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Chasing the Evanescence – part 5 (riansh ff)

chapter 5

The files were confidential and beyond his rank, he needed someone from the system to help him with the information but cracking the national agency was not easy unless he got a loose link.

Now that he has got another message he was sure they were being trapped somewhere into something big planned.

“did they sanction your leaves,” he asked someone on his phone.

“No, the president is about to make a trip to his home town and his security could not be breached so I cant come for at least a week or so.” the person replied from the other side.

“Okay.” he could not do anything and they can’t even talk about it on the phone call. If the girl Ishani or Chandni whoever she was coming into her senses then they would ask her something but her being unconscious was meaningless.

He did not want to play smart and get any information about this lady she was falling unconsciously but he had to make sure she was fine and not in some trouble.

He had caught one of her students in the corridor and a little bribe and charm had gotten him her address.

Now without saying a word he extended the small paper with the address information and told the driver to take him to the hotel first and then to the place. At this point, he could not risk her safety, who knew what else was being bugged if they have information about a lot of things.


It was a small cottage style house in the middle of beautiful Coorg estates… he was not sure if it was her permanent residence or she was residing there temporarily because by the looks the place seemed an exclusive one.

He had left the cab a while back when he sensed it might be dangerous to reveal her location to anyone if they didn’t know already so walking by the green acres he ended up in a green shaded area with fragrances all around him.

“I have told you guys don’t go too far in the estates… she keeps forgetting the road to home.” an annoyed yet calm voice reached his ears and he walked to the clearing where he could sense people.

“Ma’am, we didn’t want to take her but she insisted her son was coming and we didn’t know she has some issues.” the lean boy in his teens or early 20 apologized to someone he could not see.

“do you even realise it was her appointment today and here I can’t find her.” she was upset and irritated.

Next, he heard some shuffling and another couple emerged.

“Miss RIdhhima, any problem ?” the guy asked her.

“No, it’s good… it’s just my mother has gone somewhere and since she keeps forgetting stuff when she is troubled …”

“she has Alzheimer’s…?” the woman gasped. “it might be tough for you to handle her.”

“Guys, I don’t have time to answer and yes, she has the disease,” Ridhhima answered in a breath and left the door.

He hid behind a shade and let her pass and when she left he walked to the door where the couple and the boy were discussing the lady’s condition.

“excuse me…” he looked at the couple and the boy. “would it be okay…”

“Sorry Sir, we rent it to one couple at a time and right now we are full.” the boy answered and the couple went inside.

“i wanted to meet the old lady…” he tried the trick to get the answers.

“she is not here and Madam is also not here so you can wait for them or come back tomorrow morning,” he told him before showing a wooden sophisticated chair to me.

“No no it is fine… and by the way where is Kabeer? He is not taking my calls lately,” he asked him trying to get the information about her husband.

“Sorry, I don’t know anything about him,” the boy averted his eyes from him. “I have some stuff to do , you can wait for them.”

something was off here but at least she was safe and at this moment he just wanted that.

“No no it’s fine, I’ll be back soon.” he offered a smile as he turned to leave.

He waited for a while and when he saw her holding a cheerful lady who was telling her something excitedly he knew he didn’t need to stay there, she was safe and so was her mother.


Unknown place, Unknown people

“Are you sure he is interested in her,” the lady in casual jeans and a T-shirt asked the group of 7 people around her.

“of course Ma’am, but we have to wait till he falls hard and then we will grab her… for now let him rest in peace thinking we don’t anything about the dance teacher.” the man with a sharp long stitched cut under his right eye told her.

“fall hard for her soldier and just when you will have her I’ll snatch her from you.” the lady told wistfully eyeing his somewhat injured self in the photograph, not more than a few years ago.

“I was doing fine before I met you,” her eyes grew bitter and watery but she controlled herself.

But now I can stop…” she crooned the song and smiled.


Hey everyone, how are all of you. I know this is a short chapter but there are a few time-lines I am still working on since this story would shuffle between a past and present scenario.

The next chapter will be updated in a few days or by next weekend if everything goes well.

I apologize for the delay as usual, but it’s tough to be regular, hope you all understand.

How was the chapter, I’ll be waiting for your feedback

Stay safe and stay healthy

With love Morusya.

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