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RadhaKrishn 10th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna’s Unthinkable Act

RadhaKrishn 10th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ayan burns dry grass and smirks thinking his plan is successful, but then is shocked to see fire set off. Jatila asks where did dry grass go. Krishna announces everyone to pay attention and showing dry grass bed asks who wants to jump on it and enjoy; this grass can not only be used to burn things, but also for entertainment. Balram and a few kids join Krishna and they all jump on grass, while Ayan and Jatila stand fuming. At night, Nand gives gathered money to Radha and says today they gathered a lot of money and if mela continues for a few more days, they can gather sufficient wealth to repay their loan. Radha boasts that her plan of making both children and elders’ entry free worked, she is the queen and knows what to do next. Balram asks Krishna if he heard how Radha used their plan as

hers and took all the credit. Krishna says Radha is heading towards superego and arrogance. Next, Radha performs aarti while everyone stand behind her. Krishna then describes mata Chandraghanta’s story and how she controlled arrogance. He says they all should learn from this story and forget their arrogance.

Ayand and Jatila meet Kans and inform him that Radha’s mela is going successful, soon she will gather enough wealth to repay her loan. Kans says it is time to create another monster and chants black magic mantras to create one.

Krishna walks to Radha and plays bansuri to gain her attention, but she ignores him. He continues walking behind her. Radha asks if he knows why she is doing this. He asks why. She says he sold all her beloved things, now she will sell remaining ones and gather more money. Krishna says she cannot. She says she can as she is a queen. Krishna says yes. Radha looks around and not finding anything salable asks if he loves her, he should bring all his beloved things to her. He agrees and returning home gathers all his belongings. Balram walks in and asks what is he doing. Krishna says Radha wants them to sell in mela. He gathers all belongings and walks to an open area. Balram says Barsana is on the other side. Krishna says still Narayan’s most previous things are left, gets his panchjanya shanka and lotus flower from sky and keeps them among other belongings. Madhadev notices that and comments Krishna’s love is so unique. Gowriji says Krishna knows to express his love, but Mahadev does not. Mahadev says even he will give his all belongings to her. She says he is copying Krishna.

Krishna gifts all his belongings to Radha. Radha excitedly watches them and seeing panchjanya shank and lotus flower says these look very divine. Krishna asks her to start selling them then. Ayan interferes and shouts how dare he is to ask queen to sell things. Radha says it was her wish. Balram jokes Krishna has still one thing left, his life. Krishna says his life belongs to Radha.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that laughter is very important in life, we all want to laugh and others laugh too; laughter is useful when it emerges from pure heart and if emerges with jealousy, it breaks opponent’s heart and if it is used to degrade someone, it becomes insult.

Precap: Radha sells Krishna’s belongings for 10 coins. Flying bugbee like monster enters and tries to destroy Krishna’s belongings. Radha says she will not let him destroy them. Krishna runs towards monster.

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