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Patiala Babes 10th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Babita and Minnie Win Tikki Competition

Patiala Babes 10th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chef Rohan sees 1 rating on his app for his tikki by Patiala Babes and asks Babita and Minnie how can they give 1 star. Minnie says she wanted to give 0 star for his oily and stale tikki, her mother prepares better tikki than him. Rohan over mic announces that this mother and daughter duo has insulted his tikki which they all crave for and think they can prepare better tikki than him, if they should accept challenge and prepare better tikki than him and if they fail, they should apologize him. Minnie accepts challenge. On the other side, Mita confronts Ashok that Babita and Minnie cannot be in a financial crisis if he had return their jewelry, did he. Ashok keeps silent. She insists. He accepts that he needed 5 lakhs, so he mortgaged jewelry for 5 lakhs. Mita asks where did he mortgage. Ashok

shouts it is 5 lakhs and not a small amount.

Minnie with Babita accept challenge and make preparations. Babita nervously asks Minnie why did she accept challenge. Minnie says let chef know her talent. Hanuman brings all the ingredients. Chef says let us start preparing tikki and see whose tikki public will like, they can give rating on board. Both competitors prepare tikkis. Customers start tasting tikkis and first customer gives very good to Babita. Rohan says she will give excellent to him then. Lady gives not so good rating. Rest of the customers also give good rating to Babita’s tikki and low to Rohan’s tikki. Minnie rejoices and asks Rohan to taste her Babes tikki and give his rating. Rohan walks away frowning while Babita and Minnie rejoices. Hanuman says he chopped onions and brought all ingredients, so he deserves a tikki. Minnie says why not and serves tikki to him and others.

Lovely walks to Biji and badmouths about Mita. Biji says she should not have worn Mita’s dress without her permission. Sukhi backs Biji. Lovely continues yelling. Biji says when Babita was there, it was a different story, now things have changed with Mita, so she should go and apologize her. Lovely yells apology, my foot. Biji says she is married and if she has to stay in this house, she has to follow Mita’s rules.

Tikki stall owner complains Khatri that his locality women spoiled his business and he will lose his business without chef from tomorrow, he gave 15% profit to Khatri, so he has to convince mother and daughter to prepare tikki for him from tomorrow. Khatri says 20%. Owner says he has seen many cheapsters, but not like Khatri. They reach Babita’s house and paying 1500 rs for yesterday’s work, Khatri requests her to work for owner and get 10% profit. Minnie agrees, but Babita denies. Owner offers 11%. Babita says no as mela will wind up in a few days, she cannot lose her regular job. Khatri taunts aayah’s job? Babita says job which fills grocery in her house and helps her pay rent and Minnie’s fees, so cannot lose it for a temporary job and asks them to leave. Minnie shouts get out. They both leave. Hanuman and Minnie look at Babita angrily. Babita asks not to stare at her, whatever she did is right.

Next day, Babita goes to work and consoles Shayna’s crying baby. Shayna says she knows how to pacify kids, if she can go out with her friends while she is here. Babita agrees. Shayna says Amith is at home and he will help her if she needs any. Amith walks to her and tries to touch her hand. She backs off. He says he feels pity hearing her story, how can her husband leave such a pretty lady, he will help her if she wants. Babita senses his evil nature.

Precap: Babita agrees to work for tikki stall owner with 2 conditions, 1 she needs fresh ingredients and 2 she needs 25% profit even before mela ends.

Update Credit to: MA

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