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After twinkle and Kunj Tashan Kunj resting in his room.While twinkle went downstairs everyone get worried about her.Twinkle get busy with kavin and kainaat:Kunj was laying down on the bed thinking about twinkle who kissed him like after knowing about him.

Kunj:what she wanted now.If something happened to her today babaji please don’t let.Yes she hurt me but I never wanted to her.Kunj keep his all thought aside.He slept while thinking everyone was sitting in living room. Just than they all heard voice and all get up someone was coming.A lady along with a boy and two girls.They entered in a hall.

Elders making face to see them but didn’t let them see.

Niki:hi guys how’s you all.

Saroj:we all fine.How’s you all.Didn’t in formed.

Niki:mom even you didn’t in formed me as well.

Saroj:I’m your mom not you are so I’ll I’m form you.

Sanam:offo dadi Maa why you getting hyper she come and take her blessing.

Even Manohar and Usha as well.Ovi too. Twinkle making faces.

Ovi:I miss you all.

Usha:haan. They all sit sanam look at twinkle and making faces.

Sanam: tum yeh twinkle hoo so now I understand.

Niki:mom come here for her twinkle bahu haina..

{so guys sanam is Saroj younger son daughter in law her husband passed away in a car accident along with his mom and dad. And Ovi is sanam younger sister who staying with her only. And Niki is Saroj younger daughter she had a son who’s name is Vivian. Single mother she is}

Saroj:you all go and get freshen up.

Sanam:haa dadi Maa.They all went in their respective rooms.While Kunj was sleeping Ovi searching Kunj everywhere is palace. Twinkle see her went towards her.

Twinkle:what happened Ovi.

Ovi: kuch nahi where is Kunj.

Twinkle:why did you have any work with him.

Ovi:it’s none of your business get it.

Twinkle:acha than don’t search my husband go and do some other things get it.She said went from there.

Ovi:huhu this twinkle again come back

in Kunj baby life what I’ll do after so much. Huhu.She went for there.

Twinkle was in her room she doing her work. Sanam was passing from window she stop and look at her.Twinkle see Kunj who sleeping like a baby she went towards him and sit beside Kunj and kissed on his forehead and cheeks.

Twinkle: don’t what happened to him maybe he doing this all things because of that depression medicines.God knows why he act like this. I love you kunj when will you understand this. Sanam see this.

Sanam:hoo so this is going on between them I thought I separated them but see them they are still together.She went from there Kunj wake up and look at twinkle who cuddling him resting her head on his chest.

twinkle:wake up.Without looking at him.

Kunj: how you know?

Twinkle: I can feel because I love you na Kunj that’s why. She get up and look at him. Now go and get freshen up you sleep lot today.

Kunj:hmm. Let me go. She give him side Kunj get up and went in washroom while twinkle take out his night dress and place in side she went downstairs. Kunj get freshen up he went downstairs still sleepy eyes. Twinkle making coffee for him she come to him and give Kunj take and sit in side just than there Ovi come.

Ovi: Kunj where were you haa. Kunj open his eyes and look at Ovi he get shocked to see him.

Kunj: Ovi tum?

Ovi: surprise to see me here. She hugged him twinkle look at Kunj who didn’t hug him back.


Ovi: I miss you lot.

Twinkle:Ovi stop missing my husband find someone else.Twinkle side her she get shocked to see Kunj hold his hand and drinking his coffee.After sometimes later they all sit for dinner Nikki and sanam just staring twinkle.

Vivian: twinkle you come here alone and whole family come to take you back nani never did this for anyone till now.

Kunj: kyu you have any problem Vivian.

Nikki: he just asking Kunj.

Kunj: even me too bua.

Saroj: you all keep silent just have your dinner.They nodded and having their breakfast.

Sanam:Arey Khariah you still here I thought you must be went New York back.

Khariah:nahi yeh aayege na humhe lene.

Kunj:in his mind my di is so innocent. Why babaji. They all finished their dinner and went in their respective rooms.

Other side Mehar having labour pain abeer get shocked with whole family they take Mehar hospital.They didn’t in formed anyone.Even Avni and yuvi reached Amritsar Anita and Surjit come back before them so they clear their house.Kunj standing busy in his thoughts while twinkle come out of the washroom she wearing nighty and looking awesome.Twinkle see Ovi coming towards their room she went and closed the door.Twinkle went towards bed and sitting busy with Rohan on their group Aditi and Adarsh come back from their honeymoon even Adarsh was also staying in Amritsar. Kunj come back and sit beside twinkle. He see twinkle who giggling.

Kunj:what happened. Kunj snatch her phone.

Twinkle:Kunj this isn’t good why you snatch my phone haan..

Kunj: let me with whom you were busy.

Twinkle:I’m not like you na who busy always with sanam bhabhi sister. Twinkle take her phone back.Just with Rohan.Kunj see Aditi and Adarsh honeymoon photos she saw him Kunj see and smile.They recalled their time.

Kunj:did you remember when we went uff.

Twinkle: haan both remember funny moment and laughs out like anything. Twinkle smiled Kunj laughs. She having tears in her tears.


Twinkle:you looking so good when you laugh I wish babaji stay you like this: she cupped his face.Now you tell me the reason why you behaving like this with me.

Kunj:I told you na now don’t spoil my mood.

Twinkle:Kunj at least think about me you roaming with Ovi instead of me why.

Kunj:because I’m not interested in you. Just than twinkle get call from Leela she talk to her and get shocked when she get to know about.

Twinkle:what Maa in coming don’t worry.

Kunj: what happened?

Twinkle: Kunj mere papa😭😭.

Kunj: what happened to uncle. She started crying Kunj call Leela back and talk to her. Maa we are coming don’t worry. Let’s go.

Twinkle:what right now what about others.

Kunj: right now nothing is more important than your father. Let’s go don’t cry wiped her tears they both get up change their clothes Kunj leave message for his dadi.They both left for hospital.Soon they reached hospital and see get shocked Leela and Bebe was crying they went towards them.

Twinkle: Maa and Bebe what happened to my papa.

Abeer: he just faint and Meher was in labor room.

Twinkle:what about bhabhi.

Bebe:dr doing.

Kunj:suddenly papa?

Leela:you know about him when he think and give stress himself his heart started pumping fast.

Twinkle:Maa don’t worry. Mahi was sitting in side. Twinkle sit beside her and asked about rt. She tell him.

Mahi: di I’m toh just telling papa.

Twinkle:it’s okay. Mahi. Dr come Kunj went towards him and asked about rt.

Kunj:dr how’s my father.??

Dr:now he is fine due to some tension he get faint.

Kunj:okay.Dr went all get relief.Twinkle crying in side while thinking about rt.

Twinkle:Babaji if papa health worse due to Mahi if he get to know about me.No babaji I’ll tie before this truth come out. Kunj going to give me divorce me.

Mehar give birth to a baby girl.Dr and nurse come with a baby in their hand. Everyone was waiting for him. Abeer went and take his baby girl in his hands he felt so good.kissed on baby forehead Kunj see and giggles everyone waiting while twinkle just lost in her thoughts worried about her father only.Leela and Bebe take baby remove evil eyes.kunj take baby in his hands he felt so good she is so cute.

Your daughter is very beautiful abeer Kunj said.Haan after all  she is my daughter abeer said with a giggle.

Twinkle went in rt wardroom she sit beside him and kissed on his hands due to her tear drops he open his eyes and look at him.Papa twinkle speak.rt look at her. What happened to you haa papa always you did this with yourself you should be happy na see your grand daughter come twinkle said with tears. Rt smile and try to get up twinkle help him.he sit and take her both hands in his.

Nothing happened I’m just worried about Mahi rt said.

But why papa we all know about her nothing happened for that incident you didn’t talk to her now why you giving tension to yourself. Twinkle said to him.

Na beta you know about me I’m

Just worried about you and Mahi that’s all she didnot think about me and my respect I just hope with you now you always make me proud that you are my daughter and you did till now for me you marry Kunj and now how happily you staying with him. and kissed on twinkle forehead. Now take me to my grand daughter. Rt added with a smile.Twinkle smiled and hold his hand take him outside their everyone sitting they all see rt and went towards him while nurse take baby.

Kunj:Arey papa why you come outside you should rest for sometimes.


Rt:now mujhe Apni Poti se mil na hai.

All smiled Mehar wake up they all went inside.mehar was sitting with baby she is in her arms they all ahead.Kunj Oder cake for Mehar and baby to cheer up everyone mood.

Twinkle:congratulations bhabhi and bhai.They all give her good wishes.Rt kissed on baby kissed she open her eyes.Kunj bring cake.Cakeee..

Kunj:haan.Celebration time.They all stand in circle Mehar and abeer cut the cake they all clapped and feed each other’s.

Leela:you all should leave now.I’ll stay here.

Abeer:I’ll stay na Maa with Mehar and baby.All understand and agree with abeer.They all bid bye to newly father and mother and left for their place.

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Whole night twinkle didn’t sleep. She just thinking about rt If after so much time pain given by Mahi to rt his wounds didn’t healed. She wake up and get freshen up didn’t found Kunj in room she went in room balcony and see Kunj and Ovi together in garden.Ovi giving hug to Kunj twinkle closed her eyes.Twinkle went in room back while Kunj entered in room.both share painful eyes lock.She went towards him.

Twinkle:what are you doing haan.

Kunj: what??

Twinkle: I’ll tell you. She went near him and show him lipstick mark on Kunj neck in mirror.Tell me what is this.Kunj see and wipe with twinkle duptta. She jerk his hand. Kunjj you forgetting your limits day by day haan?..

Kunj:twinkle it just normal.And you just sign on paper and leave me alone. Twinkle grab his collar.

Twinkle:why I’ll leave haa. She started throwing the things Kunj get shocked to see this.

Kunj:twinkleee you will get hurt.

Twinkle:let me die what you doing with me better than this Kunj.You wanted to give me divorce fine Kunj.Than let me die she take knife Kunj get shocked he hold her hand.

Kunj:twinkle are you mad haa?? He took knife from her hand and throw in side.

Twinkle:why you doing this with me think about me Kunj if my papa get to know about me than what will happen to him.You love Ovi than why you marry haan that day only told me I’ll deny for this marriage.We are so happy Kya hua hai tumhe you didn’t understand me Kunj anymore.Tell me I’ll help you. I know you have depression problems na.

Kunj:what i have done with you. Nothing.

Twinkle:haa you haven’t done anything than why you doing this all things with Ovi I’m your wife you feel bad come to near me.Since di marriage anniversary you behaving like animal with me hurt me this much physically as well why Kunj. Kunj didn’t said anything just went in washroom and after get freshen up left for office twinkle just shocked to see him.Than she wiped her tears and take Saroj permission she too went her music classes.Twinkle reached.Leela in formed sarna’s about Mehar she blessed with a baby girl all get happy there.

Twinkle teach kids music her mind was just thinking about Kunj only. She went in garden and sit there.

Twinkle POV

Papa is so stressed because of if he got to know about my & kunj

relationship.then what will happen..

No i can’t let him know about this..i don’t want to loose him.if he will got to know about this..then he will take tension is not good for him..i will.try each possible things to give him happiness.

I will never show him my pain.i  will talk to kunj..any how i have to convince him..stop this divorce drama. And also to behave good in front of my family so that he didn’t take tension

I know kunj will listen me ..till the time i will try to find out the reason behind his

behaviour with me Haan this will ok…

I have to do this for my father happiness..please babaji give me strength so that i can fight with this problem as well.don’t let anything happen to papa.

Abeer request to dr give discharge to Mehar. Dr agree they give discharge to Mehar and baby he take them home everyone was waiting for them and they do some decoration for Babi welcome Mehar and baby come and get surprised to see whole house filled with toys and girly things she loved it.

Leela: my doll you bring them haan. Mehar you go and rest give her to me.

Mehar: okay Maa. Abeer take Mehar in their room while baby was with bebe rt come and sit beside her.

Rt: hi baby where is her mother?

Bebe: Leela send her in room.

Rt: good what name we decided for baby.

Leela:lets do baby naming ceremony na.

Rt:haan I’m thinking this only let me call twinkle.

Leela: Mahi.

Rt:Leela please don’t take her name in front of me I have only one daughter it’s twinkle that’s it.He get up and went from there while Leela and Bebe was shocked.

Rt call abeer both discuss about baby naming ceremony. Abeer agree with rt so both father and son get busy in preparation rt send all relatives and friends sweets for this new bundle of joy.

Avni message twinkle she see her name and talk to her on chat.She call her tell her to come to meet with her and Avni even she messaged Kunj as well for dinner tonight they four of them.

Twinkle:it’s good they both maybe help me somewhere.Whole day passed like this quickly.Twinkle went back to sarna mansion.

Sanam:hi twinkle here you teaching Music to kids it’s not suits on our family reputation.

Twinkle:acha bhabhi I don’t think so I think it’s better than what your sister doing it. Sanam get angry immediately.

Sanam:mind your tongue twinkle don’t forget I’m elder daughter in law of this house.

Twinkle:even don’t you dare to forget I’m too.She show her finger. There Ovi come.

Ovi: di what happened haan?

Sanam: nothing Ovi just someone flying too much don’t forget what Kunj have done last time.

Twinkle: 😂haha you just know how to fill someone husband ears Against his wife. He is my husband he can do anything with me you should pray for your late husband Aadesh sarna.And talking about you Ovi stay far away from my Kunj I’ll tell dadi Maa about you she will not take much time to throw you out of this house both sister get shocked to see twinkle.She walk out from there.

Sanam:she started talking so much.

Ovi:haan di now Kunj also not interesting in me. Twinkle went in Saroj room she was sitting twinkle went

Towards her sit beside her.

Twinkle: dadi Maa.

Saroj: you come back how’s your day?

Twinkle:great dadi Maa. You know bhabhi blessed with a baby girl.

Saroj:haan I get to know I was so happy now I’m too waiting for my hire who takes my legacy ahead.Twinkle see her and blushed.acha what happened did sanam did anything?

Twinkle:why you asking this.I think you spy at me get to know about


Saroj:nope it just I know about each and everyone in this family how they are.

Twinkle: hmm you wanted to say me anything dadi Maa.

Saroj: hmm I just wanted to ask you what happened actually between you and Kunj I felt some issues between you and him.

Twinkle: dadi I’ll tell you when it’s needed let me deal with this. Saroj take her hand in hers.

Saroj:see twinkle I told you before only in this family expect than your in laws no one was happy even my daughter they all just wanted anyhow break down your and Kunj marriage and you know how Kunj is he didn’t think so much just react quickly last time because of sanam he almost raise his hand on you. And I know you are angry with him that’s why you come India and Don’t wanted to go back..

Twinkle:dadi this I know but Kunj didn’t understand I toh do that only what he likes.

Saroj:haan we all know.He is mad.You toh know about him.

Twinkle:haan dadi I know about him.I’ll talk to him.

Saroj:he take his medicine still?

Twinkle:hmm. Acha dadi Avni and yuvi come Amritsar so we all going for dinner .

Saroj: good you take Kunj too.

Twinkle:he also going with us.She get up and went in her room.Twinkle take out her clothes she went in washroom and get ready quickly while Kunj come back from office he was looking sad.Twinkle give him his clothes both didn’t said utter a word. Kunj too get ready. Both went downstairs everyone sitting.

Kavin:bhai where you both going haa?

Kunj:for dinner.

Kavin:haan amazing go bhabhi.Twinkle smiled.while Nikki and sanam make wired faces.Kunj and twinkle take permission and went outside.Kunj sit in car twinkle come sit beside him.He start the car left.Twinkle resting her head on window looking at outside while Kunj just looking at her only. He smiled to see twinkle in peace.

Kunj:Want me to explain the reason

Why I find you so beautiful and sweet

Explanation for that is You are my heart’s beat To describe you in a few words Won’t be an easy thing I would describe you with the phrase I wouldn’t say s*xy or amazing You’re my reason for being.

Din, mahine sal, dit gaye,

Jane kab se,

hum tum na Mil sake,

Waqt ne ek esi lakir khichi

Jishe hum kabhi mita nasake

Kabhi ek din door na

Rehne wale hamesh ke liye

door ho gaye

dil mein sab gaye

ankho mein rehne wale

pyaar mein dard,

yeh toh janliya

pyaar mein ansoo hai

vo bhi dekh liye

pyaar saja hai

vo bhi kat rehe hai

phir bhi jane kyo

unse pyaar kiye jarahe hai

dil ke dard ki dava na koi

ye dard saja hai ya dua hai koi

hoto par na ah saka jiska nam

dil ki dhardan kyo lehti hai

usi ka nam.While thinking about twinkle soon they reached.They both come out of the car. Twinkle bump with a guy.

Kunj:Arey can’t you see and walk haan.

Man:same to you this girl.

Twinkle:Kunj leave na. She hold his hand. And take him inside they both went inside the hotel yuvi and Avni was waiting for them. They both went toward table and meet with them share a hug. And take their seats.

Avni: you both take too much time.

Yuvi: haan. I’m surprised to see you both together again.Twinkle and Kunj look at each other’s.

Avni:yuvi don’t start your nonsense story. How’s you kunj.

Kunj:good like always.Yuvi Oder the food.

Yuvi: Kya hua twinkle why you are so silent.

Avni: because of your Kunj yuvi give him some Sadbuddhi.

Kunj: why you need.

Yuvi: chalo Kunj now what problem you have with twinkle till now I didn’t understand after that Kunj still haan. And you twinkle why you come India without in forming him haan he was angry with you you giving him Tashan in Aditi and Adarsh wedding as well. Or you behaving like stranger with him.

Twinkle: really yuvi you telling me this I behaving like stranger with him. Ask him first why he behaving like a stranger with me we staying in one room still he make me feel like I’m stranger and outsider for him. And talking about leaving him and come back. What he have done with me I didn’t wanted to stay with him anymore.

Avni: means?

Kunj: just shut your mouth.

Twinkle:why you shutting me haan.I come because of him only yuvi.He having so rudely with me and he was spending day and night with Ovi moreover he was so close to her.With my own eyes I saw him with her she was sitting on his lap is it good what reaction should be my haa after see my husband with a another girl.Avni and yuvi look at Kunj who just looking at tv.

He didn’t even try to stop me he just told me go and lost from his life. What I felt only I know. He didn’t call me during this days.

Yuvi:Kunj this isn’t good.

Avni:Haan Kunj she is your wife and why Ovi she is just your bhabhi sister.

Twinkle:now she is everything for him.

Kunj:twinkle I don’t wanted any drama here.

Twinkle:see you both too he just know this. Didn’t your best friend told you yuvi that he send me DIVORCE PAPERs.

Avni:what when??

Yuvi:Kya divorce.Tears escaping from her eyes.

Twinkle:haan he send me divorce papers wants to end our marriage.

Yuvi: why kunjjj.

Kunj:bas my wish I don’t wanted to stay with her she is so lucky for me. Yesterday only keshe isske duppte me aag lag gai. Before meet with a accident.

Twinkle: I’m unlucky..

Kunj:yes because of you I m not safe.

Twinkle about to get up Avni hold her hand and gestures her in no.She gulps Kunj words soon food come.Waiter served them twinkle just playing with food she didn’t have anything.Kunj words hit on her heart so badly.Kunj see her his heart aching so much.Twinkle wiped her tears didn’t let them come out Avni and yuvi see this.They finished the dinner in somber way.

Yuvi:lets go and have ice cream. Na..

Twinkle: no I don’t wanted already it’s too much late yuvi even I have to go in abeer bhai naming ceremony too. I’ll take a leave you people continue.She said before anyone could say she get up and run from there.

Kunj:twinkleeee. She hold her tears and sit in her and left. Yuvi and Avni look at Kunj.

Avni: you both go even I too wanted to go back home.She went from there.Yuvi and Kunj both went and walking on

street road both sits on rocks at seaside and drinking from Same bottle.

Yuvi: Kunj you haven’t done good with twinkle how harsh you was with her haan.

Kunj:still she is so ziddi didn’t take the name to leave me yaar.

Yuvi: why Kunj what happened haan. You toh love her lot that day only you told me you can’t leave without her something bothering you haan.

Kunj:I don’t know yuvi I take wrong decision to marry her that’s sit. If she stay with me will be in pain this she didn’t understand.


Kunj:Haan yuvi since time she marry with me every passing time something wrong happened with her she falls down from corridor staircase haan here also.

Yuvi:Kunj I didn’t understand you tell me clearly what going in your mind haan.

Kunj:yuvi she hurt me broke me as well: still I’m thinking about her.She wasn’t faithful with me but I was with her.Yuvi I’m getting warning messages.

Yuvi: again??

Kunj:haan yuvi before it’s all stop after twinkle that again started.Now in that messages a person was behind twinkle life.Because of me.

Yuvi: how?

Kunj:it’s true yuvi.Firstly he was behind me sending me message now he taking about twinkle send me her photos how he get to know about twinkle she is my wife because of me he wanted to kill hurt this i don’t want.I made a mistake he doesn’t why she will punish for that which she didn’t do.

Yuvi:you are right at your place Kunj but I’m slightly confused how this possible he behind twinkle. Kunj tell him few things.Hmm but Kunj your way?

Kunj:Me yuvi she will leave me her life will be not in danger.

Yuvi:and why you hate her tell me this also.

Kunj:I don’t have words for that he closed his fist.Now I’m not loving her anymore I’m just doing this as a human being she is my enemy that’s all.After sometimes later.Kunj reached and went in his room he entered in his room

twinkle was laying on bed on her stomach she was crying.Kunj went toward bed.And see her he felt so bad. He went beside her and sleep.Twinkle look at him she feel so bad he didn’t turned towards him.she cuddles herself and closed her eyes.Both sleep in pain.

Morning twinkle wake up she didn’t disturb Kunj just get freshen up and went downstairs.Twinkle tell Saroj

She going to her mother house because of baby naming ceremony.Saroj and Usha give her permission she went.

Kunj wake up he giving voice to twinkle didn’t get any response back.Ovi listen his voice and entered in room with breakfast.

Ovi:hi Kunj baby how’s you haa.She went near him Kunj get up Ovi going to peck on his cheek Kunj stop her.

Kunj:Ovi please don’t I was just with you because of my own reason don’t take this drama in a serious way.Kunj said and went from there.Kunj get freshen

Up he went downstairs joint his siblings.

He get to know about twinkle she went Taneja mansion..

@at Taneja mansion everyone was busy in baby naming ceremony preparation twinkle fully busy herself so Kunj thoughts didn’t come in her mind.Rt was so happy to see all family members as well.sarna’s get ready for function Usha and kainaat buy baby things for Mehar baby.They all left for Taneja mansion in afternoon.They all went inside see the arrangement get happy to see this understand this done by only their bahu.

All guest arrived abeer and rt welcomes them. Rohan and yuvi or Avni Tarun Chinki even Adarsh and Aditi as well they come back last night only Kunj meet with his gang.Twinkle was in her room after last night Kunj words still hurting her so much.Rt enter in her room and see her tears he get surprised.He went towards her keep his hands on her shoulder.


Twinkle:haa papa.She turned and wiped her tears. Aap.

Rt: what happened to you haa why you crying twinkle puttar tell me he get worried so soon.

Twinkle:Arey papa nahi something went in my eyes that’s why.

Rt: no you lying with me bacha tell me I saw you from many days you are not happy tell me the reason. Does something happen in your marriage life are you not happy did I take wrong decision I forced you na.

Twinkle:mere pyaare papa who told you this you thinking so much uff.I’m happy

Who told you this you force me haan never now let’s go downstairs your princess waiting for you.She hold rt hand and take him downstairs all look at twinkle and rt they coming down.Kunj get mesmerised to see twinkle she looking absolutely stunning.Mehar and abeer come with their baby.Everyone sit in side twinkle meet with her friends she didn’t even look at Kunj. Pandit ji call parents they sit in front of Pandit Jit with their baby he doing pooja than he asked name for baby.

Abeer:papa you tell me what name you decided for baby.

Rt:it’s your right abeer you give your daughter name.I did at my time.

Abeer:okay papa.My daughter name

Is HIZA ABEER TANEJA.All smiled and like the name.All give baby blessings and gifts.All elders sit in side.

Aditi:aww she is so cute I love her.

Adarsh:and I love you too.All giggles.

Mahi see twinkle and rt they both sitting together she having tears in her eyes.

Mahi:see today papa and twinkle di.Was a time I was so closed to papa twinkle di toh hardly spend time with papa and I was his eyes apple now time totally changed my one mistakes did this all. Now feel so jealous with twinkle di.I run behind my love leave my papa love today he wasn’t with me even my papa as well too. He is right meri jeshi daughter honi hi nahi chahiye hai keshe ki bhi because of me papa bear so much humiliations I didn’t think once about his self respect bow down his head in front of this world.Now he didn’t talk to me even not look me once.

It’s right when we choose someone over our love once’s this happened absolutely right. I choose 2 days love in front of my papa love who was the reason Because of him I come in this world. He feels so proud on me now I only the once who give him tears.I may have lost someone who didn’t love me, but i lost someone who truly loved me.All playing with baby so much

Teasing her she crying when they pulled her cheeks.Kunj just finding twinkle everywhere she was just busy in work or maybe itself she make herself busy.

{Sometimes we didn’t understand take the value what we have we just taking them like a toy one will break down bring another.Until he didn’t leave us we didn’t understand what we have it.

Same happened with Mahi she choose  her love over her father love.So today itself she make her stand here only. 2 days love value is more in front of her eyes nog her father move value who maybe struggles for her so much.}

{And talking about twinkle she had fear if her father come to know about life what will be his reaction one time he dishearten because of Mahi she don’t wanted once again her father humiliate. She just bearing Kunj all pain because of her father happiness he never feel that he was the reason the because of him today twinkle was in this pain she itself bearing everything. It’s not crime when a father can fight with this world for his daughter can’t a daughter as well.He used to think about her happiness now it’s her time as well. For a daughter father is very important part in her life that no one can’t take and replace it’s my own experience. When you have your father you are richest girl in this world because you have your father with you after him no Matter you have lots of money and everything but your precious thing is went away from your forever you can earn money back but father ever. The cutest and the most tenuous relationship is not between people who are in love (as you, probably, used to think)! It`s about the relationship between father and daughters! What can be more touching than the way how a father takes care of his small daughter, protecting her from different difficulties and solving even the smallest problems? Have you ever seen something more sincere than the love of a daughter to her father? Even when small girls become adult women and start their own families, nothing changes between fathers and their daughters!. Rt was a reason of twinkle fear..

@After naming ceremony is over all happily Went their home back.

Saroj: now we should leave Leela ji and rt.

Rt:haan thanks for coming.They bid bye to each other’s and left. Twinklewent in washroom to get freshen Kunj entered in room he didn’t find her.

Kunj: where is twinkle after last night she didn’t talk to me I was really harsh with her uff.He take out his shirt finding his night dress just than twinkle entered in room after bath.She look at Kunj he too.Twinkle think Dadi words she smirked. She near him Kunj lost in her wet hairs.

Twinkle:Kunj can you help me.

Kunj: what Kunj help haan?? Twinkle turned and show him back lace.

Twinkle: in naughty way please help me na Kunj I was waiting for you only tie my back dori please na.

Kunj:why I you can do yourself na.

twinkle:hoo Kunj can’t you see my one hand is injured.

Kunj:even my too.

Twinkle:okay we will do together I’ll use my one and you as well.She hold his hand place on her back she wearing dress it’s fully deep.Showing her lower back. Kunj hold the dori he tie the dori twinkle smile.

Kunj: now fine. He about to go twinkle push him on bed and come hover on him. Kunj get shocked twinkle what is this.

Twinkle:Kunj why you are in so hurry always you didn’t care about your beautiful wife haan why? She moving her hands on his bear chest.

Kunj:twinkle side please let me go.

Twinkle:not today why you getting hyper my touch didn’t affect you anymore na.

I miss your touch it’s so long I was dying for your touch Kunj we didn’t make love. She kissed on his chest Kunj closed his eyes.

Kunj:twinkle please don’t.Than she kiss on his face fully.Kunj get up hold twinkle shoulders fully she look at him He lost his sense and cuddles her tightly she too both hugging each other’s passionately caressing each other’s bones. Kunj cupped twinkle face about to kiss on her lips twinkle place her hand on his mouth.

Twinkle:not now mr Kunj Sarna I’m very

Busy now.

Kunj:what you can’t after turning me twinkle.She about to go Kunj pulled her take her under him. Twinkle smirked and in her mind.

Twinkle:Avni is right man will be man it’s right way to bring him back. Kunj linked twinkle hands tightly.And nuzzles his face in her neck started kissing her wildly while she enjoying his torture. Longing for this even he too as well. Twinkle off lamp light with her hand and smiled she caressing Kunj nape hairs continuously moaning his name. Kunjj. He bite her so badly Kunj seals his lips with her lips both just waiting for this moment they kissing each other’s they were so thirsty for this kiss.Nibbles each other’s lips and biting.Kunj rubbing his feet’s on twinkle legs.They break the kiss.Kunj take off twinkle clothes.She give him permission they both lost in each other and their love Kunj increasing his speed twinkle moaning his name when he hurt her.She didn’t take about her pain just feel his touch and love.After making love Kunj get tired he sleep while twinkle caressing his hairs and kissing on his hand.

Twinkle:if he hate me than he didn’t care about me I know I can’t see me in pain.Something making him do this all things with me.The way I love him even he too.Than why he wanted to give divorce.She too sleep.Kunj thinking about twinkle in his dream he get bad nightmares due to this he wake up with a jerk. He sweating so much and see twinkle who sleeping beside him.Just than Kunj phone beep he take his phone and see the message Kunj read.


He throw his phone in side and look at twinkle with tearful eyes.Kyu hua mere sath aisa, meri galti sirf itni thi ki maine tumhe be inteha pyar kiya twinkle.Aaj bhi I’m doing it what you done with me in return haa.You are in my embrace but your heart beating for someone else.


How’s the episode?

Hope you all like .

Why Kunj doing this with twinkle you get answer. Something is there but what I’ll tell soon.

For her father twinkle bearing this all pain.

Give me your views.

Today is my father first death anniversary. Time went so fast man.😔😔😔. Everywhere you are just wanted stay happy.Never wanted this day come in my life last year only on this day I lost my father. Nothing more bad could happen with me after my pa. 😔

Bye love you all


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