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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 10th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Sarika In Jail, Satya Behid It?

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 10th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Rama gets a phone call and drops phone in a shock. Prabha asks what happened. Rama says Sarika is in jail, don’t know how she went there from Gwalior. Family gathers around Rama and Samar assures her that she will go to police station and bring back Sarika. Jaya calms her down and once Samar leaves with Vicky runs behind him seeing he left his wallet. Satya hiding behind pillar smirks seeing Samar and Vicky running out and walks away. Jaya notices her and thinks what was she doing here. She walks to Satya’s house and asks what was she doing outside her house and if she is behind Sarika going to jail. Satya smirks and says just within a few hours, that house became hers and her mother became stranger. She continues that inspector had called her and informed that her

relative Sarika is caught in attempt to murder case, if she will lend her legal advice, she said she does not know Sarika. She says Sarika will be in jail forever and this is all happening because of Jaya and Samar.

Samar reaches police station and meeting Sarika asks inspector what did she do. Inspector says she is caught trying to kill her husband. Sarika says she is innocent and describes her story that she went to meet her Akash instead of going to Gwalior as he called many times and requested to forgive him. She spent 2 days with him and everything was fine when he asked for food and went to rest after having it, then after sometime police knocks door and informs that Akash had called and informed that his wife wants to kill him. She takes them to Akash’s room and finds him unconscious with blood from his mouth. Constable checks and says he is given poison via food. Out of flashback, Sarika continues saying she is innocent. Samar says he knows she is innocent and he will not let anything happen to her.

Samar with Vicky goes to meet Akash, but Akash’s mother stops him and warns she will call police. He says she can call anyone, but he will not go without meeting Akash. Vicky drags him from there. They return home. Lawyer studies Sarika’s case and nobody can rescue Sarika now as Akash has made a strong fool proof case against her. Samar says he knows what Akash wants and meeting him int he morning says he knows what he wants and offers 2 cores. Akash asks 5 crores. Samar agrees and asks to take back his case. Akash says if Sarika touches his feet and accepts that she gave him poison, he will. Samar returns home. Karthik comes to meet them. Jaya requests him to take up Sarika’s case. Karthik says nobody can save Sarika as Akash has built up a strong case against her. Vicky says even his friend has gone out of case. Samar says only 1 person can save Sarika now, Satya Devi Sharma. Satya is seen sipping tea sitting on sofa in front of them.

Precap: Samar pleads Satya to take up his sister’s case, he will pay anything for that.
Satya asks to rub his nose on her feet and apologize. Jaya and family stand shocked.

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