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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Dadi learns the truth

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Dadi calling Kartik and Naira. She worries and calls driver. She hears Kartik telling Gayu that her reports are normal. Driver says it was Dadi’s call, she didn’t say anything. Kartik says maybe it was network problem, come. Naira thinks did Dadi hear anything. Dadi thinks what happened to Gayu. Devyaani asks Rama why is she worried. Gayu is strong, she went on shopping with Kartik and Naira. Gayu comes home. Devyaani asks didn’t you buy anything. Gayu says I didn’t like anything, Kartik and Naira had to go home. Rama takes Gayu and asks what did doctor say, is everything fine. Gayu nods. Devyaani looks on and calls Naira.

She asks what happened to Gayu. Naira says she is fine. Devyaani says its fine if you don’t want to say, don’t forget that

I m a vaid, you are smart, don’t do anything stupid. Naira says Devyaani is doubting on Gayu, she is a Vaid, if you can guess, its not tough for her. Kartik asks will she tell everyone. Puru asks is everything fine. Kartik says yes, Naira got an injection. Puru says Naira take care, I have to talk to Kartik about project, I m handling PR, I keep thinking of a line to highlight in media, can you suggest. Kartik says www, women with wings. Puru says its nice. Puru asks anything else. Naira says bffs, be fearless friends. Puru says wow, its fantastic. Manish says really nice, its easy and catching, very meaningful. Puru says your wife is beauty with brains. Naira says I m handling many things, Dadi gave me some work. Puru says you need to convince her. Kartik says I will try my best. Dadi asks Surekha to go with driver, he will take you to hospital. Naira comes. Dadi asks are you fine. Naira says I got an injection.

Dadi asks what happened to Gayu. Naira says nothing. Dadi says I m not a kid, tell me what’s going on. Naira says nothing. Dadi goes. Naira says this shouldn’t have happened. Samarth and Gayu and ask what happened. Naira says we should tell Dadi about your pregnancy. Gayu says I should think I should be ashamed, elders won’t understand this, they will be hurt, I will feel guilty, I feel guilty in front of Samarth also. Samarth says come on, I understand this. He says Naira, this is Gayu and my decision. Naira says it will be a big issue, sorry Gayu, you will be hurt, but I have decided, we should tell Dadi. Gayu cries. Naira says Dadi asked me, I denied it that time, they will find out some way. They argue. Kartik says we will think and not hurry. Naira says I have thought of it, telling Dadi will be right, sorry Gayu, I don’t want complications in your life, if this relation has to break, it will break here else it will form forever. Gayu asks why did you let this matter reach here, I didn’t wish to marry anyone. Naira says I m with you. She asks Samarth not to feel bad of Gayu’s words. She says marriage isn’t a solution, its an option which can be considered. They see Dadi.

Naira says I have called Dadi here. Dadi asks Naira to say. Naira says I should have told you about it, sorry, don’t feel bad about it. She tells everything. Dadi looks at Gayu. Samarth says I knew this and then proposed Gayu for marriage, my decision is same, I m sure you won’t change your decision. Kartik says we feel they are made for each other. Naira says their relation is based on respect and liking, I m sure this marriage will bring happiness in their lives. Dadi leaves. Gayu cries and says its all over now. Naira asks where is Dadi. Surekha says she went to your Maayka. Naira, Kartik, Gayu and Samarth leave. Gayu says sorry, but Rama will be hurt. Naira says we can’t ignore good and bad for us being afraid of the result, we will see whatever happens. Kartik holds her hand. Samarth says don’t know what Dadi does there. They reach home and see Dadi with Devyaani and Rama. Dadi says I will get maang tika for Gayu, it was last wish of Samarth’s mum.

Devyaani asks from where are you four coming together. Dadi says its good you are here, we have got few things to discuss about marriage. Naira asks are you upset with me. Dadi says no, I will come to fulfill my duties in marriage, Naira lets not talk about it here. Dadi leaves. Gayu cries. She says I told you Naira not to say her. Naira says sorry. Gayu says I don’t like this, she is upset with you because of me. Naira hugs her and says don’t feel bad for me, I m fine. Gayu says I feel guilty, I m so sorry. Samarth says you two stop crying, I will speak to Dadi. Dadi cries. Akhilesh says what shall we say, its really a big thing. Surekha says I didn’t expect this from Naira. Samarth says I will talk to her, I will go to her, after all, its my life.

Naira says I feel something wrong is going to happen. Kartik hugs Naira and pacifies her. Dadi says let it be Samarth. Samarth says I have made this decision knowing everything, I have no issue with Gayu’s pregnancy, I wish to marry her as I liked her. Dadi says our society doesn’t forgive such women who are pregnant before marriage. Samarth says society is changing, this doesn’t matter now. Dadi says blood relations matter. Manish says we can take step to change things. Dadi says people aren’t marrying but getting children by surrogacy, since they want their own blood, they aren’t adopting children when they can. Naira worries. Dadi says its about blood relations and lineage, no matter what you say or do, that child will never be truly yours. Samarth gets sad.

Kartik and Naira say sorry, this engagement can’t happen. Manish asks but why. Naira says Samarth and Gayu have eloped. Everyone gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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