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Anuama FF – Love is in the air?? Ep: 7

Kavya and Devika spend some time in the park. They recollect their memories with Anu. Meanwhile they get into a coffee shop.They sit there and keeps on talking. Anirudh is sitting behind Kavya and Devika sees this.

Devika: Kavya, can you please get my purse from the car.

Kavya: Give me the key.

Devika(to herself): I will prove something today!!!

Devika calls out Anirudh and he goes to her.

Anirudh: Heyy, are you alone??

Devika: You wanted Kavya to accompany me?

Anirudh:Kavya?? Who is she?(trying to hide)

Kavya hearing this and coming: You don’t know who Kavya is? I will introduce her you idiot.

Anirudh: ooo you are Kavya right??

Kavya: Don’t try to act too smart. I know that you know me because we had introduced ourselves to each other that day.

Anirudh: Oh hello,you are not the only person I have met. I meet many people.So I didn’t remember clearly.

Kavya: Oh,you will be awarded with an Oscar.

Anirudh: Thank you for nominating me.By the way I am not here to talk to you.I am here to talk with Devika…..So Devika are you planning to get married  soon?

Devika: Yaa,if you are free I am ready anytime(wantingly to irritate kavya)

Anirudh:Yeah..My family is looking for a daughter in law(looking at Kavya)

Devika: Ofcourse,I will be their daughter in law

Kavya: Are you out of your senses? He is a very arrogant man. You deserve a better person

Anirudh:Why are you being possesive?

Kavya: Who said so?

Anirudh:I can understand it.

Kavya: But you failed to understand me

Anirudh:Is that so? Okay.I don’t want to understand loosers

Kavya: You mean to say that I am looser?

Anirudh: Yes, you are a looser

Kavya: All men are the same.Arrogant,misbehaving,cheap and losers.

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Anirudh:Devika,let’s start dating?

Devika: Ya sit down.Let’s have a coffee.

Kavya gets irked and goes.Devika questions Anirudh why he is irritating her like this.

Anirudh: What do you think?

Devika: Are you???

Anirudh:Sort of…

Devika gets excited. She goes behind Kavya.

Kavya: Go,Go be his bride.

Devika: Yaa..we had a small discussion about our future life! He is very sweeeettt……

Kavya: Go to hell with him

Devika: Yaa! baby will call me tomorrow!!

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