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Love heals everything (KaiRa FF) chapter 23

Hey guys I’m back. So as I promised, I got some time and I’m writing the chapter. Thank you for your valuable comments and support even after my vanishing habit. Anyways without any delay let’s go to the episode. :-

Singhania enterprises (main office) 

Naira is in her cabin, after that she haven’t uttered a word. Kartik is in his cabin thinking about her.

Kartik (pov) Will Naira ever be able to love me? The way she panicked today I haven’t seen her this broken. It was just a pendant, but was his memory, ”HIM” (chuckles) she loves him to that end that she just can’t bear the lose of his single memory. Can l ever make way to her heart, can I ever make my own place in her heart, in her captivating, beautiful yet painful eyes. I think by loving her I will hurt myself and also her which I can’t imagine. She will always love “him”

He ended with tears brimming his eyes the pain he felt with thought that he should stop loving her is piercing his heart.

These thoughts were roaming his mind when he saw Naira stepping out from the office he knew that it wasn’t a good idea to leave her alone in this condition.

He decides to follow her. He didn’t waste time in taking his bike from parking unlike he hired a rickshaw to follow.

Now for some time the story will go on Kartik’s pov.

She is driving quite fast, I have I am following her since the last half an hour. I think she is going to the hillside in the outskirts of Udaipur.

I am really tensed for her, why she is dumping that pain inside herself, hurting her more I just wanna talk to her.

My mind was revolving in these thoughts then the rickshaw driver asked :-

“Bhaisahab the lady in the car is your wife right”?

I smiled at thought of her being my wife, waking up seeing her face first with a bright smile.. Hayeee  I whispered and replied to the driver “no not yet but will be soon”! I answered giving myself some confidence.

“Ohh I see your girlfriend right, and I think you both had a fight, bhaisahab I can give some advice as I’m quite experienced in making up with my wife”!

“Nahi nahi bhaisahab I will do it in my way, keep your advice up to yourself” I replied chuckling nervously as I don’t know what to say as the whole girlfriend thing is imaginary.

Then I noticed her car stopping and she descenting it. I quickly paid of the money and thanked him.

I took very long strides to reach her, and upon reaching near her I kept my hand on her shoulder.

Pov ends 

Naira’s pov

I was sitting inside doing my work that work through which I kept myself away from every memory. But today it isn’t helping as always, I just can’t digest the fact that my Arjun’s last memory have destroyed!!!! I was guilty for not being able to protect it. I know it can be back as it was before but that fear have engulfed within my heart.

I thought to get some fresh air so I decided to have a drive. I drove to some hilly region at the outskirts. I found a place for myself and got down from the car.

I was standing in peace and loneliness suddenly a hand was placed on my shoulder.

Pov ends. 

Kartik placed his hands on Naira’s shoulder and turned to him and looked shocked as well as surprised to see him there

Naira:- “What are you doing here” ?

Kartik:- “can I ask the same question to you” ?

She looked surprisingly at him while he stared her angelic face.

Naira:-“it shouldn’t matter to you and this is office hours right you should be at office this time” she said in her always “bossy” tone.

Kartik:- “can we keep this boss and employee relationship aside anf have a talk”!. He asked in a calm yet steady tone

“Hmmm” she whispered.

Both of them sat down on the grass and stared blankly at nothing with silence.

“Naira we’re friends right, you can trust me afterall I am living in your house for almost a month now”!. He said breaking the silence.

“just make it clear what you want” she said maintaining her bossy tone.

“just tell me Naira what’s going on in  your head? Share it I’m sure you will be relaxed” he said ever so softly

She looked upto his eyes finding care, protection and one more thing which she refused to find. “LOVE”.

After seeing her hesitation he said “you can trust me just give me and yourself a chance”.

She found sincerity in his voice, she wanted to trust him. And she did.

“my past won’t be hidden from you, as you have gained everyone’s love”. He smiled.

“I.. I still love him, with all my heart. He’s gone, I know and I have accepted it as my destiny’s foul game. But I can’t forget him, our love every moment that we’ve spend together. And today I wasn’t able to protect his last memory. It is really difficult to live like this Kartik… Really very much I just wanna him beside me forever ” she broke down with that.

Kartik just wrapped his arms around her waist trying to calm her.

” you know that isn’t possible! But try to give a second chance to yourself and give anyone that right to make you feel loved. You know you are really precious you are too young Naira you should give a chance to your life. Remember wherever your Arjun is, he will be happy seeing you happy not the way right now in pain” he said wiping her tears and looking at her eyes.

She looked to his eyes and found that feeling which she refused to recognise a few minutes ago.

But suddenly she remembered

“I love you kartik” Gayu exclaiming holding his picture

Episode freezes 

Precap:- what will Naira do? 

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