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Faith – A Riansh Fanfiction (Chapter 9)

                                                                                                                    Chapter IX

It looked like a perfect dream house every child would have dreamed of, it was situated a mile away from the beach and had a nice cozy garden of it own.

Everyone was sitting all decked up in their cars.

Siya’s look

Siya's look

Ishani’s look

Ishani's look

Ahana’s look

Chachi's look

Chachi’s look

Chachi's look

Dadi’s look

Dadi's look

Vansh’s look

Angre's look

Angre’s look

Kabir and Aryan's looks

Kabir and Aryan’s looks

Kabir and Aryan's looks

i Know this chapter had only the dress and stuff but don’t worry im uploading another chapter with this.



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