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Udaan 10th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Chakor meets Pakhi

Udaan 10th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Anjor entering the village. Chakor sees her and shouts to stop her. They see the state of the village. Anjor thinks I shouldn’t get emotional and remember that I came here to find Sameer. She gets shocked seeing Sameer being buried alive. She pricks her finger and applies the blood on her hairline. She goes to them and acts like she is Sameer’s wife. She gets shocked seeing Bhanu Pratap. She recalls the past. She asks him to leave her husband, she can’t live without him, she would better die. Bhanu stops them. He leaves Sameer free. Chakor feels sad seeing the village. She sees the tree temple and recalls Suraj. She goes to her house and cries. Bhanu says I misunderstood him and misbehaved, you have come here to spend time in village, so come to my haveli and spend time. Sameer

refuses. Anjor says we will come, we also want to spend time with you. Bhanu says great, come. Some men follow Chakor. She runs to hide. A girl catches her and helps. Chakor gets shocked seeing Pakhi. Pakhi says you are alive. She hugs Chakor and cries.

Bhanu shows his haveli. Anjor smiles seeing her home. Bhanu asks is it nice. She says yes. He introduces Lallan to them. Anjor reacts and recalls the past. Anjor says our family is busy, so we have come alone, my dad is a businessman, he runs a small factory, where is your wife, and children, does no one stay here. Bhanu asks them to come and meet his wife. Anjor sees the haveli. She sees Bhanu’s new wife Chanda. She sees garlands on Bhanu’s first wife’s pic. Bhanu asks Lallan to keep an eye on them. Lallan agrees. Pakhi asks where did you go, everything is ruined here, Aazaadgunj has become a hell, they will kill you, you should have not come here, just go from here. Chakor says I just came here for my daughter. The goons look for her. Chakor says I came here for Anjor, she has come here. Pakhi asks is she alive, I m glad to know this. Chakor says I will feel Aazaadgunj on this Navatri. Udaan hai…..plays….

Anjor says I m with my friends, I m fine. Poonam says its Navratri puja. Anjor says I will do puja here. Sameer asks why did you come here. Anjor says I don’t need to take permission from you, I was worried for you so I have come. He says I don’t need your sympathy, your dad trapped me and then you have come here. She says I just want to help you. He sees the stamp on her hand and asks her about it. She says actually…. He asks what. She says its nothing. He asks her not to trouble him and sleep. She teases him. He says don’t joke. She says this is a dangerous place, we shall leave, try and understand. He refuses to come. She says I won’t leave you alone here.

Chakor and Anjor are in celebrations. Bhanu says no one can come here, if anyone comes, then he can’t go. He points gun at Chakor.

Update Credit to: Amena

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