arrives

I was so busy in preparation

And suddenly some of the women were just gossiping about me

1st women – just look at this shameless girl..

She is getting her ex husband married and romancing with his brother..

Women 2 – i know this kind of characterless women

Women 3 – shame on her..

I was literally crying after this i m strong bt this was enough how can they judge my life.

My feelings are mine..who are they to judge and suddenly a strong firm voice came

Voice – enough is enough

Koi riddhima pr ungli nhi uthayega

He was vansh

My vansh yes i love him

I think He is my soulmate i feel secure with him

I realised late..damn it

What if he won’t reciprocate same feeling

Vansh – u guys are no one to judge her the feeling she ows to her best frnd is pure so u guys better keep ur mouth zip up

Angre – she is my best frnd don’t u dare to utter a single word abt her

Ishani – she is my sister so just keep your mouth close..

And yes vansh hold my hand and take me with him aside

I was crying badly

he immediately hugged me..

And i  threw Myself in his arm

And the moment he hugged me i knew he loves me too

Vansh – shhh!! Sweetheart don’t cry..
U r the purest soul i have ever seen u r so strong..

(Backing off from hug)

Vansh – i have an offer for u

Me (perplexed)- what

Vansh – u have to arrange my marrige but on one condition

Me (perplexed) – what!!

Vansh (smiling) – bride should be u..

And i had tears of happiness in my eyes

And i hugged him immediately and he kissed my forehead..

and we married each other along with angre and ishani

Still i remember our last night

He brought me in his arm and placed me on bad slowly as if i m a doll

Vansh – i love u sweetheart ur innocence took my heart… I was afraid to love someone back then bt now i won’t let u go..u r mine always mine

Me – u r my soulmate vansh..i just want to spent my whole life in your arms..

And he started giving me wet kisses on my neck shoulder..

We were kissing each other with full affection passion and love we had for each other..

He took my lips into his.. and we explored each other mouth but this oxygen sucks

We parted away due to the f**king need of it.. and i lost the war

He was a kind of horny😅

We made love and that was the most memorable night of us

Now i realized loving someone is not enough everything is destined and my soulmate’s love won over my ex husband’s love..

Angre meri aadat tha or vansh meri mohhobatt..
Aadat chhodi jati hai pr mohhobatt nhi

Angre or mera milna ittefaq tha or vansh or mera pyr krna hmari kismat

Mohhobatt kitni bhi bepanah kyu na ho muqammal hone k liye kismat hi lgti hai..


I opened my eyes and kissed my husband cum soulmate and we stayed together for next 7 births

Author’s pov

I hope u all understand what i was trying to show..

Loving someone is not enough the destiny has always something for u no matter how much u crave for just one person bt u will land in those arms who is made for u only

Plz do comment and tell was it ok or i did any kimd of mistake which should be correct

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