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Love Beyond Limits (A RIANSH LOVE SAGA) Chapter#31

Hey guys! I know its short again but I was really not well. I was not even able to write last night. But when I got up in the morning, I thought its better to post something rather than nothing. So, its written in haste that’s why there are no pics in it too. I hope its not that much vague.

Chapter 31: “An Old Uninvited Fear!”


The episode starts with Riddhima waiting for Vansh at the door entrance of the restaurant. She was doing her mind plannings when Vansh finally found her.
V(concerned): Thank God! You are fine. Riddhima! Why are you standing here like a statue.
R(lost): Nothing.
V: What Nothing?
R(serious): I mean its nothing. I was just waiting for you. We should leave.
V: Won’t you call police or anyone? I mean there is a dead body lying there. Won’t you report?
R: It will be reported sooner or later. I have much more important work to do apart from this. Let’s leave.
Vansh again found her behaviour suspicious.
V(himself): What happened to her suddenly? God! I can’t handle these mood swings anymore. I have to ask her now.
V: Can we talk Riddhima?
Riddhima was sure that he was going to ask about the attacks only. So, she replied,
R: I really want to go home right now. We can talk later.
Saying so, she started moving towards the car. She was lost in her thoughts so rather than sitting on the driving seat, she sat on the passenger seat beside that one. Vansh was sure that she is lost somewhere so he quietly sat on the driving seat and started driving. After the half distance was covered, Riddhima finally came out of her thoughts. When she looked around outside the window, she beame confused,
R: Where are we going? This is not the way home.
V: You will get to know it soon.
R: What’s going on Vansh?
Vansh didn’t reply. This pissed Riddhima as she was already pissed by whatever happened in the restaurant. She didn’t say anything waiting for them to reach some destination. After a while, They reach some deserted place and Vansh parked the car there. After giving a glare to Riddhima, he came out of the car and stood beside the Car. Riddhima was unable to understand his this behaviour. She also got out of the car and asked him,
R: What is it? What’s bothering you?
V: What do you think am I bothered about Riddhima? Its you! Its your behaviour that is bothering me.
R: Why is my behaviour bothering you? I mean what have I done?
V: Since the time, we have come to Delhi, you are lost and worried. I am noticing you since the morning. You don’t seem alright. Infact, I should ask you that what is bothering you? Why are you so lost?
R: Its nothing Vansh. I have just got alot of work to do. So maybe, you are overthinking. I am like this always.
V: No! Atleast not for 6 years but I do know you for a month. When its about work, you are always dedicated. Not lost like you are these days.
He gently placed his both hands on her shoulders and spoke softly,
V: You can share it with me Riddhima! I am always on your side.
Riddhima looked in his eyes expressionlessly. Vansh took a long breath and spoke,
V: Look Riddhima! I really want to know What’s going on in your life? What is the thing that is bothering you? I know that you knew it will too. That I am noticing your behaviour, That’s why you are trying to keep yourself normal. But Riddhima! You can’t hide it from me. I know you were there in that storeroom and not in the washroom.
Riddhima’s eyes widened and she became angry
R: Yes! I was there. Now what? What will you do?
V: I am just asking you. Because I think somehow its related to that room. And these attack…
R(cutting him): These attacks are a normal thing for me. That’s why, I didn’t want you all to come along. The designation on which I am standing never guarantees even a second of my life. I face dangers everyday. (Angry) And to come up to the store room thing, So, I don’t think that everything should be told to you. You got no right to get in my personal space. You are forgetting that I haven’t forgiven you till now.
Vansh was hurt by her words. He spoke,
V(hurt): I am not concerned about forgiveness. I know I have no right on you. But I care for you Riddhima. Nothing is more important to me than you.
Riddhima didn’t reply. She just stared him and went back to car. She sat in the car holding her head angrily. Even she was hurt for using harsh words. She had lost her senses in anger that made her say all that. But it was needed too. To keep him away from her dangerous world. She calmed herself with these thoughts. Outside, Vansh was standing worried and reminding Ajay’s words that were echoing in his mind,

“Its not that easy my son! You need alot of strengths mentally, physically and emotionally. Be strong!”

These phrases were going on in his mind. Now, He really understood what he meant. He shook his thoughts and went back to the car. Riddhima quietly started the car and started driving. There were complete silence in the car. Riddhima was driving and Vansh was looking outside. Vansh looked at Riddhima with concern and then looks away. The same Riddhima did but when he was not looking. To kill the silence, Riddhima turned on the radio.
Khamoshiyan song started playing.
Khamoshiyan…Ek saaz hain………
And they both started were thinking about each other. They remind their moments. The songs lyrics were creating more awkwardness between the two. Both of them decided to turn it off and they both simultaneously forwarded their hand to turn it off. And in this, their hands touched each other and they both looked in each other’s eyes. At the same time, the songs was on its main lines,
Kahmoshiyaaaan….Teri meri Khamoshiyan…..
They both had an eye lock. They keep staring each other until the lines were being played. Then, tey both moved their hands backward letting it to keep playing. And they again started to do their respective work. Riddhima focused on driving and Vansh started looking out.

After sometime, they reached the mansion. They both quietly went inside and found the girls being worried and Angre busy in his phone.
V: What happened?
Ishani: Thank God! You both are back! We were really worried. But…
R: What? (Looking around) And where is Aryan and Kabir?
Sia: They have not come back home yet.
R(shocked): What? But they were with you right?
Angre: Yes! They were. But when we moved back from the restaurant, a car started following us. I was driving one car with the girls and They were coming in the other. When we passed through the tunnel, they somehow diverted the attention of that car towards them and on call, they asked us to reach home and they would be back after misleading them.
V: And they didn’t return till now?
Angre: Yeah!
R: You should have informed me Angre!
Angre: I tried calling them and then, was about to call you but you came back.
R: Anyways, I am going to find them. Be at home you all.
She turned and found Aryan and Kabir coming from the entrance. They both were injured and limping.
R(shocked): Kabir! Aryan!
She ran towards them. All the others ran too. Vansh supported Aryan and Angre supported Kabir. They made both of them sit on the sofa. Riddhima sat in front of them on the floor at her knees. She was extremely worried.
R: Are you both alright? What happened? Sia! Bring the first aid kit fast!
Sia had brought that already. So, both Sia and Riddhima started bandaging both of them and they started telling,
Aryan (writhing): We were just trying to mislead them when they started hitting their car on ours at intervals. We increased our speed to avoid collisions and then, they started firing on the car.
Kabir(writhing): I started shooting back at them in defence. And then one of their bullet hit the tyre of our car and we lost control. Our car losing control collided with a tree and then they ran away. As if they only wanted to injure us not kill us.
Aryan: It seemed that they wanted to warn us. They wanted us to go back alive.
K: Sorry Riddhima! We are really embarrassed. We were not able to catch them. We didn’t perform our duty well.
Riddhima cupped both of them with her both hands and said,
R: You both are before duty for me. I am not concerned about anything else. You both are really precious for me. I am thankful that both of you are safe.
And never ever think like this again. You both are my best officers and I am proud of you both.

Riddhima remembered how Vansh was trying to make her understand the same thing a while ago what she was now saying to both of them. She was well aware of his concern. She looked up at him. He was also staring her. Then, she again started bandaging and was done after a while.
R: It will heal soon.

Saying this, Riddhima stood up and looking at Vansh and Angre,
R: Please take both of them to their rooms! Its time you all take rest and sleep.
V: Sure!
They all got up to go when Riddhima stopped them, saying,
R: And You all pack your bags by tomorrow morning. You all are going back tomorrow.
Everyone(shocked): What!!!!
R: Look! You can come here and enjoy whenever you all want to. But right now! Its really much danger outside this mansion. I don’t even know if this mansion is safe or not and I don’t want anyone to be harmed.
Sejal: Aren’t you coming?
R: No!
V: I am not going then too.
R: What you mean by you are not going? Should I give you a special invitation?
V: If you don’t want me to stay here then I will not stay but I am not going to leave you alone in Delhi.
Kabr: We both are here with Riddhima. You can go Vansh.
R: Even you both are going too. I want you to be with them for their safety. I will manage here alone. (A little loud) For God sake! Please don’t be stubborn you all. Their enemity is with me and I can’t risk lives of you all too with me. So, please! I am requesting you.
V: Look Riddhima! You do whatever you want to. I will not stop you neither I will come in your way. But I am not leaving and its final! (Requsting tone) Please! Whether you understand or not, but I really want to be with you now.
Riddhima took a deep breath and replied,
R: Fine! You can stay. But all of you! Promise me that you will take care of yourself. No matter what happens, you will not leave each other. And you will prefer saving yourself even if you got the news that I am in danger. Now take some sleep. You all will be tired. Good night!

After this, Everyone went to sleep. But no one was able to sleep. They all were worried for each other. It was really a horrible night as they were really worried and scared. They all remembered their good time together and slept after some time.
At midnight, Riddhima was again having the same nightmare. In her sleep, she was sweating and shivering. Her face had tension and worry. She again saw a godown and many people kept there as hostage. They were shouting for help. Suddenly, A man came and started threatening Riddhima. Riddhima was trying to stop him and pleading him. She was murmuring in her sleep,
“No! Leave them! They are innocent. What have they done to you? Please! Your enemity is with me! Leave them!
All of a sudden, that man fired many gunshots killing everyone. Riddhima woke up out of shock, shouting,
R: Rajveeeeerrrr!!!!!!


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