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Nimki Mukhiya 10th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Court Hearing

Nimki Mukhiya 10th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki comes to court. She says this doesn’t look like what we saw in movies. Abhi says calm down. Judge jokes around with lawyers. He asks Babbu’s lawyer where have you been? He says helping people. He asks Nimki to introduce herself. She says first ever mukhiya. Nimki’s lawyer says Nimki is very responsible. She got a fashion show arranged in Ghat tola. Shankar says see.. She wasn’t doing anything responsible. She was doing a fashion show. Nimki’s lawyer Sinha says she went to her room. That’s when Babu came and raped her. Shankar says they are husband wife. It was a love marriage. How can it be rape in married couple. Sinha says Nimki was raped. It doesn’t matter. Shankar says that’s romance not rape. He is Nimki’s husband. Will

you blame all husband’s in the world? Haven’t you touched your wife Sinha? Are you a rapsit then? Sinha says shut up. Babbu forced her. Shankar says Babbu went to Nimki’s house. He was called there by Nimki. Nimki is shocked. SHe says he is lying. Judge says calm down. Shankar says she called him, he is her husband so they came close. Haven’t you seen Devdas?

Sinha says Nimki never called Babbu. Abhi says they have filed for divorce. Judge says who are you? He says Nimki’s friend and BDO. Judge says speak on your turn. Sinha gives him file for divorce. Babu says what is he saying. Judge says speak with respect. Sinha says they can’t respect anyone. Ritu asks Babbu to speak respectfully. Shankar says Babbu is just emotional after what his wife did to him. Sinha says he doesn’t love nimki. They married him to Nimki because she was Mukhiya.

Judge says so the case is that one side says it was love and one side says it was rape.

Scene 2
Tune says what are you two doing. ramla says we are cleaning the house. TUne says Mauha is just trying to distract herself like her father used to. Tune says everything will be good. Mauha says you could go with her. Ramla says Nimki would have said chill. Mauha sees their family photo. She cries. Tune says dont’ cry. He says I took this photo of your family when we went to Patna. Mauha says she sees papa’s photo before sleeping. Tune says she misses his so much. Ramla says she just pretends to be happy. Mauha says papa please pray for Nimki.

Shankar says let me ask Nimki questions. Sinha says that’s a disgusting question. Abhi says yes. Tettar says he just asked what’s between you and her. Judge says I am here to decide. Nimk says they always provoked me against my family. They tried making my scene with Tune. Shankar says if you are raped, why don’t you look like a victim?

Precap-Shankar says why does she go to haveli even after rape?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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